• 【新编大学英语】(第一册)Unit 4 B 教你成为优秀的学生(3一册/3)

    Hints: "know-how" 文中有一处破折号 Have a good attitude about college life. Know your strong points and your weaknesses, understand what a college can and cannot do for you. Take responsibility for your own education. You should realize that attending college offers you the raw material for success

  • 【新编大学英语】(第一册)Unit 3 C 谈吐自如(1一册/3)

    Hints: 注意标题的写法与段落中的一致~ 文中有两处破折号 The ability to talk well is one of the greatest pleasures in life and can bring with it some of life's greatest rewards. It is not always easy. But the more you work at it, the easier it will become. There are six basic things to keep in mind if you wish to be able

  • 【新编大学英语】(第一册)Unit 6 B 外星人(2一册/3)

    Hints: Earth Milky Way  X 一处连字符,三处冒号 Here on Earth there have been billions of species, but only one of them has turned out to be intelligent enough to develop technology and fly into space. And even we're not particularly intelligent: the human race will probably blow itself up long before

  • 【新编大学英语】(第一册)Unit2 A 神奇的空运(1一册/3)

    留过,所以我推想,我一定是把包放下后留在那里了。我急忙回去取,可是公文包已无影无踪。起先我确信一定有人顺手把它提走了,但随后想,也有可能看到包的人已把它交给了柜台,便在票务柜台排队等候。轮到我是,我描述了包的特征,并询问会不会有人把它交一个Unit 将有一篇In-class Reading, 两篇After-class Reading,按顺序 Unit # A\B\C 依次发布~ 大到了柜台,那位航空公司代理摇了摇头。这是我朝他身后的行李输送带瞥了一眼,输送带正把行李从办理登记手续处往下面的装货区传送。我大声叫道:“我的包就在那儿!”然而,当代理回头看时,公文包已传送到输送带的尽头,突然消失看不见了。 ——译文来自: mannywang927 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【新编大学英语】(第一册)Unit 7 B 一对兄弟的故事(3一册/4)

    Hints: 1.文中两处破折号 2.故事中主人公说的话记得加双引号,话中的谚语加单引号~ "In my opinion," said the younger brother, "you are wrong. What is written on the stone could not have been put there without reason. And it is all perfectly clear. In the first place, no harm will come to us if we try. In the second place, if we do

  • 【现代大学英语精读】(第一册)我的专属经纪人 (3一册/5)

    Margaret Goff Clark是专门写青少年文学的女性作家。这篇文章描写了矮子Carlos对于女主角从自卑到自信的改造。 Hints: 人物说话时,注意加上双引号  Mr. McCarthy Carlos Karen Forbes Carlos Herrera   主持&翻译:beryldemon   "Take that seat," Mr. McCarthy told Carlos, pointing to the only empty one, in the back of the room. Carlos grinned. "But I need a couple of dictionaries." Again the class laughed, but now they were laughing with Carlos, not at him. He had been here only 10 minutes and he already had them on his side. The bell rang for classes. As I stood up to go I saw Carlos coming toward me. "I'm sorry I embarrassed you," he said. I looked straight ahead over the top of his black hair. "That's all right." "I ought to know better." He was still blocking my way. "What`s your name?" "Karen Forbes." "You probably heard me say, I'm Carlos Herrera." He held out his hand. Unwillingly, I shook hands with him. He looked up at me seriously with his brown eyes. "I don't see why you are so touchy." I brushed by him and said sharply, "you wouldn't understand." “坐那个位置吧,”麦凯西老师一边和卡洛斯说,一边指向全班唯一的位置,那个位于教室后方的位置。 卡洛斯笑了笑说“:我想我需要两本厚厚的字典。” 这学句话惹得全班同学再次齐声大笑起来,但现在他们是和卡洛斯一起笑,而不是笑卡洛斯。他在这儿呆了短短的十分钟,却赢得了所有同学的心。 下课的铃声响了。当我正要起身离开,我见卡洛斯正朝我走过来。 “今天我让你那么尴尬,真对不起。” 我直视前方只见到他头顶的黑头发。“不要紧”我说道。 “我需要了解得更多。”他仍然挡住我的路。“你叫什么名字?” “凯文.福布斯。” “或许你刚刚听到我介绍了,我叫卡洛斯.哈奈尔。“他向我伸出手来。 很不情愿地,我和他握了手。他抬头用他那双深棕色的眼睛认真地看着我然后说:“我不明白为什么你这么敏感。” 我插身越过他,接着尖锐地说道:“你不会明白的。” 翻译:beryldemon(水平有限,仅供参考) PS 望手下留情,勿随意点击挑错反馈。 欢迎站内。谢谢理解。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【新编大学英语】(第一册)Unit 6 B 外星人(3一册/3)

    Hints: Earth UFO 文章末尾一处破折号 If I were an alien looking for a new home, I think I would try a few million of my neighboring planets before bothering to travel a hundred thousand trillion miles to visit the Earth, in a journey that would take at least 200,000 years. But what about all those UFO

  • 【新编大学英语】(第一册)Unit 4 C 新的开始(1一册/4)

    Hints: Charlotte J. Patterson University of Virginia 文章56前的话全为引用,需加引号 最后一句话有破折号 "When I was talking on the phone with a colleague earlier this morning, he told me I shouldn't try to come to my office today because freshmen are arriving and everything is a mess on campus. My colleague was right.

  • 【新编大学英语】(第一册)Unit 4 C 新的开始(4一册/4)

    Hint: 53秒处有一处破折号 Also the information explosion has brought greater demands on people who want to absorb all that information. As a result, there is a growing need for a more structured introduction to college. And courses that are intended for freshmen have become popular on campuses. As new

  • 【新编大学英语】(第一册)Unit 3 B 教你如何倾听(3一册/3)

    Hints: 文中所提到的数字均用阿拉伯数字表示; 文中有一处引号,一处破折号,两处连字符 Learn to concentrate. It's an important part of listening. Practice such games as "Take 2, plus 3, minus 5, plus 4, times 2, minus 6- what's the answer?" Similar exercises are used in listening-training courses. Cut out distractions. Resolve to put