• 并的英文怎么说

    并的英文: and furthermore not at all simultaneously also together with combine join mergefurthermore是什么

  • 而的英文怎么说

    而的英文: and as well as but (not) yet (not) (shows causal relation) (shows change of state) (shows contrast)shows是什么意思: n. 展览会;炫耀;演出;外观;景象;事业 v. 出示;陈列;显示;演出;说

  • 很的英文怎么说

    英文: very extremely prettyvery是什么是的,恰好的,同一的;最…的;仅仅的,唯独的,甚至于 Very, very big,or very,very many does not mean infinite. 非常非常大,非常非常多并不意味着“无穷大”。 She was very headstrong, and very together. 她非常倔强,又非常精干。 I had often been very fearful, very angry, and very isolated. 我以前经常感到非常恐惧,非常愤怒,非常孤独。 extremely是什么意思: adv. 极端地,非常地,很 in an extremity 智尽力竭|陷入绝境 relative extreme 相对极值 It is extremely corrosive. 它是极强的腐蚀剂。 pretty是什么意思: adv. 相当;颇,很,非常 adj. 漂亮的;悦耳的;优美的 v. 美化 n. 漂亮的人(或东西) She looks pretty in oak. 她穿橡木色衣服看上去很漂亮。 This cloth has a pretty pattern. 这布图案极美。 Everything went pretty smoothly. 一切进展相当顺利。 到沪江小D查看很的英文翻译>>

  • 及的英文怎么说

    及的英文: reach andreach是什么意思: v. 抵达;达到;伸出(手);够到;延伸(到) n. 可及之范围;一段流域;地带;大片地区 reach the bottom 到达底部 Women have not even reached the level of tokenism that blacks are reaching 妇女甚至尚未达到黑人正在达到的象征性水平。 There is no question that a new compromise will be reached. 新的妥协毫无疑问地会达成。 到沪江小D查看及的英文翻译>>

  • 给的英文怎么说

    给的英文: supply ample give pass let for bysupply是什么意思: v. 供给,供应;补充 n. 供给,供应;供应量,供应品;生活用品;生活费 adv. 柔韧地 Demand exceeds supply. The supply is not adequate to the demand. 供不应求 Furnish a village with supplies/furnish supplies to a village 供应某村庄生活用品 air-supply register 空气供应记录器 ample是什么意思: adj. 足够的,充足的,丰富的;宽敞的,广大的 You have ample time to finish the project. 你有充裕的时间完成这个提案。 There is ample reason to believe that the man is innocent. 有充分的理由相信那个人是无辜的。 Allow ample air circulation by not overpacking the freezer. 对无外包装的制冷剂可增加空气循环速度。 give是什么意思: n. 弹性,伸展性 v. 给;授予;赠送;捐赠;供给;告诉,提供;产生;让步;塌下;举办;支付 Will you give it a shot? 你想做尝试吗? He gives twice who gives quickly The purpose is not to give an exhaustive treatment. 其目的并不是给出全面彻底的处理。 到沪江小D查看给的英文翻译>>

  • 等的英文怎么说

    等的英文: class rank grade equal to same as wait for await et cetera and so onclass是什么意思: n. 班级;阶级;种类 v. 分类;把…分等级 adj. 很好的 It is a step class. 这是踏板操训练班。 The class dismissed. 下课了。 The class teacher sectioned the class for dialogues. 老师把班级分组进行对话练习。 rank是什么意思: n. 排;等级;军衔;队列;行列 v. 排列;把…分等;列为;列队 adj. 讨厌的;恶臭的;繁茂的 formation; rank 队形 He rose from the rank of captain to the rank of general. 他从上尉升到将军。 Your rank is next to mine. 你的排名居英文: class rank grade equal to same as wait for await et cetera and so onclass是什么于我之后。 grade是什么意思: n. 年级;阶段;等级 v. 将…按级别分类;给…批分数,改作业;混合 longitudinal grade 纵坡度 There are lots of jobs in junior grades. 初级阶段有很多工作要做。 Red grades into pink. 红色逐渐变成粉红色。 到沪江小D查看等的英文翻译>>

  • 么么哒的英文怎么说

    么么哒的英文: 1. hugs and kisses 2. kiss me babehugs是什么意思: v. 拥抱;紧抱;紧挨;抱有 n. 紧抱,拥抱 The child was hugging her doll. 那孩子紧抱着她的洋娃娃。 The road hugs the river. 道路紧靠河边。 He greeted her with a loving hug. 他以一个深情的拥抱来迎接她。kisses是什么意思: v. 吻;轻拂,轻触;接吻 n. 轻拂,轻触;吻 Kissing goes by favor. 有所偏爱就有所照顾。 Have kissed the Blarney stone 能说会道 She blew him a kiss. 她送给他一个飞吻。 到沪江小D查看么么哒的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 帽子戏法用英文怎么说>> 帽子的英文怎么说>> 帽檐的英文怎么说>> 帽沿的英文怎么说>> 帽钩的英文怎么说>>

  • 虽然说的英文怎么说

    虽然说的英文: admitting that参考例句: The stock market crash precipitated, though it did not cause, the Creat Pepression. 虽然说股市的崩溃未直接导致大萧条,但它加速了大萧条的发生。admitting是什么意思: v. 承认;招供;准许进入 Children are admitted free. 孩子们免费入场。 Bournemouth, you have to admit, has style. 你不得不承认伯恩茅斯是个很有格调的地方。 Children unaccompanied by an adult will not be admitted. 儿童无成人带领不得入内. He was admitted into the school . 他已被准许入学。 Journalists are rarely admitted to the region. 新闻记者很少获准进入该地区。 到沪江小D查看虽然说的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 虽然那样用英文怎么说>> 虽然的英文怎么说>> 虽不怎样精明的英文怎么说>> 算珠石的英文怎么说>> 算帐的英文怎么说>>

  • 说过的英文怎么说

    到了衰朽的年龄了”。 Jeffrey, I said this packet of notes was priceless and valuable "杰弗里,我说过这叠书信是无价的也是珍贵的。 quintillion did it for Roman education, selecting, as he said, both ancient and modern classics 罗马修辞学家昆提连为罗马教育也做过这项工作,他说过,他选定了古今经典名著。 I know that sounds tough, but as I said, if you're not tough inside, the world will always push you around anyway. 我知道这样说听起来很刺耳,但是正如我说过的那样,如果你意志不够坚定,那么无论如何,你只能让世界推着你转。 be irresponsible for what one has said 对自已说过的话不负责任 Be irresponsible for what one has said 对自己说过的话不负责任 He contradicted his own statement. 他否认他自己说过的话。 We didn't utter a word during the test. 我们在测验时没有说过一句话。 I also told them that that was my decision regarding my political role. 我说过,这是我的政治交代。 He never says anything that might give offense to another. 他从来没有说过得罪他人的话语。quoth是什么意思: ad. 说.第1与第3人说过的英文: quoth参考例句: A great psychologist said that most men are “old fogies at twenty-five.” 曾有一位著名的心理学家说称之直说法过去式 到沪江小D查看说过的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 说服力用英文怎么说>> 说服用英文怎么说>> 说法的英文怎么说>> 说对了的英文>> 说定用英文怎么说>>

  • 听我说的英文怎么说

    这边没什么错误。 Are you here on business? 你是因公来这儿的吗? Here is the patty. 小馅饼在这里。 Here is my handle, here is my spout. 这是我的把手,这是我的喷口。 Feed in money here and the coffee comes out here. 在这里放入钱,咖啡从那里出来。 到沪江小D查看听我说的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 听筒用英文怎么说>> 听听这个的英文怎么说>> 听听的英文怎么说>> 听天由命的英文怎么说>> 听说读写的英文怎么说>>