• 2019年6月英语四级听力答案解析:试卷一短篇新闻1四级(沪江网校)

    Section A News 1 (1) A 9-year-old Central California boy braved strong currents and cold water to swim from San Francisco to Alcatraz Island and back. A California television station in Fresno reported Tuesday that James Savage set a record as the youngest swimmer to make the journey to the former prison. The TV station reported that by completing the swim, the fourth-grader student from Los Banos broke a record previously held by a 10-year-old boy. James said that waves in the San Francisco Bay hitting him in the face 30 minutes into his swim made him want to give up. (2) His father said he had offered his son $100 as a reward. To encourage his struggling son, he doubled it to $200. James pushed forward, making it to Alcatraz Island and back in a little more than two hours.  Alcatraz is over a mile from the mainland. 1. What did the boy from Central California do according to the report? [A] He set a record by swimming to and from an island. 2. What did the father do to encourage his son? [A] He doubled the reward. 解析: 这篇新闻主要讲的是一位九岁男孩,成功从旧金山游到监狱岛并进行往返,打破了史上挑战该项目最小的年龄纪录。第1题考查主旨,需要关注听力开头,尤其是第1句和第2句; 第2题考查细节,根据关键词reward和double就可以做出来。  

  • 2019年6月英语四级听力新闻词汇四级(3)

    距离2019年6月英语四六级考试不到半个月于啦,大家复习的如何?今天小编为大家带来四级听力中的新闻常考词汇。一起来看看吧!   algebra 代数   amphitheatre 阶梯教室   anthropology 人类学   architecture 建筑学   assembly hall 礼堂   assistant 助教   astronomy 天文学   atomic energy 原子能学   auditor 旁听生   beginning of term 开学   biochemistry 生物化学   biology 生物   board of examiners 考试团

  • 2019年6月英语四级听力答案解析:试卷一短篇新闻2四级(沪江网校)

    News 2 On the 1st of January, new regulations will come into effect which eliminate an annual leave bonus for people who put off marrying until the age of 23 for women, and 25 for men, the South China Morning Post reports. (3) The holiday bonus was designed to encourage young people to delay getting married in line with China’s one child policy. But with that policy now being abolished, this holiday incentive is no longer necessary, the government says. In Shanghai, a young couple at a marriage registration office told the paper that they decided to register their marriage as soon as possible to take advantage of the existing policy, because an extra holiday was a big deal for them. In Beijing, one registration office had about 300 couples seeking to get married the day after the changes were announced, rather than the usual number of between 70 and 80. (4) But one lawyer tells the paper that the changes still have to be adopted by local governments and these procedures take time, so people who are rushing to register for marriage can relax. 3: What was the purpose of the annual leave bonus in China? [B] To encourage late marriage. 4: What do we learn about the new regulations? [D] They will not come into immediate effect.   解析: 这篇新闻主要讲的是政府取消了对晚婚政策的鼓励,这促使人们纷纷去注册登记结婚,以免错过婚假奖励。本篇听力主要考查了学生对晚婚假期奖励以及最新法规的理解情况,做第4题可以使用答案提示词but进行定位。

  • 2018年12月大学英语四级听力新闻词汇四级(19)

    小编为大家整理了英语四级听力新闻词汇,希望可以为大家带来帮助,一起来学习吧,预祝大家高分通过大学英语四级考试。       HIV/Human Immunodeficiency Virus人类免疫缺陷病毒   hygiene 卫生   ICANN/The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers互联网名称与数字地址分配机构   incubation 潜伏   influenza/flu 流感   insanity 精神病   laboratory appliance 试验用具   launch pad 发射台   leukemia

  • 2019年12月英语四级听力新闻词汇四级(2)

    沪江英语四六级为大家整级为大家整理了英语四级听力新闻词汇,希望可以为大家带来帮助,一起来学习吧,预祝大家高分通过大学英语四级考试。   英语四级听力新闻词汇(2)   precursor 先驱   preeminent 杰出的   prodigious 巨大的   proprietor 业主   rigid 僵化的   romantic 浪漫的   satirist 讽刺作家   sculptor 雕塑家   sentimental 感伤的,多愁善感的   spare 简朴的   symbolic 象征性的   territory 领域   unique 独一无二的   versatile 多才多艺

  • 2016年四级新闻听力:经济类词汇四级(二)

    2016年6月开始,新闻听力正式入驻四级,从来没经历过四级听力的你们不知道会不会有些紧张呢?为了消除你们与新闻听力的陌生感,小编为大家带来一系列新闻听力相关词汇;今天继续看一看金融相关的新闻听力词汇,有些真的蛮术语的呢! capitalist economy 资本主义经济 cartel 卡特尔  cash 现金 cash dividend 现金配股  cash transaction 现金交易 change 零钱 cheque/check 支票 chequebook 支票簿,支票本 circulating capital/working capital 流动资本  closing price

  • 2018年12月大学英语四级听力新闻词汇四级(20)

    小编为大家整理了英语四级听力新闻词汇,希望可以为大家带来帮助,一起来学习吧,预祝大家高分通过大学英语四级考试。       active volcano 活火山   agricultural products/farm products 农产品   agricultural/commodities market 农业市场   agronomist 农学家   animal husbandry/animal breeding 畜牧业   archipelago 群岛   atlas 地图集   basin 流域   bay 海湾   canal 运河   cape 海角   cattle

  • 2019年6月英语四级听力新闻词汇四级(4)

    距离2019年6月英语四六级考试不到半个月啦,大家准备的如何?今天小编为大家带来四级听力中新闻的常考词汇。一起来看看吧~   student 大学生   subject 学科   teaching staff 教育工作者(总称)   technical college 专科学校   technical school 工业学校   term学季   test 考试   timetable 课程表   the three R’s (reading、writing、arithmetic) 读、写、算   abolish 废止,取消   alley 胡同   ancestry 祖先,先辈

  • 2019年6月四级新闻听力的教育类四级词汇

    距离2019年6月英语四六级考试不到一个月的时间啦,你准备好了嘛?今天小编为大家整级考试不到一个月的时间啦,你准备好了嘛?今天小编为大家整理了四级听力新闻中常见的教育类词汇,一起来看看吧~ algebra 代数 amphitheatre 阶梯教室 anthropology 人类学  architecture 建筑学  assembly hall 礼堂  assistant 助教  astronomy 天文学  atomic energy 原子能学  auditor 旁听生  beginning of term 开学  biochemistry 生物化学  biology 生物  board of examiners 考试团  boarding

  • 2019年12月英语四级听力新闻词汇四级(6)

       沪江英语四六级为大家整级为大家整理了英语四级听力新闻词汇,希望可以为大家带来帮助,一起来学习吧,预祝大家高分通过大学英语四级考试。   英语四级听力新闻词汇(6)   lecture theatre 阅览室   linguistics 语言学   major 主修   mathematics 数学   mechanical engineering 机械工程学   medicine 医学   metallurgy 冶金学   minor 辅修   of school age 教龄   old boy 老生   pass an exam 通过考试   pass/passing grade 升级