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    Mouse potatoes joined couch potatoes, google officially became a verb and drama queens finally found the limelight when they crossed over from popular culture to mainstream English language. The mouse potato (who spends as much time on the computer as his/her 1990s counterpart did on the couch), the himbo (attractive, vacuous -- and male) and the excessively emotional drama queen were among 100 new words added to the 2006 update of America's best-selling dictionary, the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. The Internet search engine Google also found its way into the dictionary for the first time as a verb, meaning to find information quickly on the world wide web. New words and phrases from the fields of science, technology, pop culture and industry are chosen each year by Merriam-Webster's team of editors after months of poring over books, magazines and even food labels. "They are not tracking verbal language. They are looking for evidence that words have become assimilated into the written English language," said Arthur Bicknell, senior publicist with Merriam-Webster. "Unfortunately with slang words by the time it has become assimilated it probably isn't cool anymore." Bicknell said. Other words making their debut this year were soul patch (a small growth of beard under a man's lower lip), unibrow (two eyebrows joining together) and supersize -- the fast food industry phrase for extra large meals. The technology world contributed ringtones (changeable incoming cellphone call signals) and spyware (software installed in a computer to surreptiously track a user's activities) while biodiesel and avian influenza came from the world of science. America's first dictionary -- Noah Webster's A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language -- was published 200 years ago and also introduced a crop of fresh words that have now become familiar. Those "new" words in 1806 included slang, surf, psychology and, naturally, Americanize. Mouse potato(网虫)跟couch potato(电视虫)走到一起;google正式成为一个动词;drama queen(小题大做、大惊小怪的人)终于得到关注。这些词语终于登堂入室,从通俗文化行列转入英语主流语言。 Mouse potato(“网虫”,像20世纪90年代的电视迷一样迷恋电脑的人)、himbo(徒有外表却无内涵的男人)、过分情绪化的drama queen等100个新词被收入2006年新版的美国畅销词典《韦氏大词典》中。 互联网搜索引擎Google也首次作为动词入选词典,意思是"在互联网上快速查找信息"。 每年,《韦氏大词典》的编委都要花上几个月的时间在书、杂志、甚至食品标签中搜罗,选出科学、技术、通俗文化及工业领域的一些新词和短语收入词典。 《韦氏大词典》高级推介人亚瑟·比克内尔说:“编辑们搜罗的目标不是口头语言,他们找的是那些已被用于书面语的词汇,而且要有实例为证。” 比克内尔说:“不幸的是,那些已被书面语吸收的俚语可能就不再那么'酷'了。” 今年入选词典的新词还有soul patch(男人下唇上长的一小撮胡子)、unibow(左右眉毛长在一起)和supersize(超大型快餐)。 技术领域的新词有ringtone(手机铃音)和spyware(安

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    词典的英文: dictionary参考例句: Of or relating to lexicography or a lexicon. 词典的属于或关于词典编撰的或词典的 A thesaurus is something like a dictionary. 类语词典与普通词典相仿。 This dictionary is a best seller. 这部词典是畅销书. Update a dictionary,file,law 修订词典、档案、法律 Refer to a dictionary,an expert 查词典、询问专家 Word entry (词典中的)词条 First

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    考托福,考GRE,想多背几个单词?一起跟着【韦氏词根词典】巧用词根记单词吧。Vocabulary Builder每天都会为大家带来一个词根或者词缀,每天学习一点点,长期就是长足的进步!

  • 案头词典的英文

    案头词典的英文: desk dictionarydesk是什么意思: n. 书桌;办公桌;柜台;编辑部;讲道台 adj. 书桌的,办公桌的;桌上用的,台式的;坐办公桌的 There was a stain of ink left on the desk. 桌上留有墨水的污点。 To veneer a pine desk with mahogany. 用桃花心木薄板镶在松木桌上。 The official stamp is on the desk. 公章在书桌上。 A vase was set on the desk. 花瓶被放置在桌上。 There is a bookcase

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  • 专业词典的英文怎么说

    专业词典的英文: terminological dictionary Professional Dictionary Special Dictionaries Specialized Dictionaryterminological是什么意思: a. 用辞的,术语学的 This choice of terminology is admittedly a bit awkward. 大家公认术语的这种选法有些不合理。 Oceanographic terminology--Physical oceanography GB/T15920-1995海洋学术语物理海洋学 The particularly

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    分析词条,可以帮助初学者避免单词使用中的错误。推荐指数:★★★★   Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's English Dictionary 前面介绍的五种词典都是英系公司的品牌,而这本《韦氏高阶英语词典》是属于美系品牌,它也是学习美式英语的ESL词典首选。词典收录了美国常用的160,000个例句,号称是市面上所有英语学习字典中收录例句最多者。词典的一个特点是收录了大量的美式常用惯用语、动词搭配及片语,部分美式表达只有在这本韦氏词典上才能查得到,同时它也采用了韦氏音标,而不是

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    医学词典的英文: medical dictionarymedical是什么意思: adj. 医学的;内科的;医药的 n. 体格检查;医生 all original medical receipts and medical reports for medical claims 所有医疗收据和报告之正本 The effect of the medication was opposite to that intended. 这种药物的反应和预期的正相反 a licensed medical practitioner. 有资格的医生开业者。 He is a medical practitioner.

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    英英词典的英文: English-English Dictionaryenglish是什么意思: n. 英语;英格兰人 adj. 英格兰的;英格兰人的;英国的;英国人的;英语的 A degree in English does not qualify you to teach English. 你的英语程度教书不够格。 John tutored the child in English. 约翰辅导那孩子学英语。 His knowledge of English is fair. 他的英语水平尚可。 Her English is indifferent. 她的英文很一般

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    查词典的英文: 1.to consult the dictionary; to look up a word in the dictionary参考例句: Refer to a dictionary,an expert 查词典、询问专家 Establish the dictionary habit 养成查词典的习惯 I verify the spelling of a word by looking it up in a dictionary. 我通过查词典来验证一个词的拼法。 Why grope after the meaning of a ward?Look it up