• 英闻天天译: 疯狂星期五

    《英闻天天译》是一档沪江部落的原创翻译互动节目(戳去参与节目>>>),主持人提供翻译参考文本,对大家递交的翻译作品进行点评,和大家共同进步!本期节目选取的是关于疯狂星期五的一则英文报道,让我们一起在翻译中关注。 SUMMARY: 圣诞节前的最后一个星期五,称为“疯狂星期五”或“黑色星期五”,一起来看看英国人在当天的庆祝活动~~   CONTENT: With Christmas looming, drinks flowing and the office closed for the festive period, revellers across the country donned their party outfits to celebrate 'Mad Friday'.  Tonight is expected to be the busiest evening for work Christmas parties and pubs, bars and clubs are predicting a night of bumper sales.  Known as 'Mad' or 'Black Friday' it marks the beginning of the Christmas season for many who are finishing work.  In Leeds city centre, fancy dress was in full flow with groups of women hitting the town in striking wigs, while others on stilts serenaded sharply dressed men. Elsewhere in Birmingham, groups of friends showed off their ostentatious variety of festive jumpers.   KEYWORDS:   looming 逐渐逼近的 reveller 纵酒狂欢者 don 穿上 outfit 全套服装 Mad Friday 疯狂星期五,也叫黑色星期五,指圣诞前的最后一个周五 pub 酒馆 bar 酒吧 bumper 巨大的 Leeds 利兹市(英国城市名) fancy 别致的 wig 假发 stilts 高跷 serenade 为...唱小夜曲 elsewhere 在别处 Birmingham 伯明翰(英国一座城市) show off 炫耀 ostentatious 招摇的 jumper 针织套衫    REFERENCE:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2881371/Mad-Friday-s-flow-Christmas-party-revellers-hit-towns-country-emergency-services-brace-busiest-drinking-nights-year.html   【沪江英语小编】大家在查看主持人提供的翻译版本前,可以先自己进行尝试翻译练习,只有在不断的翻译中翻译能力才能有所提升哦! 轻松注册沪江,马上参与【英闻天天译】节目练翻译→ 本期节目参考译文:(参考译文由该节目主持人提供,仅供参考,欢迎大家讨论) 参考译文1: 随着圣诞来临,酒品热卖,办公室在假期关闭,全国纵酒狂欢者为庆祝“疯狂的星期五”穿上派对的服装。 预计今晚将是工作圣诞派对最多的一夜,酒馆、酒吧和俱乐部也会有丰厚的销售收入。 今天被称为“疯狂的”或者“黑色星期五”,对于很多完成工作的人来说,标志着圣诞假期的开始。 在利兹市中心,大街上到处是穿着别致的衣服、戴着引人注目的假发的成群的女人,而其他人站在高跷上为衣着鲜明的男人唱小夜曲。 在伯明翰,成群的朋友炫耀他们夸张的节日毛衫。 参考译文2: 一年一度的圣诞即将来临,酒水一路走俏,公司关门放假,全国各地的狂欢者们穿上节日的盛装共庆“疯狂星期五”。 预计今晚将是各种圣诞派对最热闹活跃的一晚,而各酒吧和俱乐部今晚也将赚个盆满钵盈。 在英国,圣诞节前的星期五又叫“疯狂星期五”或“黑色星期五”, 对许多即将完成工作的人来说这就是圣诞季开始的标志。 在利兹市中心,人们穿着各色奇装异服竞相涌现,成群结队的女人们带着惹眼的假发“招摇过市”,还有些女人穿着“恨天高”,对着衣着光鲜的男人含情脉脉地唱起小夜曲。 而在伯明翰,则是三五好友聚在一起炫耀各自的节日盛装。 想要得到主持人专业的点评和意见吗?快来节目现场一试身手吧>>

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    万人。[/cn] [en]The latest moves came Monday from oil major BP (BP) and luxury goods maker Mulberry, which said would cut 15% and 25% of their global workforces, respectively. That translates to 10,000 jobs at BP and 350 at Mulberry.[/en][cn]最新的动态是,周一石油巨头BP公司和奢侈品制造商迈宝瑞分别要在全球裁员15%和25%,也就是说BP公司要裁掉10,000个岗位,迈宝瑞要裁掉350个岗位。[/cn] [en]Major UK companies now have more than 75,000 job cuts in the pipeline, with more expected as partial lockdowns and social distancing continue into the summer months. Smaller companies are also being slammed, adding hundreds of thousands of job losses to the total.[/en][cn]英国的大公司现

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    “It’s crazy” 相信已经是大部分人的口头禅了。今天我就来带大家扩展一点词汇量,让自己的表达更加多元吧!   1. [en]mad[/en][cn]疯了[/cn] 2. [en]nuts[/en][cn]发狂的[/cn] 3. [en]Bonkers[/en][cn]疯狂的[/cn] 4. [en]Mental[/en][cn]疯的[/cn] 5. [en]Insane[/en] [cn]疯狂的[/cn]   以上都可以代入you are xxx. 形容你这个人疯了吧的意思. 下面的两个形容的对象一般是某人的举止行为。   6. [en]ridiculous[/en][cn]荒谬

  • Quora精选:面试时做过最疯狂的事

    就是个疯子。”[/cn] [en](4 managing partners around the table, [w]jaw[/w] dropped in [w]awe[/w])[/en][cn](围着桌子坐的四个任事股东惊得下巴都掉了)[/cn] [en]CEO: "She is the mother of my child."[/en][cn]总裁:“她是我孩子的妈妈。”[/cn] [en]Me: "..."[/en][cn]我:“······”[/cn] [en]CEO: "Indeed, she is [w]insane[/w]. We split up a few months ago."[/en][cn]总裁:“她确实是个疯子。我们在几个月前离婚了。”[/cn] [en]And yes, I got the job.[/en][cn]然后,对,我拿到了那份工作。[/cn]   获得1.1k好评的答案@James H. Kelly [en]At an interview for a tech [w]startup[/w], I was asked, "where do you see yourself in five years?"[/en][cn]在一个科技创业项目的面试上,我被问到:“你觉得你五年后会在哪里?”[/cn] [en]I answered, "in hollywood, making movies." [/en][cn]我回答道:“在好莱坞拍电影。”[/cn] [en]I got the job. Three years later, the startup failed. Two years after that, I moved to Hollywood and am now making movies.[/en][cn]我得到了那份工作。三年后,那个创业项目失败了。又过了两年,我搬到了好莱坞,现疯狂在在拍电影。[/cn] [en]Win, win.[/en][cn]这可是双赢。[/cn]  

  • Quora精选:有哪些冷门的有趣动物

    降了50%,被列为濒危物种。[/cn] [en]Shoebill[/en][cn]鲸头鹳[/cn] [en]These birds are very skilfull fishers and there are only 5000–8000 left on earth.[/en][cn]这种鸟是捕鱼高手,地球上仅存5000–8000只。[/cn] [en]Iberian Lynx[/en][cn]伊比利亚猞猁[/cn] [en]They are found in the mountains in Spain and there are only 404 present.[/en][cn]在西班牙山区发现它们的踪迹,仅存404只。[/cn] [en]Monarch Butterflies[/en][cn]王蝶[/cn] [en]These butterflies migrate a lot and were considered endangered species but due to conservation they're safe now.[/en][cn]这种蝴蝶总是迁徙,被列为濒危物种,但已受到保护,现在很安全。[/cn] [en]Philippine Eagle[/en][cn]菲律宾鹰[/cn] [en]This eagle is National Bird of Phillipines. They're endangered species because of deforestation. Killing them will lead to 12 years of imprisonment.[/en][cn]这种鹰是菲律宾的国鸟,由于森林砍伐变动物成了濒危物种。杀害这种鸟会被判12年监禁。[/cn] [en]Saiga[/en][cn]高鼻羚羊[/cn] [en]The present areas of the saiga’s habitat are Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, and Mongolia. Their [w]endangerment[/w] is due to their Horns.[/en][cn]现在高鼻羚羊栖息地位于哈萨克斯坦、乌兹别克斯坦、土库曼斯坦、俄罗斯和蒙古。人们获取羚羊角致使它们成为濒危物种。[/cn]   获得6.6k好评的回答@Jawad Bataineh: [en]1. Cows moo in accents specific to their country.[/en][cn]1.不同国家的奶牛叫声也不同。[/cn] [en]I’m just trying to imagine a cow mooing in a British accent.[/en][cn]我在想奶牛的英国口音是什么样。[/cn] [en]2. The World’s oldest known creature, a mollusk, was over five hundred years old, until scientists accidentally killed it.[/en][cn]2.世界上已知年龄最大的生物,一只500多岁的软体动物,最后偶然被科学家杀死了。[/cn]   (翻译:菲菲)

  • Quora精选:有哪些动物非常聪明

    定要坚持自己的立场,轻轻地把袋鼠的胳膊从袋子上推开。但我真是大错特错。[/cn] [en]I’m a pretty tall guy, but this kangaroo rose up, looked me straight in the eyes and then punched me in the shoulder. All of a sudden, I realize this creature looks like Mike Tyson in a very bad mood. I decide to turn around and walk away, but as I look behind me, I realize the kangaroo has literally cornered me. I’m fenced off on both sides and the only way forward is being blocked by 200 pounds of muscle that can break me like a twig. As I turn forward, the kangaroo’s face is inches from mine and he’s staring at me as if to say; “That’s right punk, now hand over the bag”.[/en][cn]我个头很高,但这只袋鼠挺起身,直动物盯着我,然后使劲推了我的肩膀,突然,我觉得这个动物就像很生气的迈克·泰森。我决定转身走开,但回头一看,发现那只袋鼠简直是把我逼入了死角,我两边都有围栏,唯一向前的路也被200磅肌肉堵住了,它打我就像折树枝一样。我转回头,袋鼠的脸离我几英寸,盯着我好像在说:“好,小家伙,把袋子给我吧。[/cn] ” [en]So that’s what I did .[/en][cn]我只能照做了。[/cn]   (翻译:菲菲)

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