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    到你。 6. I'll call you. 我会打电话给你。 7. I feel like sleeping. 我想睡会儿。 8. I want something to eat. 我想语作为一门学习,也是需要多多练习,做到熟能生巧的。尤其是对于英语能力不是很好的人来说,多掌握一些常用句型吃点东西。 9. I need your help. 我需要你的帮助。 10. I would like to talk to我想要跟你讲。 11. I have a lot of problems. 我有很多问题。 12. I hope our dreams come true. 我希望我们的梦想成真。 13. I'm looking forward to seeing you. 我期望见到你。 14. I'm supposed to go on a

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      雅思口语怎么练习?相信很多即将参加雅思考试的人都想要知道,口语是大部分中国考生的弱项,想要提高就必须要付出足够的努力,还需要掌握雅思口语的实用句型,这样才能够在雅思考试中取得好的成绩。今天我们就为大家整口语怎么练习?相信很多即将参加雅思考试的人都想要知道,口语理了雅思口语的实用句型,一起来了解一下吧。   核实你对考官说的话的理解是否正确:   Do you mean...?   If I understand right, ...   I'm sorry if I'm being a little slow, but...?   I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understa12 Do you mean (that)...?   So am I right in saying ...?   If I've got the picture, then ...   So what you mean is ..., right?   Sorry I don't quite catch you. You mean...?   Can I get one thing clear?   Would I be correct in supposing...?   表示不同意某事或某观点:   I'm afraid it's wrong.   I don't think so.   I'm afraid what you think about... is not quite right.   Sorry, that's not at all right.   No, you've got it all wrong.   I think the information you have must be incorrect.   If I may say so, it is not the case.   If I may say so, you are mistaken there.   I'm sorry, there is some misunderstandings here.   It doesn't seem correct to say...   以上就是为大家整理的总结雅思口语的实用句型的全部内容,希望大家能够了解这些雅思口语的实用句型。雅思口语提高不是一件简答的事情,如果得不到提升,可以多参考实用句型,在考试中做到熟练应用,这样才能够在雅思考试中取得好的成绩。

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    据很多专家表示雅思口语不需要使用非常艰难晦涩的句型和词汇~ 用一些地道简单的小句型,会为自己的答案加分不少~本文是从国外的雅思备考网口语不需要使用非常艰难晦涩的句型和词汇~ 用一些地道简单的小句型站上找到的关于学习的口语资料~希望对大家有所帮助! 1. The government wants to make it possible for most people to g onto higher education. (eductaion at a university) 2. He went to Oxford University, but I don’t know which college he was at. (an independent institution which has its own teachers, students, and buildings) 3. I’m in the department of sociology. (one of the parts into which a university is divided) 4. You should start revising for your exam as soon as possible. Any delay will result in vital time being lost. (to read or study agin something that you have learnt, especially when preparing for an exam) 5. The candidate paced nervously up and down waiting to be called for the interview. (a person who is taking an exam) 6. Unless you pull your socks up, you’ve got no chance of passing the exam. (to achieve necessary standard in an exam, test, etc.) 7. He is the dean of the Arts Faculty. (the head of a faculty [a group of related departments in a university]) 8. The academic year begins in October. (the part of a year at university whan students have classes and exams) 9. They’re advertising a lectureship in the Sociology Department. (the position of a lecturer) 10. I’ve just been appointed to the chair of/professorship of European History. (the position of a professor) 11. She's giving a series of lectures on molecular biology. (to talk to a group of people on a particular subject) 12. All the students have to give a seminar paper at least once. (a talk which is given for a seminar) 13. She was my tutor at Durham. (a person who teaches a small group of students) 14. My dissertation is being supervised by professor Holroyd. (to work as a supervisor) 15. I’m not happy with the supervision I’m getting. (when you supervise someone) 16. I'm doing some research into animal behaviuor. (to study something carefully and in detail) 17. I'm a university student. (a person who is studying at a college or university) 18. I'm doing an undergraduate course. (a student who has not yet taken his or her first degree) 19. They have brought new computer facilities for the postgraduates in the department. a student who is studying for a second degree at a university 20. I'm planning to spend a year abroad before I go to university. (to attend universe y regularly as a student) 21. I got a place ace at Manchester University. (an opportunity to study at university) 22. I live in hall. (to live in a hall of residence [university building where some students live]) 23. This course consists of six modules. (a part of a course [a complete series of lessons or classes]) 24. I need another four credits to complete this course. (a part of a course that a student has completed and that appears on his / her record) 25. I have to take a maths exam. (to take a written, spoken, or practical test of what you know or can do) 以上就是关于学习的口语资料~希望对烤鸭们能有所帮助~考试顺利~

  • 超实用雅思口语句型:工作2

    据很多专家表示雅思口语不需要使用非常艰难晦涩的句型和词汇~ 用一些地道简单的小句型,会为自己的答案加分不少~本文是从国外的雅思备考网口语不需要使用非常艰难晦涩的句型和词汇~ 用一些地道简单的小句型站上找到的工作的口语资料~希望对大家有所帮助! 【Other useful phrases】 33. We usually take a break e.g. for lunch / for ten minutes 34. We normally knock off work (infml) e.g. about 5:30 p.m. and go off to a resataurant nearby 35. I get some rest. (a period of time when you relax after working) 36. I was rather inexperienced e.g. for that kind of work 37. I have a lot of experience e.g. in this area / of this kind of problem 38. I am sufficiently qualified e.g. for this position 39. This is a job requiring (a period of time when you relax after working) 40. I try to be hardworking. (work hard) 41. I'm quite competent e.g. at my job 42. I try to work efficiently. (work quickly without making mistakes and wasting time) 43. Efficiency is very important e.g. in my job 44. A lot of people do voluntary work. (you want to do it and you're not paid) 45. I was promoted. (get a higher position) 46. It is a demanding job. (needing a lot of effort, care, skill) 47. I fill in for / stand in for / cover for e.g. her while she is off sick 48. I am acting e.g. as a manager for the next couple of months 49. I will take the place of e.g. our manager when he leaves 50. Ithis morning shift takes over from e.g. the night shift t 9 a.m. 51. It is greate teamwork e.g. that helps get the job done on time 52. We teamed up e.g. with another group to finish our project 53. We cooperate e.g. with a German firm on this project 54. I was employed e.g. as a secretary for a couple of months 55. I do casual work. (not regular, usually paid hourly) 56. I'v got a temporary job e.g. working in a newspaper office 57. This factory has 200 employees. (a person who is employed) 58. The staff e.g. are so polite and friendly 59. They promoted e.g. me to office manager 60. I'm on leave e.g. at the moment because... 61. The post has been vacant e.g. for some time 62. I turned it down. (to refuse one's offer) 【Payment】 63. I am paid e.g. every months and this pay goes directly into my bank account monthly 64. My salary e.g. is 20.000$ a year 65. I earn e.g. 200$ a week as a hairdresser 66. With many jobs you get holiday pay and sick pay. (when you're off duty or ill) 67. I'm going to a pay rise.  (my pay goes up) 68. My average income e.g. has risen 2% this year 69. I'm poorely paid / badly paid / don't earn much. (I'm paid very little money) 70. I have a high income / earn a lot / am well-paid. (I'm paid a lot of money) 71. My take-home pay / net income is 150$. (money left after deductions) 72. My gross income is more than that. (before deductions) 以上就是关于工作的口语资料~希望对烤鸭们能有所帮助~考试顺利~

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    据很多专家表示雅思口语不需要使用非常艰难晦涩的句型和词汇~ 用一些地道简单的小句型,会为自己的答案加分不少~本文是从国外的雅思备考网口语不需要使用非常艰难晦涩的句型和词汇~ 用一些地道简单的小句型站上找到的关于学习的口语资料~希望对大家有所帮助! 26. I have to hand in an essay on biology. (a short piece of writing on one subject) 27. You need to do well in your assignments as well as in the exam. (a piece of work that you are given to do by university teachers which counts towards your final degree) 28. I'm writing my thesis at the moment. (a long piece of writing on something which you have studied or researched, especially as part of a university degree) 29. I've got a degree in psychology. (a qualification gained by successfully completing an academic course at a university) 30. I'm majoring in English. (to study something as your main subject at college or University) 31. I've got a diploma in hotel management. (a qualification of a lower level than a degree) 32. I'm a graduate in engineering. (a person who holds a (first) degree from a university) 33. I graduated in History from Sussex University. (to receive an academic degree or diploma) 34. After graduation, I plan to do a postgraduate degree. (the time when you compltee a university degree course) 35. I've got an upper second in politics from Surrey University. (grades for a university degree in Britain: first (class), (upper) second (class), third (class) e.g.: a first class honours degree) 36. I've got an MA (Master of Arts) in English literature. (a degree taken after a first degree in an arts subject) 37. MSc (Master of Science) (a degree taken after a first degree in a science subject) 38. BA (Bachelor of Arts) (a first university degree in an arts subject) 39. BSc (Bachelor of Science) (a first degree in a science subject) 40. PhD, Dphill (Doctor-of Philosophy) / (doctorate) (the highest university degree e.g. to get a PhD, to work for a doctorate) 41. I'm hoping to get a student grant. (money that is given (by the government) to help you for a university or college education) 42. She's won a scholarship, to study music. (an amount of money that is given to a person who has passed an exam or won a competition in order to help pay for their studies) 43. He started university but dropped out after two years. (to leave university without finishing your studies) 44. I'll have to read up on (infml) the third chapter for my exam. (to read a lot about something so that you learn about it) 45. I did (infml) Archaeology for two years at university. (to study a particular subject) 46. I'm afraid I don't know much about that. It isn't my field. (a general area of study or knowledge) 47. There are a lot of people with expertise in this field. (special knowledge or skill which a person has) 48. She specializes in family law. (to give most of your attention to one subject) 49. I've done a study of modern American society. (a piece of scientific research into a particular subject) 50. I've collected a lot of statistics relating to air pollution. (information about something in the form of numbers) 51. We are gathering data on graduates without jobs. (facts or information used in research) 52. Data collection has already finished; I'm doing the analysis now. (studying or thinking about the different parts or details of something in order to understand it better) 53. The theory needs to be tested by experiment. (a thorough test using scientific methods to discover how someone or something reacts under certain conditions) 54. Joule carried out / performed a series of simple experiments to test his theory. (to do a task or something) 以上就是关于学习的口语资料~希望对烤鸭们能有所帮助~考试顺利~

  • 超实用雅思口语句型:工作1

    据很多专家表示雅思口语不需要使用非常艰难晦涩的句型和词汇~ 用一些地道简单的小句型,会为自己的答案加分不少~本文是从国外的雅思备考网口语不需要使用非常艰难晦涩的句型和词汇~ 用一些地道简单的小句型站上找到的工作的口语资料~希望对大家有所帮助! 【What you do】 1. I'm a / an (+ job). e.g. a nurse / an accountant / a builder 2. I work in (+ place or general area). e.g. a hospital / an office marketing / social 3. I work for (+ name / place of the company). e.g. Union Bank / IBM / Fiat / an international bank 【What your job involves】 4. I'm in charge of e.g. a big company 5. I'm responsible for e.g. some workers in that department 6. I have to deal with e.g. any complaints / overseas clients, mainly 7. I run e.g. the company / a restaurant 8. I manage e.g. a shop in downtown 【Daily duties / routines】 9. I have to go / attend (fml) e.g. (to) a lot of meetings / conferences 10. I visit / see / meet e.g. patients / clients 11. I advise e.g. people / clients and give them help... 12. It involves e.g. writing letters / filling in forms / doing a lot of paperwork / using computers a lot of the time 【Getting a job】 13. It's not easy to get / find work e.g. in big cities / round these parts 14. I'd love to do e.g. marketing / this kind of work 15. It's difficult to make a living as a / an e.g. freelance writer 16. I've been offered a job e.g. in that company / in London 17. I've applied for a job e.g. in a local company / in the accounts department 【Working hours】 18. I have a nine-to-five job / I work nine-to-five (regular working hours in Britain) 19. I do / work shift work. (nights one week, days next) 20. I am on flexi-time. (flexible working hours) 21. I have to do / work overtime. (work extra hours) 22. I only work part-time / take a part-time job. (part of a day or a few days a week) 23. I am a workaholic. I work full-time. (work too much) 24. I took early retirement. (retire at 55 in Britain) 25. I am on / take sick leave. (a period spent away from work, etc. because of illness) 26. I am on / take maternity leave. (expecting a baby) 27. I gave up work e.g. in order to study 28. I was laid off (infml) e.g. when the factory went bust 29. I was made redundant. (no longer needed and therefore out of work) 30. I was dismissed (fml) e.g. for refusing to obey orders 31. I was fired (infml) e.g. for always being late I am on / off duty. (to be working / not working) 以上就是关于工作的口语资料~希望对烤鸭们能有所帮助~考试顺利~

  • 英语口语常用提问句型整理

    opinionabout the requirement that a MBA student must have working experience? 47.How do you define marketing or management? 48. Do you think English is quiteimportant in MBA study? Why? 49. Do you think MBA training courses willhelp you a lot in your future life? Why? 50. Say a little about teamwork. 以上是为大家介绍的有关英语口语提问句型的相关内容,希望可以进一步帮助到大家,提升对英语句型的掌握,增加自己的知识储备。

  • 常用的会议英语口语句型

    有感。 三、请专人发言 1. To address this issue, I'd like to call on... 2. To discuss this matter, I'd like to call on... 3. To shed some light on this, I'd like to call on... 4. To provide us with more detail, I'd like to call on... Address 为"提及;陈述";call on someone 这个词组的意思是"要求某人(做某事)",on之后的宾语为被要求的人。此句型是在正式的场合中用以介绍下一位发言人。由于句首使用 To address this issue "谈起这个问题",显示特别强调这位发言者的意见值得采纳、尊重或听取;有时亦暗示主席或高阶人士也同样支持此人的意见。 以上就是为大家整理的常用的会议英语口语句型的相关内容,希望能够对大家有所帮助。大家需要掌握的口语有很多,如果是职场用语,就更需要严谨。