• 假期用英文怎么说

    国外度假的一件乐事。[/cn]   vacation 英 [veɪˈkeɪʃən]  美 [veɪˈkeɪʃən]   n. 休假;假期 常用短语 1. to take a vacation 休假;度假 2. to be on vacation 在度假 3. to go on vacation 去度假 例句: [en]They planned a late summer vacation in Europe.[/en][cn]他们打算夏末去欧洲度假。[/cn] [en]The French get five to six weeks' vacation a year.[/en][cn]法国人每



  • 一词:千万不要洗鸡!

    入了一种无害但却可以追踪的大肠杆菌。[/cn] [en]The email advice proved effective when it came to chicken washing, with 93 percent of those who'd received the safety instructions not washing their chicken. But 61 percent of the control group did and this is what their sinks looked like even after they thought they'd cleaned them:[/en][cn]关于清洗鸡肉,邮件的建议被证明是有效的,收到安全指导的人有93%没有清洗鸡肉。但61%的对照组清a洗了鸡肉,尽管他们以为他们已经把洗碗槽清洗干净了,但这是他们的洗碗槽的样子:[/cn]   今日词汇 contaminate [kən'tæmɪneɪt]  v. 弄脏;污染   这个词的构成是make+over,有“彻头彻尾改头换面”的意思。   [en]She received a cosmetic makeover at a beauty salon as a birthday gift.[/en][cn]她收到了一份生日礼物,可以在美容院享受一次美容。[/cn] [en]The biggest makeover has been in TV drama.[/en][cn]最大的变革发生在电视剧行业。[/cn]

  • 一词:奶茶店、咖啡厅的吸管越来越不环保,于是现在有可以吃的吸管了

    比较了,”戈尔曼说道。“他们拿‘我们’的价格与纸质吸管作比较,这使我更容易说服他们。”[/cn] [en]Other alternatives, like bamboo or stainless steel, are more expensive and arguably a less elegant solution; some bars say that patrons don’t trust the idea that stainless steel straws can be fully sanitized. [/en][cn]其他的替代品,例如竹制吸管或不锈钢吸管更贵,而且可以说是一种不那么简单的解决方案;一些酒吧表示,客a人们不相信不锈钢吸管能完全清洗干净。[/cn] [en]Another option—a plastic-like edible straw made from seaweed—may be more of a competitor.[/en][cn]另外一种类似塑料的可食用吸管是用海藻制成的,这种吸管也许会是一个强劲的竞争对手。[/cn]   今日词汇 pasta ['pæstə]  n. 意大利面食 [en]Add pasta to your salads to bump up your fibre intake. [/en] [cn]在色拉中加入意大利面,增加你的纤维摄入量。[/cn] [en]The Chinese also eat a type of pasta as part of their staple diet.  [/en][cn]中国人也把一种面食作为他们的主食之一。[/cn]

  • 致大学新生:学长给你的20条入学建议

    a freshman, the sense of being lost in a big new world was exciting, but at the same time I treasured every bit of advice I could get. Now that I'm a

  • 每个月都把工资花光?你需要这3个补救措施

    西来筹集额外的资金,加班或者兼职来弥补差额。[/cn] [en]01  Should I Use a Credit Card?[/en][cn]我应

  • 《破产姐妹》口语养成之“交换意见”

    看了看Max她们的表情作下解释。 【讲解】 confer 这里作verb表示“(常

  • 生日快乐英文

    近了一步。   Birthdays are like boogers, the more you have the harder it is to breathe. 生日如鼻屎,越多越让人喘不过气。   Money's tight Times are hard Here's your frigging birthday card 资金有限 时世艰难 拿去,该死的生日卡片   Better to be over the hill than burried under it. 虽然你已经在走下坡路,但这总比入土为安好。   Happy birthday to a person who is smart, good looking, and funny and reminds me a lot of myself. 祝和我一样聪明漂亮又幽默的家伙生日快乐,你总让我想到自己的这些特质。



  • 20几岁单身女生一定要知道的6个理财技巧

    助你找到可以削减开支的领域,把更多的钱用于储蓄或债务。[/cn] [en]Make your income a tool, and budget effectively. This does not mean you should not have fun, but determine how much you can afford to spend while working on your financial plan and stick to that amount.[/en][cn]让你的收入成为一种工具,并有效地进行预算。这并不是说你不应该玩得很开心,而是决定在制定理财计划的同时,你能负担得起多少钱,并坚持这么做。[/cn] [en]5. Make Sure You Have the Right Insurance  [/en][cn]确保你有合适的保险[/cn] [en]Insurance is there to protect you.

  • 时间胶囊:我想告诉年轻时的自己

    到了你就知道,这一点也不难。所以你要a做好自己的事、做好你自己。[/cn] [en]7. Take of leap of faith in yourself.[/en][cn]提高自信。[/cn] [en]You've got nothing to lose but everything to gain. If you fail, you'll become smarter; If you succeed, you'll gain even more self-confidence and the emotional and financial rewards. See life as a progressive journey. And you'll most certainly achieve anything you set your mind to.[/en][cn]你没什么可失去的,但你可以赢得一切。如果你失败了,你会变得更精明;如果你成功了,你会获得更多自信以及精神和金钱上的回报。把生活看成一个发展的过程,才最有可能做成你一心想做的事。[/cn] 声明:本双语文章的中文翻译系沪江英语原创内容,转载请注明出处。中文翻译仅代表译者个人观点,仅供参考。如有不妥之处,欢迎指正。

  • 一词:美国的学校,也开始不让学生带手机