• 【体验商务英语综合教程第三册】全球化(2/6)

    概述: 你能告诉我全球化的优点和缺点吗? Hints: 无 PS:本文三处连字符 But more and more in recent years, companies have started to rule the roost. The corporation, some commentator said the other day, "The corporation is the most important institution in our lives," and I think there's a lot truth in that. They can now dictate to governments, and I want to see some kind of give-and-take between governments and corporations. Now that's the first problem. The other problem that I see, of course, is one of unemployment in the Western world. As companies want to improve their profitability, they're going to be looking for the low-cost, low-wage centres. So we're going to see a flight of capital from the West which is going to be sudden and dramatic. If this is too sudden and is not managed properly we could find very severe employment problems in the Western world. So that is, I think, the kind of issue we've got to deal with as this process of globalisation gathers pace. 近年来,企业日趋开始独揽大权。前些日子,一些评论员提到,“在我们的生活中,企业是一个重要的机构。” 我认为这确实有道理。现在他们可以支配政府,我想要看到政府和企业达成某种妥协。这是第一个问题。我看到的另外一个当然是西方国家的失业问题。由于企业想增加利润,他们就会去寻求低成本,低工资的区域。这样我们将会开到资本急剧撤离西方。如果这台突然并且处理不当,西方国家就会面临严峻的就业问题。我认为这就是全球化进程中我们需要处理的问题。 ——译文来自: ringdove 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【体验商务英语综合教程第三册】贸易(5/6)

    趋向于非常热情。那可能是一项产品,一种服务,甚至是(进入)某个社交场合(的机会),但是归根到底,都是销售。并且(在销售过程中)他们把这种热情专注在自身的需要上,而不是购买者的需要。因此,例如,在我们自己的案例中,我看到过很多很多场合下,人们基本上直奔主题—我们要卖给你可口可乐,它是世界上排名第一的品牌,你一定很想要。他们没有做的是考虑购买者的需要。因此,比如说,购买者的需要或许是,他们想在杂货店里供应世界第一品牌(的产品)来鼓励消费者进来并且购买他们一系列的产品。滚动轴承生产厂的经理或许想要一个自动售货机器,因为如果他供应一个免费的或者打折的茶点服务,他的员工们会非常高兴。 ——译文来自: 小奔5564 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 商务英语写作教程分享

    作文在英语考试对作文的重视就明白了(分数增加了,字数要求也增加了),但这正是很多学生心中永远的痛。   在商务英语考试中,写作具有重要的意义,其成本效益(即投入的时间和提高的程度)非常高。在我看来,如果你的阅读水平还可以,写作将是你的突破。   写作流利也会节省你的时间,可以把省下来的时间用在阅读上。至于练习的时间,我想,考试前两三个月开始,每天花10到20分钟,最后加一些量就可以达到80分以上的水平。   提高写作水平只有一个字——“恒”。熟能生巧。我在网上看高手写的文章,简直可以用“恐怖”来形容,完全是阅读理解的水平,而我的窍门就是天天写天天练!只要坚持写作,不断写不断改,你的文章连你自己都会大吃一惊。应用一句话:写作恒久远,实践永流传:   然而商务英语考试时间很紧,不可能每天都保持大量的练习,其要求也不高,从现在开始,考试前完全可以达到要求,但一定不能中断!很多考生有商务英语的写作题型,这是很多考试最苦恼的地方。要想提高自己的写作能力,平时的积累很重要。下面,沪江小编给大家分享的是关于商务英语写作的教程这样的情况:越不写,越怕写;越怕写,越不写。   刚开始的时候,所有的事情都是困难的,所以刚开始的练习是特别重要的,而且练习的基础应该是单词和句子为主,还有阅读好的文章,我就有一个笔记本,专门收集好词好句,效果很好。   要想写出一篇高分作文,平时一定要养成多积累的好习惯。以上就是小编给大家分享的商务英语写作教程,希望可以给大家在学习过程中带来帮助。

  • 商务英语初级教学教程分享

    商务英语教学中,有一些教学方法是前人努力的结果,其次是萧边商务英语教是以英语为第二语言的英语初学者学习发音规则与拼读技巧的教学方法。所以剑桥商务英语初学的时候,应该先学习自然拼读的办法,掌握这种办法。   这种教学办法,不仅适合孩子,也适合成人,这样不仅改变了学习英语时的枯燥氛围,还大大提高了学习效率,总之是一种效果显著的英语教学法。   2、怎么掌握自然拼读呢   自然拼读是通过学习英语26个字母以及字母组合在不同的单词中的发音规律,通过长时间练习,逐渐建立字母以及字母组合的发音感知,从而达到看到英语单词就可以读,听到英语单词能够拼写的目的。掌握这样的办法,让今后学习英语更加轻松。自然拼读的办法,可以让英语初级的学员在没有音标的情况下,能够读80%的英语单词,把枯燥无味的背单词变成一件简单的事

  • 【体验商务英语综合教程第三册】组织(5/6)

    believe very high quality catering arrangements with a very pleasant look from our restaurant overlooking a lake. We also provide you with car parking down in the basement, so it's very easy to come to Waterside. And we also have a gymnasium as well. So there's a whole variety of facilities all designed to get the best out of our people. Sounds a marvelous environment. 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【体验商务英语综合教程第三册】贸易(3/6)

    And I guess our 'must' was, we must have done enough to keep the dialogue open and ensure that our competitor didn't win the business on that day. So, the short answer is you don't always win. 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【体验商务英语综合教程第三册】广告(6/7)

    It means that the person knows, ah coffee, I need coffee, which brand am I going for, ah Jacobs, yes I've seen that, that's good isn't it - and they just buy it. It's an automatic response, they don't spend more than two or three seconds making a choice, and unless you're front of mind in those two or three seconds, they're going choose another brand. 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【体验商务英语综合教程第三册】金钱(7/7)

    the individual was impressive, and, although the business plan also showed considerable foresight, I thought intuitively that no one would ever buy an umbrella with a business logo on, and therefore turned down the opportunity. 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【体验商务英语综合教程第三册】金钱(3/7)

    then sales have gone up steadily month by month. The December figures aren't in yet, but it looks like we will probably reach 15 million this month. Good. I've got a couple of questions, but I'll save them for later. 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【体验商务英语综合教程第三册】组织(1/6)

    Hints: Chris Byron British Airways Waterside Chris Byron, you're the project director for British Airways' new office complex at Waterside. Could you please tell us what your job involves? My job was to make sure that the building got built on time, was built inside budget and we moved in smoothly and successfully. I had a further role to also make sure that we were able to change the culture of British Airways through a relocation, because British Airways sees very clearly that the quality of office that you give somebody affects their performance. Now Waterside has some unusual features. Could you tell us about some of those and their purpose. It was designed specifically to make sure that we encourage teamwork. 克里斯·布莱恩,你是英国航空在水边新建办公室设施的指挥,能告诉我们你的工作都有什么吗? 我的工作是确保在预算内施工暗示完成,并且顺利成功的搬进去。我有一个更深一层的身份是去通过新的地理环境设法去改变英国航空的文化。因为英国航空很了解你给予员工的办公室数量影响他们的表现。 现在水边有了一些不一样的面貌,你能告诉我们他们其中的一些和他们的意义吗? 它是被特意设计的,以便确保我们鼓励团队工作。 ——译文来自: cctitop 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>