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    吸血鬼日记意外你吻我,我只是意外你以为我会回吻你。[/cn] [en]He's your first love i intend to be your last however long it takes.[/en] [cn]他是你的初恋,而我想做你最后一个,无论等多久。[/cn] [en

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    You need to chill yourself,all right? 你的冷静点,行吗? No comment. 不予评论。 It is long story. 说来话长。 Keep it up. 爱干嘛干嘛。 I lost control today. 今天我失控了。 You are such a dick. 你真是个混蛋。 Memories are too important. 记忆弥足珍贵。 Do not suit you. 一点都不适合你。 i'm not giving up on that. 我不会放弃。 Let's just cut to the chase. 我们直截了当

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    [en]That is in the end we're left infintely and utterly alone.[/en] [cn]最终,我们会剩下无穷无际的孤独![/cn] [en]I think you can either be friends with someone or in love with them.I don't think you can be both.[/en] [cn]你可以和一个人成为朋友或者和他成为恋人,但两者不可兼得。[/cn] [en]Trust is earned.[/en] [cn]信任是要靠行动争取的。[/cn] [en]And anybody capable of love is capable of being saved.[/en] [cn]任何一个能爱的人都可以得到拯救。[/cn] [en]See, a woman never forgets her first love, no matter how badly it ended.[/en] [cn]女人永远不会忘记她的初恋,不论这段初恋的结局有多糟糕。[/cn] [en]And it's because I love you that...I can't be selfish with you...[/en] [cn]因为爱你,所以不能这么自私把你据为己有……[/cn] [en]It took me a thousand years and hundreds of betrayals to realize the love,caring ruins you.[/en] 我用了上千年的时间,被背叛了无数次才明白,爱和

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    做你最后一个,无论等多久。[/cn] [en]I'd rather die right now than spend a handful of years with you.[/en] [cn]我宁愿现在死,也不愿和你只度过短暂的时光。[/cn] [en]and of all the choices that I have made,this will prove to be the worst one.[/en] [cn]我所做的所有的选择里,这次会是最糟糕的。[/cn] [en]I'm not sorry that I met you,I'm not sorry that knowing.[/en] [cn]我不后悔我认识了你,我不后悔了解你。[/cn] [en]I can change myself for you, I also can give up the real me for you, just because I love you! But please you do remember, I am not Stefan![/en] [cn]我可以为了你改变自己,我也可以为你放弃真实的自我,只因为我爱你!但请你记住,我不是Stefan。[/cn]

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    [en]It's hard for me to show kindness to people that hate me. I'm not that evolved.[/en][cn]对那些讨厌我的人好,对我来说太难了。我思想境界没那么高。——《吸血鬼日记》第一季16集[/cn] [en]With her own take on "Haters gonna hate," Caroline demonstrated a surprising level of self-awareness. Giving the cold shoulder might not be the most "[w=evolve]evolved[/w]" thing to do, but simply put: there are some relationships that can never be fixed. Why bother repeatedly demeaning yourself in hopes of a happy ending that will never come? Just cut your losses and move on.[/en][cn]Caroline对于“讨厌你的人就是讨厌你”的理解惊人的深刻。冷淡对待对不喜欢你的人虽然不是最好的方式,但是也很明显的表明了自己的态度:这段关系是没法修补的了。没必要对没可能发生的结果充满希望,受折磨的只会是你自己。遇到这种情况,就该放下该放下的,继续你的人生吧。[/cn]

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    [en]What's the rush? Why are you hurrying to get to a relationship that'll never work?[/en][cn]有什么好急的?这感情不会有结果的,你何必呢?——《吸血鬼日记》第二季第四集[/cn] [en]Sometimes it doesn't matter how much you want a relationship to work. If it doesn't have a realistic future (like a vampire being with a human), why bother when the ending will only hurt that much more?[/en][cn]有时候一段感情的发展不在于你多么想它能顺利的走下去。如果这段感情拥有一个美好未来不现实的话,那么当它结束时又为什么要烦恼呢?因为这段感情只会给你带来痛苦。[/cn]

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    [en]Anyone capable of love is capable of being saved.[/en][cn]会爱的人,就值得被拯救。《吸血鬼日记》第四季13集[/cn] [en]No matter how far to the dark side someone might journey, there's always hope for [w]redemption[/w] as long as the person doesn't turn their back on love.[/en][cn]只要一个人不拒绝去爱,不论他以前在邪恶的路上走了多远,都有机会被救赎。[/cn]  

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    [en]I may have been some pathetic, insecure mess after the party, but do not mistake that for me being a pushover. Because I do not let guys mess with my head anymore.[/en][cn]那次派对后,我也许是有些可悲、脆弱,但你不要以为那样我就很好惹,因为我再也不会和你们这些男人纠缠了。——《吸血鬼日记》第一季第九集[/cn] [en]Midway through the first season, Caroline already started to realize that you don't need a guy's approval to have self-satisfaction. Yes, you can still get upset and hurt by them, but as long as you know when it's time to move on, let it go, or just brush their stupid actions off, that's what matters.[/en][cn]在《吸血鬼日记》第一季剧情播到中间部分的时候,Caroline开始意识到一个人的自我满足感其实是不需要通过男人来展示的。你可以继续因为他们不开心或是被他们伤害,但是只要到了你觉得该放下的时候,那就让这段感情过去吧。让那些男人继续2下去吧,因为那个时候他们做什么已经与你无关了。明白这个道理最重要。[/cn]