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    英语介词from:此介词表示“to”相反的方向;by:表示从旁经过或在……附近,eg. This is the nearest road by which they came等。   (1)from:此介词表示“to”相反的方向。   He came from London.   He went to London.   二词常搭配使用“from... to...”   We studied English from morning to afternoon.   He'll start from Beijing to Shanghai.   经典用法:   ● 由于→ The girl is trembling from fear.   ● 免除→ Tramps are always free from care. 流浪汉们总是无忧无虑。   ● 分开→ The couple parted from each other at the airport.   ● 由……制成→ The red wine is made from grapes. 红葡萄酒是由葡萄制成的。   由from引导的惯用法:   from far 从远处   from now / then on 从现在/那时起   from bad to worse 每况愈下   from time to time(occasionally 时而)   习语:   She comes to visit me from time to time.   (2)out of:表示与"into"相反的语意。   He will be out of town.   I stepped out of the dark room.   out of+ 名词 (= lack, to be without 用完,用光)   He went to the shop because he was out of paper.   out of date (= old-fashioned 过时的)   The book has been out of date.   out of work (= jobless 失业的)   He needs money because be is out of work.   out of the question (= impossible 不可能的)   Finishing the hard work is out of the question.   out of question (= doubtless 毫无疑问的)   That he can do it well is out of question.   out of order(= not functioning 失灵的)   Her radio is out of order, so she can't listen to it.   (3)by:表示从旁经过或在……附近。   He passed by me without saying hello.   He lives by the sea.   经典用法:   ● 通过→This is the nearest road by which they came.   ● 在……时候→The young man works by day and steals money by night.   ● 由……所生→He has two sons by her second wife.   ● 抓住→She caught her child by his coat in the flood.   ● 按……计算→The farmers sell their apples by the pound.   ● 就(气质,特征)而言→He is an artist by temperament(气质).   用于被动语意,导出动作执行者:   The glass was broken by the boy.   by + 具体时间:   They usually have dinner by 8 o'clock.   by + 交通工具 (bus, train, plan...):   He travelled to Paris by air/plane.   by the end of + 时间名词:到……末为止   By the end of last year, they had learnt 100 texts.   By the end of this term, they will have learnt 100 texts.   by then:到那时   He will graduate in 1999, by then he will leave Beijing.   by way of (= via):经由,取道   They are going to the United States by way of Hong Kong.   by the way:顺便问   By the way, do you know where Mr. Li has gone?   by far:……得多(用于修饰比较级和*高级)   The book is by far the best on the subject.   by accident:不小心,与on purpose(故意地)语意相反   The wrong information was put into the computer by accident. 扩展知识: 表示词与词、词与句关系的词。 常用介词:on、at、in、above、by、with等; 合成类介词:inside、outside、onto、out of、within 等; 短语类介词:according to、ahead of、along with等。 含义 介词是一种用来表示词与词, 词与句之间的关系的词。在句中不能单独作句字成分。介词后面一般有名词代词或相当于名词的其他词类,短语或从句作它的宾语。介词和它的宾语构成介词词组,在句中作状语,表语,补语或介词宾语。 分类 1.常用简单介词:   about, across, against, among, after, at, behind, besides, beyond, by, concerning, beneath, between, despite, except, during, down, for, from, past, than, under, until 等。 2.合成介词:   inside, outside, onto, out of, within 等。 3.短语介词:   according to, ahead of, along with, as for, because of, be means of, due to, in spite of, on behalf of, owing to, with regard to 等。 介词与“……的”之关系 在英语学习中,一遇到“……的”,大家就会立刻想到’s 所有格或者of。实际上,在很多情况下,“……的”必须借助于介词才能准确表达。   ● 美国的冬天→ the winter in America   ● 停车场的入口→ the entrance to the parking lot   ● 穿过森林的小路→ the path through the forest   ● 鲁迅的著作→ the works by Lu Xun   ● 水中的月亮→ the moon reflected in water   ● 历史的见证→ the witness to history   ● 对爱的渴望→ a longing for love   ● 对我们不利的证据→ the evidence against us   ● 阳光下的漫步→ a walk in the sunlight   ● 追求名誉的女人→ a lady after fame   ● 两人之间的争论→ an argument between the two persons



  • 方位介词英语

    介词的英语是prepositions of place,prepositions或 position preposition。英语中表示事物存在的方向和位置的介词被称为方位介词。 preposition 英 [ˌprɛpəˈzɪʃən]  美 [ˌprɛpəˈzɪʃən] n. 介词



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    介词的英文: preposition参考例句: Preposition is abbreviated as "prep" in this dictionary. 介词在词典中略作 “prep”。 In English there are a lot of verbs collocating with the preposition on 英语中有许多动词与介词

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  • 史上超全的英语介词用法归纳总结

    看了电影(共计31人去)。 he is interested in tennis besides(=as well as)football.他对足球和网球都感兴趣。 2. except是指不包括后面所提人或物在内的“除去”。 everyone is excited except me. 除我以外的每个人都很激动(我并不激动)。 all the visitors are japanese except him. 除他以外的所有游客都是日本人。(他不是日本人) 注意:(a) except通常与表示全体的all, every连用;若与other连用,只英语不仅要积累词汇,还要掌握语法,这样才能够轻松使用。今天我们为大家整理了史上超全的英语介词能用besides。 he had other people to take care of besides me. 除我之外,他还要照顾别人。 (b) except是排除同类;而except for是排除非同类,常在说明基本情况后,从细节上加上修正。 the composition is very good except for a few spelling mistakes. 除了几处拼写错误之外,这篇作文整体还是不错的。 (作文与拼写错误是非同类的)但except for 有时也可代替 except,特别是在句首时,因为 except 是不能用于句首的。 except for george, you can all go. 除乔治外,你们都可以去。 以上就是为大家整理的史上超全的英语介词用法归纳总结,希望能够对大家有所帮助。掌握了介词的使用方法,还要多加练习,这样才能够逐渐的学好英语。

  • 英语四级介词用法整理

    无关。' beyond超出、无、不能,against靠着,对与反。 besides,except分内外,among之内along沿。 同类比较except,加for异类记心间。 原状because of,、 owing to、 due to表语形容词 under后接修、建中,of、from物、化分。 before、after表一点, ago、later表一段。 before能接完成时,ago过去极英语需要不断的积累单词和掌握语法,学习方法很重要,方法用对,学习才能提供效率。下面是关于介词有限。 since以来during间,since时态多变换。 与之相比beside,除了last but one。 复不定for、找、价、原,对、给、段、去、为、作、赞。 快到、对、向towards,工、学、军、城、北、上、南。 but for否定用虚拟,复合介词待后言。 ing型由于鉴,除了除外与包合。 之后、关于、在......方面,有关介词须记全。 in内to外表位置,山、水、国界to在前。 以上就是小编给大家整理的四级语法知识,希望可以给大家在备考的时候带来帮助。

  • 英语中表示工具或手段的介词

         表示工具或手段的介词:by, with, on   1. by用某种方式,多用于交通。如by bus乘公共汽车,by e-mail. 通过电子邮件。   注意:表示搭乘交通工具时,用by时不用冠词,用in时要用冠词。请比较:   I went there by bus/in a bus. 我是坐公共汽车去的那儿。   2. with表示“用某种工具”。如:   He broke the window with a stone. 他用石头把玻璃砸坏了。   注意:with表示用某种工具时,必须用冠词或物主代词。   3. on表示“以……方式”,多用于固定词组。   They talked on the telephone. 他们通过电话进行交谈。   She learns English on the radio/on TV. 她通过收音机/电视学英语。


    英语介词 电子

  • 英语四级改错题常考要点--介词

    重要的两个介词 1、介词of 多余或者遗漏 例:Mosquitoes usually lay eggs, singly or in batches, on top stagnant water. 分析:on top 应改为top of stagnant。on top of …是因定表达法,意为“在…上面”。 例:Christopher Plummer is a Canadian actor who has starred in stage, television, and film productions on both sides the Atlantic Ocean. 分析:sides the 应改为sides of the。 sides为名词,the Atlantic Ocean也是名词,中间明显少了一个介词。 2、介词by 一种情况表示被动,be+过去分词+by 另一种表示通过……的方式, by doing 例:The ceremony of marriage in the United States can be performed from a justice of the peace. 分析:performed from 应改为performed by。谓语动词是被动式,performed的动作执行者应英语学习的过程中,大家认为最难的就是语法部分。介词是考试中出现的比较多的一个部分,而其中考的最多的就是介词该由介词by来引导。 例:Along the east coast ,American Indian women's councils could veto a declaration of war at refusing to supply moccasins and field rations. 分析:refusing to 应改为by refusing。通过拒绝提供鞋子和粮食,表示通过某种方式做某事要用介词by,故将at refusing 改为by refusing。 例:Algebra is the branch of mathematics concerned with operations on sets of numbers or other elements that are often represented at symbols. 分析:at应改为by。动作的发出者应该用介词by来引导 以上就是小编给大家分享的四级考点,希望可以给大家在备考的时候带来帮助。