• 仍的英文怎么说

    仍的英文: remain still again and again henceremain是什么意思: v. 剩下,余留;继续存在;留下,逗留;保持,仍是 Nobody wants to remain a beginner. 没有人愿意停留在新手级别。 The law should remain in force. 法律应当有效力。 Nothing remains but to draw the moral. 只要引出其中的教训就行了。 still是什么意思: adv. 还,仍旧;尽管如此,然而,还是;还要,更;静止的;寂静的;平静的 v. 使平静;使静止 n. 寂静 stripping

  • 在的英文怎么说

    在的英文: at in existexist是什么意思: v. 存在;生存,生活 There is no existent in the space. 在那个空间已经没有东西存在了。 He conceived of an idea and believed that it existed or should exist. 他持有一个理想,相信它已经存在或者应该存在。 To ascribe material existence to. 使人格化把物质的存在归于… 到沪江小D查看在的英文翻译>>

  • 并的英文怎么说

    并的英文: and furthermore not at all simultaneously also together with combine join mergefurthermore是什么

  • 而的英文怎么说

    而的英文: and as well as but (not) yet (not) (shows causal relation) (shows change of state) (shows contrast)shows是什么意思: n. 展览会;炫耀;演出;外观;景象;事业 v. 出示;陈列;显示;演出;说

  • 又的英文怎么说

    又的英文: once again also both... and... againonce是什么意思: adv. 一次,一回;一度;曾经 conj. 一旦;一…就… n. 一次;一回 Once is no custom 一次不成例 Do it for this once. 就干这一次吧。 Gordon is at once modest and clever.(at once …and…既..又) 戈登既聪明又谦逊 到沪江小D查看又的英文翻译>>

  • 对的英文怎么说

    对的英文: couple pair oppose face for to correct answer reply direct rightcouple是什么意思: n. 对,双;配偶,夫妻;数个 v. 连接,结合;加上;性交;成婚 bayonet coupling 卡口式联结 It is not every couple that is a pair 成双并非皆配偶 Every couple is not a pair 同床异梦,貌合神离 pair是什么意思: n. 一双,一条;一对夫妇;并排驾车的两匹马;一对舞伴;敌对两党;对子;双桨艇 v. 使成对;为...配搭档,配合;组成一对一

  • 及的英文怎么说

    及的英文: reach andreach是什么意思: v. 抵达;达到;伸出(手);够到;延伸(到) n. 可及之范围;一段流域;地带;大片地区 reach the bottom 到达底部 Women have not even reached the level of tokenism that blacks are reaching 妇女甚至尚未达到黑人正在达到的象征性水平。 There is no question that a new compromise will be reached. 新的妥协毫无疑问地会达成。 到沪江小D查看及的英文翻译>>

  • 却的英文怎么说

    英文: but yet however while go back decline retreat neverthelesshowever是什么意思: conj. 然而,可是,不过 adv. 无论如何,不管怎样;究竟怎样,到底如何 However did you know that? 你到底怎么都使农民很不高兴。 However, their intentions are honourable. 然而,他们的初衷是高尚的。 back是什么意思: n. 后面,背面,反面;背,背部;靠背;后卫 v. 支持;后退,倒退;背书;下赌注于 adj. 背部的;后面的;过去的;拖欠的. adv. 以前;向后地;来回地;上溯 Stand back to back! 背靠背站好! They are on the back of the menu. 它们在菜单背面。 Our seats on the train were back to back. 我们在火车上的坐位是背靠背的。 decline是什么意思: n. 下降;减少,衰退,衰落,最后部分;晚年,倾斜 v. 下降,下跌;减少;倾斜;婉拒;使降低,使变格 sink into a decline 开始衰落,衰弱下去,体力衰退 The population is on the decline. 人口在减少。 The decline of literature indicates the decline of a nation. 文学的衰落表明一个民族的衰落。 到沪江小D查看却的英文翻译>>

  • 以的英文怎么说

    以的英文: use according to so as to in order to by with because Israel (abbrev.)use是什么意思: v. 用,运用;对待;耗费;服食;利用 n. 使用;用途 It is used as a reflexive. 它被作为反身代词使用。 That was a balk to us. 那对我们是个挫折。 They help us to be maximal encouraging to us. 他们来帮助我们对我们是个极大的鼓舞。 according是什么意思: adv.根据;按照 adj.相符的,相应的;和谐的 Cut

  • 给的英文怎么说

    给的英文: supply ample give pass let for bysupply是什么意思: v. 供给,供应;补充 n. 供给,供应;供应量,供应品;生活用品;生活费 adv. 柔韧地 Demand exceeds supply. The supply is not adequate to the demand. 供不应求 Furnish a village with supplies/furnish supplies to a village 供应某村庄生活用品 air-supply register 空气供应记录器 ample是什么意思: adj. 足够的,充足的,丰富的;宽敞的,广大的 You have ample time to finish the project. 你有充裕的时间完成这个提案。 There is ample reason to believe that the man is innocent. 有充分的理由相信那个人是无辜的。 Allow ample air circulation by not overpacking the freezer. 对无外包装的制冷剂可增加空气循环速度。 give是什么意思: n. 弹性,伸展性 v. 给;授予;赠送;捐赠;供给;告诉,提供;产生;让步;塌下;举办;支付 Will you give it a shot? 你想做尝试吗? He gives twice who gives quickly The purpose is not to give an exhaustive treatment. 其目的并不是给出全面彻底的处理。 到沪江小D查看给的英文翻译>>