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    , but I did not accept it.我收到-份请帖,但没有接受。  860. If I were you, I would not be bothered by English.如果我是你,就不会为英语烦恼了。  861. If you don‘t work, you will fail to pass the exam.如果你不学习,你考试就会不及格。  862. I‘m thinking of hanging the lamp from the ceiling.我打算把灯吊在天花板上。  863. It is more important to be healthy than

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    到你的牙齿呢。  661. I‘m looking forward to a prompt reply.盼迅速答复。  662. It is an excellent novel in every way. 无论从哪方面来看,这都是一本优秀的小说。  663. It is clear that the cat has eaten it!很明显,是猫偷吃的!  664. Nothing but death can part the couple.除了死之外,什么也拆不散这一对。  665. Now she looks pale as if she were ill.现

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    懂你说的。  153. I felt sort of ill. 我感觉有点不适。  154. I have a good idea! 我有一个好主意。  155. It is growing cool. 天气渐渐凉爽起来。  156. It seems all right. 看来这没问题。  157. It‘s going too far. 太离谱了。  158. May I use your pen? 我可以用你的笔吗?  159. She had a bad cold. 她患了重感冒。  160. That‘s a good idea. 这个主意真不错。  161. The answer is zero. 白忙了。  162. What does she like? 她喜欢什么?  163. As soon as possible! 越快越好!  164. He can hardly speak. 他几乎说不出话来。  165. He always talks big. 他总是吹牛。  166. He won an election. 他在选举中获胜。  167. I am a football fan. 我是个足球迷。  168. If only I could fly. 要是我能飞就好了。  169. I‘ll be right there. 我马上就到。 170. I‘ll see you at six. 我六点钟见你。  171. IS it true or false? 这是对的还是错的?  172. Just read it for me. 就读给我听好了。  173. Knowledge is power. 知识就是力量。  174. Move out of my way! 让开!  175. Time is running out. 没时间了。  176. We are good friends. 我们是好朋友。  177. What‘s your trouble? 你哪儿不舒服?  178. You did fairly well! 你干得相当不错1  179. Clothes make the man. 人要衣装。  180. Did you miss the bus? 你错过公共汽车了?  181. Don‘t lose your head。 不要惊慌失措。  182. He can‘t take a joke. 他开不得玩笑。  183. He owes my uncle $100.他欠我叔叔100 美元。  184. How are things going? 事情进展得怎样?  185. How are you recently? 最近怎么样?  186. I know all about it. 我知道有关它的一切。  187. It really takes time. 这样太耽误时间了。  188. It‘s against the law. 这是违法的。  189. Love me,love my dog. (谚语)爱屋及乌。  190. My mouth is watering. 我要流口水了。  191. Speak louder,please. 说话请大声点儿。  192. This boy has no job. 这个男孩没有工作。  193. This house is my own. 这所房子是我自己的。  194. What happened to you? 你怎么了?  195. You are just in time. 你来得正是时候。  196. You need to workout. 你需

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    助我,我不得不独立完成这项工作。  939. How much cloth does it take to make a skirt for the girl?女孩做一条裙子要用多少布?  940. With all these mouths to feed, he didn‘t know what to do.由于有那么多人要供养,他不知道怎么办才好。  941. I forgot to prepare the speech I‘m supposed to give today.我忘了准备今天的我该做的演讲了。  942. It‘s supposed to start at 6:30 sharp, but I doubt it will.应该是六点半整的,但是我觉得够呛。  943. On behalf of my company, I would like to welcome you here.我代表我们公司欢迎你来这里。  944. She‘s been quite different since coming back from America.从美国回来之后,她变化很大。  945. Today it is common that women and girls make up in public.今天,在公共场所看到妇女和姑娘化妆打扮是很普遍的事。  946. I have to transfer to No. ll bus, but where is the bus stop?我需要换乘11 路公共汽车,但是汽车站在哪儿?  947. I supposed him to be very clever but he was in fact a fool.我以为他很聪明,其实他是个蠢货。  948. The rabbit ran to the woods and did not come back any more.兔子跑进了森林再也没有出来了。

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    我们提供最新技术。[/cn] [en]898. We think that it is better to transfer our knowledge in the form of know-how investment. [/en] [cn]我方认为最好还是以技术投资的方式来转让我们的技术。[/cn] [en]899. First let’s start with the delivery of all the drawings, technical data and other documents relating to the engines. [/en] [cn]让我们先提供所有与机械有关的图纸、技术数据和其它文件数据。[/cn] [en]900. You will undertake the obligations to deliver to us the drawing, information and other data.[/en] [cn]贵方将承担将这些图纸、信息和其它数据传送义务。[/cn]

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    能在规定的三个月内出话,则合同视为无效[/cn] Part Two [en]456.This agreement is made both in Chinese and English. The two versions of agreement shall have equal status in law. [/en][cn]这份协议为中英文模本,两种语言的协议应在法律上同等效力[/cn] [en]457.This agreement is drawn up separately in Chinese and in English. Each part hold one original and one [w]duplicate[/w] of each language. The two languages are of the same effect. [/en][cn]该协议分别用中文和英文拟定,每一方各执每一语言正副本各一份,两种语言法律效力相同[/cn] [en]458. Both versions of this contract are equally authentic. [/en][cn]这份合同的译本同等可信[/cn] [en]459. Any amendment of the contract shall come to force only after the written agreement is signed by both of us. [/en][cn]合同的任何修改需我们双方书面同意,[/cn] [en]460.The contract shall become effective as soon as it signed by both parties. [/en][cn]合同经双方签字后生效[/cn] [en]461.This agreement will remain valid for one year and shall become effective on the date of signing. [/en][cn]协议自签字之日起一年期有效[/cn] [en]462.We’d like to make the contract to be valid for two year at the beginning . [/en][cn]我们要使合同从开始到两年有效[/cn] [en]463.I think we better make some changes in the wording of this sentence. [/en][cn]我认为我们最好在这句上做些文字修改[/cn] [en]464.Isn’t it better to word it in this way? [/en][cn]用这种方式概括岂不是更好[/cn] [en]465.I’d like to replace this phrase with “after the date of delivery”. [/en][cn]我想用“自交付之日起”替换该句[/cn] [en]466.If neither party considers it is necessary to extend the contract the proposing party may take the [w]initiative[/w] to conduct negotiation with the other party one month prior to its expiration. [/en][cn]如果两方都认为没有必要在合同到期时续约,那么有

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    语象盖房子。  749. Listening with your heart is good for you.专心聆听别人说话对你有好处。  750. My grandpa died of hunger in the old days. 我爷爷在旧社会死于饥饿。  751. She feared staying alone in the farmhouse. 她害怕一个人留在农舍里。  752. She guided the tourists around the castle.她引导旅游者参观了这座城堡。  753. She runs everyday in order to lose weight.她每天都跑步是为了减肥。  754. She sang perfectly in the hall last night.她昨晚在大厅唱得非常好。  755. Somebody is always complaining to others.有人总是向别人抱怨。  756. They don‘t often have a bad day this year.他们今年的运气还不错。  757. We regard the matter as nothing important. 我们认为这件事情不重要。  758. We‘ll take our holiday sometime in August. 我们将在八月份的某个时候休假。  759. Could you direct me to the station, please?请

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    想象的那么简单。  462. Keep your temper under control. 不要发脾气。 .  463. Lying and stealing are immoral. 说谎和偷窃都是不道德的。  464. My efforts resulted in nothing. 我的努力毫无结果。  465. My false teeth are stuck to it. 我的假牙还在上边呢!  466. She is a composer for the harp. 她是位写竖琴曲的作曲家  467. Take me to the airport,please. 请送我去机场。  468. Talking with you is a pleasure. 和你谈话很愉快  469. The eggs are sold by the dozen. 鸡蛋按打卖。  470. The price just covers the cost. 这个价格正好抵消成本。  471. The sweater is of good quality. 这件毛衣质地很好。  472. The teacher got a little angry. 老师有点生