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    度上使社会受益?   题目十四   Employers should give their staff at least a 4-week holiday a year to make employees better at their jobs. To what extend do you agree or disagree?   雇主应该给员工每年至少4周的假期,让员工更好地工作。你在多大程作文考试难度一般,但是我们也不能忽视这部分的备考。今天为大家整理了15篇雅思小作文题目度上同意或不同意?   题目十五   Some people think it is a valuable experience to travel abroad, whereas others believe it is a waste of time and expense since people already have TV programs and the internet nowadays. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.   有些人认为出国旅行是一次宝贵的经历,而另一些人则认为这是浪费时间和费用,因为现在人们已经有了电视节目和互联网。讨论两种观点并给出自己的看法。   以上就是为大家总结的十五个雅思小作文题目,这些题目仅供大家参考,希望可以帮助到大家,提升雅思小作文写作了解,顺利通过考试。

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    理了英语四级作文题目,希望能够对大家有所帮助。   一、四级作文题目:求职信   Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30minutes to write a letter applying for a position of acompany. You shouldwrite at least 120 wordsaccording to the outline given below in Chinese:   1.申请职位;   2.简要介绍自己的情况;   3.期待回信。   Dear Sir or Madam,   I am senior from the Department of Business Administration of Beijing University. I amwriting the letter in purpose of applying for admission into your esteemed institution/yourrecently advertised position for a staff member.   I am sure that I am qualified for it. First, enclosed with this letter is my resume, whichfurther details my previous academic qualifications and work experience. Second, not only domy qualifications and experience make me a perfect candidate for it, my cheerful personality iswell suited to studying in your prestigious university/working as a staff member. Last, myhobbies include sports and music.   Words fail me when I try to express my heartfelt gratitude to the help you rendered me.Your prompt and favorable attention to my inquiry would be highly appreciated.   二、英语四级作文话题:住房问题   一直以来,房子是周围人常谈的一个话题,而房价也是一直涨!涨!涨!,对于我们这种在大城市打拼的人来说,暂且抛开房价,有些人可能都英语有着没地方住或者不够住的烦恼。那么,在大城市中如何解决这一问题?   英语四级作文范文:   The population on earth is increasing rapidly, and with the developmcnr of modern industry, more and more people are flowing into cities. So, the housing problem in big cities is becoming more and more serious.   There have been many suggested solutions to this problem. And I'm in favour of the idea of building satellite cities in suburbs. The fresh air and beautiful scenery will attract people to leave the overcrowdedcity. With many people leaving the city, more space will be available for those remaining. We can find a lot of successful examples in other coun tries which solve the housing problem by building satellite cities.   Meantime, I don't think developing to the underground will help solve the problem. I can hardly imagine that people will like to live under the ground, withoul the sky and the sun. It will make people feel totally uncomfortable.   The building of satellite cities is a good way to solve the housing problem. It will not only relieve the burden on the big city, but also provide a much better environment for people to live. Of course, there is no perfect way to solve the problem. The housing problem is very complicated, involving many other problems such as traffic, you cannol rely on one way to solve the problem completely.   三、四级写作范文:提升幸福感。   Title: How to Enhance Our Sense of Happiness?   1.人们对于如何提升幸福感有不同的看法   2.幸福感的提升不仅包括物质层面,也包括……   How to Enhance Our Sense of Happiness?   Along with the improvement of living standards,people are no longer content with being fed and clothed adequately.They are more concerned about how to enhance their sense of happiness.   To a large extent,happiness depends on individuals’understanding about it.For some people,happiness relies on material basis.without which they can’t live comfortably and decently.For others,they believe that happiness has nothing to do with money.Thus to enhance the sense of happiness is not equal to improving one’s material living standards.Instead,people are supposed to confront their life with right attitude,to be active and grateful in order to have a happy life.   For my part,money does buy happiness.but only up to the point where it enables one to live comfortably.To boost one’s sense of happiness not only needs the material but also the spiritual enrichment. It encompasses living a meaningful life,utilizing your gifts and your time,living with reflection and objective.   以上就是为大家整理的英语四级作文题目的相关内容,希望能够对大家有所帮助,在如今快速发展的今天,学好英语已经越来越重要,这个时候多看些英语四级作文题目,可以有效的提高写作的水平。

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    想在动物园饲养动物吗?你想吃动物肉吗?人们可采取哪些措施来保护珍稀动植物物种?   2、 垃圾问题怎么办?   母题:Many people say that we have developed into a “throw-away” culture, because we are filling up our environment with so many plastic bags and rubbish that we cannot fully dispose of. To what extent do you agree with this opinion and what measures can you recommend reducing this problem? (050806)   提示:这道题目应该围绕“一次性文化”产生的原因、后果和解决方法来展开。原因:对于方便、卫生的追求。后果:破坏水源、污染土地、污染空气。解决方法:三个R:reduce, reuse, recycle。   子题:消费品的增加会导致自然环境的破坏,原因和

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    文中较核心的描述内容之一。下面简单给大家总结几点:   1. 从属连词对比数值 35% of British people went abroad, while/whereas/although 28% of Australians spent holidays in a different country.   2. 状语从句省略句式,不可写做comparing 35% of British people went abroad, compared to/with 28% of Australians.   3. 一句话排序句式Heating room accounts for the largest proportion of household energy use, followed by heating water (30%), and then other appliances (15%).   4. 数值相等:The figures for America and China were similar/equal at 100 tons in 1999.   4:点睛总结   综述是数据类写作的点睛之笔,是考官在判断一篇文章能否拿到7分的重要衡量标准。在数据分析中,如果能够对于变化趋势以及对比清晰地综述(presents a clear overview of main trends, differences or stages),有机会在评分标准Task achievement任务回应方面拿到7分。   综述的内容为对于数据信息进行概括,把主要的变化趋势或数据对比总作文长期不被重视的,考生们都扑倒在大作文上,也难怪,雅思小作文分数只占1/3,大作文结为一句或两句话,所以不同类型的题目侧要点不同,要具体问题具体分析。   5:描述变化趋势   对于变化趋势的描述是数据类图表核心描述之一,尤其是对于动态变化类的图表。描述变化趋势的基本要求是准确性与多样性。   关键是词汇层次。除了要准确的使用词汇来描述上升与下降之外,变化的幅度(degree)也要描述准确。   其次是描述变化趋势的句式。   以上是为大家带来的雅思作文题目怎么审的内容,希望大家可以认真的阅读,提升雅思作文写作的能力和效果。

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    要想在六级写作的时候取得高分,在拿到作文题目之后不要马上提笔就写,这样很容易造成写作跑题,应该合理安排好时间。下面是六级写作的时间分配建议,大家可以作为参考。 准备时间(5分钟) 如果没有充分的准备,看完作文题目就直接动作文题目手写,会让考生写到后无话可说。俗话说得好:磨刀不误砍柴工。所以,何不分出一点时间让自己好好的思考改怎么写呢? 在这充足的5分钟内,先审题,看清题目要求,免得写偏题了。然后进行一个提纲和内容的构思,想清楚自己文章的大致结构,是否需要举例说明等等。 撰写时间(20分钟) 在正式写作的时候,也要注意以下几点: (1)如无把握,宁愿写简单句也不写长难句。 (2)卷面整洁。清晰明了的段落和结构、工整的字迹会给阅卷老师留下深刻的正面印象;如果一不小心写错单词,千万不要涂黑,一笔划掉就好。 检查时间(5分钟) 由于考试时间和条件等诸多因素的限制,考生写作的时候会出现很多问题,于是这就需要在写完后进行一个检查了。主要检查以下三个点: (1)拼写是否正确。看文章中是否有拼错的单词、多余的符号和写掉的介词等等。 (2)用词和搭配是否正确。 (3)语法是否正确。主要是人称、时态、语态是否正确,有没有出现本应用过去时态却用的是现在时,动词的三人称单复数是否用正确了。 以上就是小编给大家分享的英语六级写作时间分配建议,希望可以给大家在备考的时候带来帮助。

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      雅思写作比起英语四六级的写作,就要求高很多了,那么写作有什么题目呢?下面沪江小编来详细与大家介绍雅思作文题目范文的知识。   题目:nowadays advertising usually encourage consumers to buy a product or service in quantity To what extend ,agree.   It’s generally appreciated that advertising serves for information,and its chief use to consumers,is in providing reliable information to them so that they can make well-informed decisions;and to manufacturer,is in boosting the sales of commodity in order to maximize profit.It’s not surprising,therefore, that advertising generally encourage consumers to buy product or service in quantity.   In face of intensive competition,merchant need to design an effective strategy to make maximum profit,which obviously depends on sales.there is a wild selection of similar goods to choose form,once a product can emerge from all things ,the only problem should be tackled is how it can be approached as many as possible .Knowing that ,it’s easier to understand why advertisements usually emphasize the significance of quantity.   But some people challenge this notion ,and they think this method can only be practicable and efficient in the short term .the future of a company rely on customers’ loyalty to their product,which is the core spirit of some high-tech-company,like Apple Inc. They cultivate consumers’ interest by promoting their quality continuously and use their developed technology to let their rivals fully behind .As a consequence,the point of their advertising is the quality of product.   Personally,i think the content and structure of an advertising is designed on the base of product,if it can only boom for a while,then the reasonable promotion is to stress the importance of amount.however,if the quality of product deserve appreciation ,i believe even without advertisement,the speed at which products are sold can always accelerate.   以上就是沪江小编介绍的雅思作文题目范文的知识,相信大家也有所了解了,接下来就要认真学习了,快速提升自己的写作水平。如果大家还有关于雅思写作的问题,可以咨询沪江在线老师,老师会进行一一解答。

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      每年的英语四级题目都不同,不同的题目写作的方法也是不同的,这就要求大家在备考的时候要多参考往年的作为题目,通过不断的练习来提高自己。今天我们为大家整英语四级题目都不同,不同的题目写作的方法也是不同的,这就要求大家在备考的时候要多参考往年的作为题目理了英语四级作文题目汇总,一起来了解一下吧。   英语四级作文题目1∶ On Card Slave   卡奴是指一个人使用大量的现金卡、信用卡,但负担不出缴款金额或是以卡养卡、以债养帐等方式,一直在还利息钱的人。   1. 目前出现许多年轻人变成卡奴现象 2. 出现这一现象的原因 3. 我对这一现象的看法和建议作文范文∶On Card Slave   As people change the patterns of consumption

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    要有遗漏,也不要随意改变提纲要点的顺序。因为这是一个流水工作,阅卷人要在30秒左右的时间打出分数,所以不希望看到与提纲严重背离的作文。   3、首先确保正确,再求闪光点(correct)   这一条是最核心的,因为在写作时间和篇幅都比较短的情况下,考生写出的内容几乎是差不多的,唯一的判断标准几乎就是语言的质量。要首先保证语法和拼写正确,哪怕用小词、短句也可以。有能力的话再追求闪光的词句。   4、先总后分,连词用上(coherent)   这里说的是段落的结构和连贯性的问题。英语文章特别喜欢先总后分或开门见山的格局,另外,段落之间和句子之间的形式连接手段特别明显,即关联词用的很 多。在写作的时候,几乎就是把给出的三点提纲作为每段的开头句,然后再加上两三个扩展句即理由或例证句就可以了。当然有时候为了论证自然或扩展字数也可以 加上一点铺垫的句子。   5、语言简练,论据得当(concise)   不要啰嗦,不要过于重复和堆砌。有些考生背诵了一些经典的句型,为了凑字就全用作文是英语四级考试必考的一项,也是大家认为最难得分的考试题型。下面是小编给大家整理的四级作文上了,给人低层次的感觉。另外,尽管内容不及语言重要,但也肯定会影响分数的。考生应尽量平时多练,以期在考场上也能很快想到一些有力的理由和贴切的例证。   6、要敢于表达自己的思想,不要一味地为了保证语言正确而裹步不前。   要想提高自己的四六级写作能力,平时要多积累和掌握。以上就是小编给大家分享的方法,大家可以作为参考。