• 贸然的英文怎么说

    rashly to the conclusion that something must be wrong. 有些人轻率地得出结论说一定是出了什么问题。 Walking to the first tee, I rashly remarked that if the light rain didn't get worse, we could have a pleasant round. 走到第一个球座,我不小心脱口而出,说如果这点小雨不下大的话,我们就能高兴地玩一轮了。 到沪江小D查看贸然的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 冒雨的英文怎么说>> 冒险小说的英文>> 冒险精神的英文怎么说>> 冒险的英文怎么说>> 冒味的英文怎么说>>

  • 勃然的英文怎么说

    然的英文: agitatedly excitedly vigorously参考例句: Elinor could no longer witness this torrent of unresisted grief in silence 眼见这不可遏止的悲恸勃然论着什么。 A little boy came running up and tugged at his sleeve excitedly. 一个小男孩跑了过来,兴奋地拽着他的袖子。vigorously是什么意思: adv. 活泼地;精力充沛地;用力地 She was a fresh and vigorous woman. 她原本是一个精神饱满、爱生活的女人。 He was a vigorous, brisk person. 他是一个强壮的,活泼有力的人。 He is a vigorous young man. 他是精力充沛的青年。 到沪江小D查看勃然的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 勃朗峰的英文怎么说>> 勃兰特的英文怎么说>> 勃兰登堡的英文怎么说>> 勃勃的英文怎么说>> 泊位的英文怎么说>>

  • 岸然用英文怎么说

    岸然的英文: solemn serious参考例句: The white uniformed waiters were always stepping about so dignified amid white-clothed tables 身穿白色制服的侍者岸然穿梭于铺着白台布的餐桌之间。solemn是什么意思: adj. 冷峻的;表情严肃的;郑重的;庄严的;隆重的 Solemnity or dignity of manner. 严肃或庄严的举止 The ceremony proceeded in a solemn atmosphere. 仪式在庄严的气氛中进行。 They watched the solemn ceremony. 他们观看那庄严的仪式。 The inauguration was a solemn event. 就职典礼是一件隆重的大事。 A solemn occasion; ceremonial garb. 庄重的场合;正式的服装。 serious是什么意思: adj. 严肃的,认然的英文: solemn serious参考例句: The white uniformed waiters were always stepping about so dignified amid white-clothed tables 身穿白色制服的侍者岸然真的;严重的;危急的;重要的;庄重的 It is a serious article. 这是一篇发人深省的文章。 do not deny that is a serious blow. 我不否认那是严重的一击。 It is a job requiring serious application. 这是一项需要非常勤奋的工作。 A serious misunderstanding fractured their friendship. 一场严重的误会破坏了他们的友谊。 You have to be very serious in trial courts. 在法庭上,你应该态度严肃。 到沪江小D查看岸然的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 岸禽的英文怎么说>> 岸桥的英文怎么说>> 岸坡稳定标准的英文怎么说>> 岸边的英文怎么说>> 铵盐的英文>>

  • 油然的英文怎么说

    有的略带点不安的自豪感。 Still, as I have already told you I have an instinctive affection for him, the source of which I cannot explain to you 可是,就象我已经跟你说过的,我对他有一种油然生发的爱,这种爱的来源我没法向你解释。involuntarily是什么意思: ad. 不知不觉地,无心地 Defence to a criminal charge whereby the accused state he act involuntarily. 对刑事指控的一种抗辩,被告在抗辩时说他的行为是非自愿的。 I staggered back in shock, wiping my mouth involuntarily with the back of my hand, my spit reflex out of control. 我惊慌地蹒跚退后,无意间用手抹着嘴,不禁吐出了口水。 To open the mouth wide with a deep inhalation,usually involuntarily from drowsiness,fatigue,or boredom. 打哈欠因疲倦、因顿或无聊而不由自主地张大嘴深吸气 A series of images,ideas,emotions,and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. 梦在睡眠的一定阶段在头脑中不自然地出现的一系列形象、想法、情感和感觉 "Above us all, sir," was Monte Cristo's response, in a tone and with an emphasis so deep that Villefort involuntarily shuddered “在我们大家之上,阁下。”基督山这样回答道,其语气是这样沉重,使维尔福不由自主地打了个寒颤。 到沪江小D查看油然的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 油气的英文怎么说>> 油漆未干的英文怎么说>> 油漆店的英文>> 油漆厂的英文怎么说>> 油漆的英语怎么说>>

  • 枉然的英文怎么说

    哪怕是怎样枉然,也要爱你到底;;也要祝福你--即使拒绝你在当面。vain是什么意思: adj. 空虚的;无价值的;徒劳的;无效的;自负的;爱虚荣的 It was a vain effort. 这种努力是徒劳无益的。 This is a vain and fleeting thing. 这是一种空虚的、转瞬即逝的东西。 She is vain and extravagant. 她既爱虚荣又奢侈。 I pleaded for him in vain. 我为他辩护未成。 It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. 先生,大事化小,小事化无的做法无济于事。 到沪江小D查看枉然的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 枉费的英文怎么说>> 枉法的英文怎么说>> 网子的英语怎么说>> 网状凹凸结构的英文怎么说>> 网状的英文>>

  • 漠然的英文怎么说

    (to die in one's bed) 寿终正寝 Leaves die, fall, and shrivel. 叶子凋零、飘落枯萎了。 My love for you will never die. 我对你的爱永不止息。looseness是什么意思: n. 松动,松弛;放荡,轻率 Can I use your loo? 我可以用一下洗手间吗? I asked if I could go to the loo. 我问是否可以上厕所。 The jack of clubs and highest trump in certain variations of loo. 梅花J在纸牌中的某种变化中的梅花王子和最高王牌 a loose sweatshirt 宽松的运动衫 a loose translation 不精确的译文 到沪江小D查看漠然的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 莫言的英文怎么说>> 莫须有的英文怎么说>> 莫西人的英文怎么说>> 莫斯科式奶油烤鱼的英文怎么说>> 莫斯科红菜汤的英文怎么说>>

  • 凛然的英文怎么说

    sometimes have to be stern with their children. 父母有时要对子女们严格些。 It is placed in the stern of a boat. 它被放在船尾。 He's make of stern stuff. 他的性格很坚定。 The barge had a rounded bow and stern. 这艘驳船的两端都是圆形的。 到沪江小D查看凛然的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 鳞片用英文怎么说>> 鳞癌用英语怎么说>> 磷铁石的英文>> 磷矿粉的英文怎么说>> 磷火的英语怎么说>>

  • 猛然的英文怎么说

    外地 'Good night, then,' she said abruptly. “那么,晚安,”她生硬地说道。 At last she interrupted abruptly what he was saying. 最后她粗暴地打断了他的话。 The number of tigers has reduced abruptly in the last fifty years 在过去的五十年里,老虎的数目锐减。 The excitement of her thoughts had abruptly ebbed, leaving her white and shaking. 她昂奋的思绪突然低落下去,她的脸色苍白,身子微微颤抖。 She broke off abruptly and laughed merrily at her predicament 她突然住了嘴,为自己的狼狈处境快活地笑了。 到沪江小D查看猛然的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 猛烈的英文>> 猛进的英文怎么说>> 猛将的英文>> 猛虎组织的英文怎么说>> 猛攻的英文怎么说>>

  • 淡然的英文怎么说

    了。 burner cooling system [烧毛机]火口冷却装置 excited是什么意思: adj. 兴奋的,激动的 a driver; an exciter 激励器 It was an exciting finish. 比赛结尾是激动人心的。 It was such an exciting game. 那场比赛真是精彩刺激。 到沪江小D查看淡然的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 淡漠的英文>> 淡季的英文>> 淡灰色的英文怎么说>> 淡化的英文怎么说>> 淡红的英文>>

  • 偶然的英文怎么说

    luscious peaches. 它有时会结出些甘甜的桃子来。 If the occasional camper drove along. 偶尔有些露营者路过。 到沪江小D查看偶然的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 偶合的英文怎么说>> 偶函数的英文怎么说>> 偶尔吃菜的肉食者的英文怎么说>> 偶尔的英文怎么说>> 偶而的英文怎么说>>