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  • 【大学英专精读】(第一册)排除万难(1一册/5)

    1988年由Michael White&John Gribbon出版的史蒂芬.霍金传记的节选部分。从中可以看出伟大科学家霍金如何与疾病抗争的自强不息。 Hints: Stephen Hawking St. Albans ALS    主持&翻译:beryldemon     When Stephen Hawking returned to St. Albans for the Christmas vacation at the end of 1962, the whole of southern England was covered in a thick blanket of snow. In his own mind, he must have known that something was wrong. The strange clumsiness he had been experiencing had occurred more frequently. At the party he threw on New Year's Eve, he had difficulties pouring a glass of wine, and most of the liquid ended up on the tablecloth. After a serious of examinations, he was told that he had a rare and incurable disease called ALS. The disease affects the patient's nerves in the spinal cord and the parts of the brain which control motor functions. The body gradually wastes away, but the mind remains unaffected. Hawking just happened to be studying theoretical physics, one of the very few jobs for which the mind is the only real tool needed. This, however, gave little comfort to the twenty-one-year-old who, like everyone else, had seen a normal life ahead of him rather than a death sentence. The doctors had given him two years. 当史蒂芬.霍金在1962年末的圣诞假期重新回到圣阿尔本兹的时候,整个南部英格兰都被覆盖在了厚厚的大雪当中。他心里好像隐隐约约知道有些什么不好的事情将会发生。那种长久以来身体的笨拙感出现得越来越频繁。在除夕夜的晚大科学会上,他甚至很难将酒倒在杯子里,大多数的酒都洒在了桌布上。 经过一系列严密的体检后,他被告知得了一种叫做ALS的罕见并且难以治愈的病。这种病会影响到病人的脊髓神经以及脑部控制运动机能的部分。身体会逐渐萎缩,但并不影响到心智。于是霍金开始学习并研究理论物理—少数可以仅仅靠大脑工作的职业之一。这项工作,毫无疑问给了这个年仅二十一岁的青年一点点安慰。他也曾经和大多数同龄人一样看到的未来是健健康康地生活下去而不是死亡。医生说他只有两年时间可以存活了。 翻译:beryldemon(水平有限,仅供参考) PS 望手下留情,勿随意点击挑错反馈。 欢迎站内。谢谢理解。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【大学英专精读】(第一册)排除万难(4一册/5)

    1988年由Michael White&John Gribbon出版的史蒂芬.霍金传记的节选部分。从中可以看出伟大科学家霍金如何与疾病抗争的自强不息。 Hints: Cambridge  ALS   主持&翻译:beryldemon   As predicted, during his first two years at Cambridge, the effects of the disease rapidly worsened. He was beginning to experience great difficulty in walking and was forced to use a stick in order to cover just a few feet. With the support of walls and objects, as well as sticks, he would manage, painfully slowly, to move across rooms and open areas. There were many times when these supports were not adequate, and he would turn up in the office with a bandage around his head, having fallen heavily and received a nasty bump. Meanwhile, his speech rapidly became first slurred, and then very hard to follow, and even those close to him were having difficulty understanding what he was saying. Nothing slowed him down, however, in fact, he was just hitting his stride. Work was progressing faster and better than it ever had before. Crazy as it may seem, ALS is simply not that important to him. Of course he has had to suffer the humiliations and obstructions facing all those in society who are not able-bodied, and naturally he has to adapt to his condition and to live under exceptional circumstances. But the disease has not touched his mind, and so it has not affected his work. 就像医生预测的一样,霍金呆在剑桥大学的头两年,他的身体状况因为疾病迅速恶化了。走路对他来说变成很困难的事情。他不得不为了能走上几步路而开始用起了拐杖。同时在墙壁以及周围东西的帮助下,他可以慢慢地,很痛苦地在房间以及开阔的地方走动。但还是有很多时候在这些辅助物都不充足的情况下,由于重重摔倒致使摔出很多大肿包,他会满头绷带地出现在办公室里。同时,他演讲的时候开始发音模糊,紧接着就很难继续下去了。即便就在他身边的人也不一定听得懂他在说些什么。 即便如此,也没有什么可以减缓他前进的步伐,事实上,他正迈着人生的一大步。他在工作上的进步越来越快,达到前所未有的进度。这听起来好像很疯狂,但是肌萎缩侧索硬化症对他的影响真的没有那么大了。的确,他不得不忍受社会带给残疾人的屈辱和阻碍。他必须得适应以及生活在这种特殊的处境当中。但是疾病没能影响到他的心智,因此也就不会影响到他的工作。 翻译:beryldemon(水平有限,仅供参考) PS 望手下留情,勿随意点击挑错反馈。 欢迎站内。谢谢理解。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【现代大学英语精读】(第一册)第一课 半天(2一册/5)

    选自美国作家Naguib Mahfous的短篇小说《半天》的一到七段。文章描述了一个小学生去一到七段。文章描述了一个小学生去学校学习的半天,然而回来却已经翻天覆地的变化了,甚至自己还有外孙了,耐人寻味。 Hints:有引号 I took a few steps. Then the faces of the boys and girls came into view. I did not know a single one of them, and none of them knew me. I felt I was a stranger who had lost his way. But then some boys

  • 【现代大学英语精读】(第一册)第一课 半天(3一册/5)

    选自美国作家Naguib Mahfous的短篇小说《半天》的一到七段。文章描述了一个小学生去一到七段。文章描述了一个小学生去学校学习的半天,然而回来却已经翻天覆地的变化了,甚至自己还有外孙了,耐人寻味。 We played all sorts of games. In the music room we sang our first songs. We also had our first introduction to language. We saw a globe of the earth, which revolved and showed the various continents and countries.

  • 【现代大学英语精读】(第一册)第一课 半天(1一册/5)

    选自美国作家Naguib Mahfous的短篇小说《半天》的一到七段。文章描述了一个小学生去一到七段。文章描述了一个小学生去学校学习的半天,然而回来却已经翻天覆地的变化了,甚至自己还有外孙了,耐人寻味。 Hints:有引号和连字符 I walked alongside my father, clutching his right hand. All my clothes were new: the black shoes, the green school uniform, and the red cap. They did not make me happy, however, as this was the day I

  • 21世纪大学英语读写教程第一册一册04

    by one 逐一数出 be blessed with be fortunate in having 有幸得到,具有 take place 举行,进行;发生,产生 a (good /great) deal of quite a lot of 大量 speak of suggest the idea of; show clearly that sth. happened or that it exists 显示;表明 at (the) most not more than (the stated amount) 至多 hear of receive news about (sb.