• 泡的英文怎么说

    ;泡芙;吹嘘;粉扑 He arrived out of puff. 他到达时气喘吁吁。 The stove let out a puff of smoke. 炉子里冒出一股烟。 With a puff, a clang, and a clatter of rail it was gone. 火车头喷着烟,车轮隆隆转动,铁轨轰轰作响,于是这个地方就过去了。 swollen是什么意思: adj. 膨胀的;浮肿的;膨胀的;涨满的;浮夸的;夸大的 v. swell的过去式和过去分词 Her tongue was swollen with terror. 她吓得结结巴巴,做声不得。 He has a swollen opinion of himself. 他高估了自己。 His fortune has swollen during the war. 他的财产在战争期间大为增加。 到沪江小D查看泡的英文翻译>>

  • 粉沫的英语怎么说

    粉沫的英文: flourflour是什么意思: n. 面粉;粉状物质 v. 撒粉;碎成粉粒;成球 Such pregelatinized flours are sometimes blended with guar flour or alginates. 这种预糊化面粉有时也混合以瓜尔豆面粉或褐藻酸盐。 a mill for grinding grain into flour. 把谷物磨成粉的机器。 Be carefully, don't flour . 小心点,别摔碎了。 Melt the butter and then blend in the flour. 先把黄油融化,然後加入面粉。 You should sift the flour. 你该筛一下面粉。 到沪江小D查看粉沫的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 粉末状的英文怎么说>> 粉末照相术的英文怎么说>> 粉末的英文怎么说>> 粉磨的英语怎么说>> 粉面的英文怎么说>>

  • 泡泡浴用英文怎么说

    泡泡浴的英文: a whirlpool; a spawhirlpool是什么意思: n. 漩涡,涡流 Under their stagnant respectability are whirlpools of evil and erotic passion 在他们一本正经的体面外表下,满肚子的邪恶和情欲。 Fully Computer-controlled, 24-hour delay start, electronic water level, whirlpool agitators, azure transparent window and plastic inner tub. 全电脑控制、24小时预约、电子水位、波轮、蔚蓝透明视窗、塑料内桶 到沪江小D查看泡泡浴的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 泡泡破了的英文怎么说>> 泡泡莓的英文>> 泡妞的英文>> 泡沫型洗面奶的英文怎么说>> 泡沫拖鞋的英文>>

  • 酸豆角肉沫的英文怎么说

    的;发酵的;讨厌的;坏脾气的;别扭的 v. (使)变酸,发酵,变馊;使失望,厌烦;变坏 n. 酸味 The grapes are sour 吃不到的葡萄是酸的 It radiated sourness and selfishness. 她那副脸色神情,显得那么刻薄。 the process of becoming sour. 使物质酸腐或发出酸味的过程。 beans是什么意思: n. 豆,菜豆,蚕豆,豆荚 You are such a bean brain. 你真是个大傻瓜。 Kidney bean include common bean and scarlet runner bean. 多花菜豆、普通菜豆习惯上称为芸豆。 The bean is difficult to plant. 种豆子很难。 到沪江小D查看酸豆角肉沫的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 酸豆角肉末的英文怎么说>> 酸处理的英语怎么说>> 酸橙派的英文怎么说>> 酸菜鱼头煲的英文怎么说>> 酸菜鱼的英文怎么说>>

  • 泡芙条的英文怎么说

    泡芙条的英文: éclair 到沪江小D查看泡芙条的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 泡芙的英文>> 泡饭的英文怎么说>> 泡菜鱼翅羹的英文>> 泡菜什锦的英文怎么说>> 泡菜炒饭的英文怎么说>>

  • 打泡的英语怎么说

    打泡的英文: n. boilingboiling是什么意思: adj. 沸腾的;炽热的 adv. 沸腾地 n. 沸腾 v. boil的现在分词 The kettle is boiling. 壶里的水开了。 These eggs boiled too tender. 这些鸡蛋煮得太嫩了。 medium boiling solvent 中沸点溶剂 A watched pot never Boils 心急吃不了热豆腐/有意栽花花不发,无心插柳柳成荫 A watched pot is long in Boiling 心急水不沸 到沪江小D查看打泡的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 打磨石的英文怎么说>> 打埋头孔的英文怎么说>> 打骂的英文怎么说>> 打麻将用英文怎么说>> 打乱计划的英文怎么说>>

  • 泡酒的英文怎么说

    泡酒的英文: be infused in liquor参考例句: Asti:a city of northwest Italy southeast of Turin. It is noted for its sparkling wines. 阿斯蒂:意大利西北部一城市,位于都灵东南以出产起泡酒著名infused是什么意思: [ infuse ]的过去式;[ infuser ]的过去式 To infuse, as with a quality;impregnate. 注入使…充满,如某种品质;注入 They infuse the young people with patriotism. 他们向年轻人灌输爱国主义精神。 Herbalists infuse the flowers in oil. 草药大夫把花朵浸泡到油里。 To treat,combine,or infuse with oxygen. 充氧用氧处理、结合或注入 To infuse knowledge of or skill in by repetitious instruction. 经反复讲解传授知识或技术.liquor是什么意思: n. 酒,烈性酒;液体 v. 喝酒,灌酒 The ship was dry and no liquor was allowed. 船上是禁酒的,不准卖含酒精的饮料。 The room was filled with cases of liquor. 房间里堆满了整箱整箱的烈性酒。 Scandinavian liquor usually flavored with caraway seeds. 通泡酒的英文: be infused in liquor参考例句: Asti:a city of northwest Italy southeast of Turin. It is noted for its sparkling wines. 阿斯蒂:意大利西北部一城市,位于都灵东南以出产起泡常用香菜精液作香料的斯堪的纳维亚的一种酒精饮料。 The liquor was sold legally and trucked out of the state. 该酒合法出售,用卡车运出了该州。 duty-free liquor and tobacco concession 免税烟酒特许经营权 到沪江小D查看泡酒的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 泡芥菜的英文怎么说>> 泡椒鸭丝用英文怎么说>> 泡椒鸭翅的英文怎么说>> 泡椒牛蛙的英文怎么说>> 泡椒甲鱼的英文怎么说>>

  • 泡芥菜的英文怎么说

    remove the scale by a process called pickle. 我们用一道叫做酸洗的工序来除去鳞片。mustard是什么意思: n. 芥末;芥菜;芥末色,深黄色;强烈的兴趣 I have a mustard coloured jumper. 我有一件暗黄色的羊毛衫。 A kaolin,mustard,etc poultice 高岭土、芥子末等泥罨剂. I'm not especially fond of mustard. 芥末我吃不来。 I want some prepared mustard. 我想要些精制的芥末。 He is keen as mustard in his work. 他对自己的工作非常着迷。 到沪江小D查看泡芥菜的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 泡椒鸭丝用英文怎么说>> 泡椒鸭翅的英文怎么说>> 泡椒牛蛙的英文怎么说>> 泡椒甲鱼的英文怎么说>> 泡椒凤爪的英文怎么说>>

  • 肺泡壁用英文怎么说

    肺泡壁的英文: alveolar wallwall是什么意思: n. 墙,壁;人墙;围墙;屏障;障碍 v. 用墙围住;用墙隔开;禁闭 There is a blank wall. 有面无窗的墙。 The walls are beige. 墙壁都是米色的。 This is a plumb wall. 这是一面垂直的墙。 Walls have ears 隔墙有耳 wall-to-wall carpet 全屋地毯 到沪江小D查看肺泡壁的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 肺泡的英文怎么说>> 肺静脉的英文怎么说>> 肺腑的英文怎么说>> 肺动脉用英文怎么说>> 肺大疱的英文怎么说>>

  • 泡椒鸭翅的英文怎么说

    。wings是什么意思: n. 翅膀,翼,机翼 Riches have wings 财富难保 the flutter of wings 翅膀的拍动 Wing to wing,inseparable lovers,such happy couple 比翼双飞,比翼鸟pickled是什么意思: adj. 腌制的;烂醉如泥的 v. pickle的过去式和过去分词;腌 Are you going to pickle those cucumbers? 你准备腌黄瓜吗? Preserve in a pickling liquid, as of vegetables. 在有酸性的液体中保存食物,例如蔬菜。 By this time, he was hopelessly pickled. 到这时他已经烂醉如泥了。 到沪江小D查看泡椒鸭翅的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 泡椒牛蛙的英文怎么说>> 泡椒甲鱼的英文怎么说>> 泡椒凤爪的英文怎么说>> 泡芙条的英文怎么说>> 泡芙的英文>>