• 【凯莉日记】S02E01 -- Bad friend

    听力简介: 从今天起,凯莉日记进凯莉日记入了第二季的听力内容啦~~ Maggie和Sebastian一时情绪失控kiss了一小下,Carrie知道后悲痛欲绝。她们多年来的友情以及他们甜蜜的爱情均因此而告终......    Hints: Maggie 语气词Oh不用写。 Come on,this is your favorite night of the summer.Forget Maggie. You're right.I just wish I didn't have to see her. Let me know if you need anything else. Where is our waitress?That girl Maggie. She asked to switch tables or something.I'm not really sure. She did,did she? Is everything okay? Everything is great.Thank you. This is a good thing. She is just rude. You don't wanna be around her.You just said that.And I'm pretty sure she sensed that. No.That's not what she's doing.She's icing me out. Isn't that what you're doing to her? Yeah,but that's because she's in the wrong,I'm not.She's the bad friend.I'm not. 算了吧,这是你整个夏天最期待的夜晚。别想Maggie了。 你说得对,我只是希望眼不见为净。 有需要的话请叫我。 我们的服务生呢,那个叫Maggie的? 她请求换桌了吧。我不是很确定。 她换桌了,是吧?! 有什么不妥么? 一切都很好,谢谢。 这样很好啊。 她狠无礼! 你不想看见她,你刚说了啊。我很肯定她也感觉到了。 不,她不是那么想的,她不搭理我了。 你不是不搭理她么? 对,但那是因为她有错,我没有。

  • 2012CW秋季档将上演《凯莉日记》

    带给她灵感。最后拉丽莎提凯莉日记出了让凯莉到杂志社实习的建议。[/cn] [en]Carrie's friends and family may have a big place in her heart, but she's fallen in love for the first time with the most important man in her life - Manhattan.[/en][cn]最初,在凯莉的心中朋友和家人或许占据了重要的地位,但是当她第一次见识到真正的曼哈顿后,她便疯狂地爱上了这座城市。[/cn]

  • 《凯莉日记》第二季新角色萨曼莎登场

    会在《凯莉日记》第二季中出现,目前这一角色已经确定由新人琳赛·葛特饰演。 在第二季中,凯莉会搬到曼哈顿居住,在这里她会遇到她人生中最重要的朋友之一萨曼莎,一位来自佛罗里达狂野并性感的年轻女性。哈里斯透露说,当她们两个在一起时总会产生化学反应,但她们又是不同的。在曼哈顿,凯莉大部分的时间都用在结交朋友,担心父亲和妹妹,而萨曼莎做事向来无所顾忌随心所欲。

  • 《凯莉日记》剧组 NYTVF 红毯采访

    上了布莱恩·亚当斯。[/cn] [en]Stefania Owen (Dorrit, Carrie's younger sister): I'm a movie buff so I watched Purple Rain to investigate the era. And my mom said she was quite rebellious when she was younger.[/en][cn]欧文(饰演多莉特,凯莉的妹妹):在剧中我是一个电影迷,因此,为了了解那个年代我会去看《紫雨》。多莉特是一个很叛逆的女孩。[/cn] [en]TV Guide Magazine: Are you a fan of Sex and the City?[/en][cn]TV Guide Magazine:你是《欲望都市》的粉丝吗?[/cn] [en]AnnaSophia Robb: I love Sex and the City. It's obviously not on right now, but I love going back to watch it.[/en][cn]罗伯:我喜欢《欲望都市》这部剧。不过现在它已经结束了,我很乐意再次回顾它。[/cn] [en]Agyeman: I never watched Sex and the City when everybody else was watching it, but I got the box set and I fell so hard in love with it. And I haven't read The Carries Diaries yet because I like to preserve things.[/en][cn]阿吉曼:当其他人都在看《欲望都市》的时候,我并没有看,但是当我看到舞台布景时我一下子就喜欢上了它。现在我还没有读过《凯莉日记》的原著,因为我喜欢顺其自然。[/cn] [en]Dooling: Absolutely. I enjoy bonding with mama so I watch with her every so often.[/en][cn]杜林:当然。我总喜欢和母亲黏在一起,我们常常坐在一起看这部电视。[/cn]

  • 《凯莉日记》第二季:女主激吻新男友

    AnnaSophia Robb shares a passionate kiss with Chris Wood while filming scenes for the upcoming new season of The Carrie Diaries on Tuesday (August 20) in New York City. The 19-year-old star of the hit television show later changed outfits for more scenes and was also joined on set by co-star Jake Robinson. Chris, who plays a [w]wunderkind[/w] playwright, will develop a professional relationship with Carrie — one that quickly turns very personal. “Their romance will have a huge impact on Carrie and her ‘coming of age’ story,” executive producer Amy B. Harris recently shared (via TVLine). “It will have profound [w]repercussion[/w]s for her and Sebastian (Austin Butler). 沪江娱乐快讯: 日前,在《凯莉日记》新二季的拍摄现场,有人拍到了罗伯和伍德激吻的镜头。 克里斯·伍德加盟《凯莉日记》第二季并在剧中饰演凯莉爱情的新对象,一位少年得志的剧作家。他们两之间一开始只是单纯的同事关系,不过两人之间很快就擦出了爱情的火花。制片人哈里斯说,两人的爱情对于凯莉的成长来说非常重要,而且它对凯莉和塞巴斯蒂安的关系也会有很大的影响。

  • 《凯莉日记》之大结局的浪漫瞬间

    If you haven't been watching "The Carrie Diaries" wildly [w]underrate[/w]d first season, you're missing out -- and this clip is the best evidence of that. In last week's episode, Sebastian (Austin Butler) and Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) broke up, again, as she [w]desperately[/w] tried to include him in her glamorous Manhattan world. But, in typical high school fashion, these two can't stay apart for long. Plus... it's [w]prom[/w] time! Sebastian visits Carrie at home, thanks to a little help from Dorit and her guy, Miller. Their totally [w]swoon[/w]-worthy reunion is one of our all-time favorite scenes from the show -- Carrie even tells Sebastian those three little words she spend all of last week's episode struggling to say! Zap2it has an exclusive first look at Sebastian and Carrie's honest and romantic conversation, which [w]showrunner[/w] Amy B. Harris tells us is one of the scenes she's most proud of writing.Let's just say it totally landed Sebastian on our list of TV's most awesome first boyfriends. Unfortunately, before the episode was over, we had to scratch Sebastian off that list. 沪江娱乐快讯:CW在4月8日播出了《凯莉日记》首季的结局篇。在这一集中最大的看点莫过于凯莉和塞巴斯蒂安的那段发自内心的深情表白。 在上一集中,凯莉因为工作而再次与塞巴斯蒂安分手,但是从以往的惯例来看,他们俩不会分开太久,何况毕业舞会即将来临。塞巴斯蒂安在多莉特和米勒的帮助下通过这段深情的表白挽回他与凯莉的爱情。凯莉也终于说出了她一直以来想对塞巴斯蒂说的那三个字。制片人哈里斯在接受采访时表示,这是她最为之骄傲的片段。然而,幸福总是短暂的,塞巴斯蒂安和凯莉最终还是无法避免分手的结局。

  • 【凯莉日记】S02E02 -- Just speak out what you think

    听力简介: 我们都不擅长读心, 所以别怪别人不能理解你, 要选择适时地说出自己的想法。 这是良好的沟通和交流所必须的~   Hints: Carrie Sebastian I wanna be with you.Even though there are no guarantees. Are you sure? Watching Carrie with Sebastian,I realized even when you make promises,things can go wrong.Straight or gay.I wanted an exclusive relationship because it felt safe to me.But the truth is,there is no guarantee it will work out no matter how we define it.And at least what I felt with you is finally real.I'm not hiding.I wanna see what this is.I guess the question is,do you? I do. 我想和你在一起,即使未来没有保障。 你确定么? 看着凯莉和塞巴斯安在一起,我意识到即使你做出了承诺,感情也可能偏离正轨。异性恋和同性恋都一样。我想要一份专属的感情因为这样我会有安全感。但事实是,没法保证这份感情能顺利进行下去。无论我们如何定义。至少我跟你在一起的感觉总算是真实的。我不要再隐藏了。我想看看会发展得如何。我想问题是,你愿意么? 我愿意。

  • 【凯莉日记】S01E13 -- Gym time or family time

    我们今晚可以不回来么? 可以,没问题。 你不会觉得孤单么?我和多丽特都不在家。她也在朋友家过夜。 我没事儿。当我从健身房回来的时候肯定累的倒头就睡。 那健身房对你吸引力还真大啊。 我觉得可有乐趣了。 那就好。可你没事儿就往那跑。晚上去,晚饭时间也去。这是陪家人时间,不是健身时间。你该多用点时 间陪陪我们了。我和多丽特,我们需要你。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>