• 《冰与火之歌:权力的游戏》DVD销量创HBO纪录

    HBO’s hugely successfaul fantasy [w]epic[/w] “Game of Thrones” may officially be on the Iron Throne with the biggest first-week DVD sales total of any series in HBO’s history. Season 1 DVD sales have reached about 350,000 units in the first seven days following its March 6 sales debut. That number beats out any other HBO-related DVD including ones from “True Blood”, “Boardwalk Empire”, and “The Sopranos.” Last week, I wrote why it is a must-own for fans. Looks like a lot of folks agree with me. The series also broke sales records for HBO on [w]digital[/w] downloads from outlets such as iTunes. In the newest “Entertainment Weekly” issue, “Game of Thrones” takes over the cover and includes a feature article on Season 2. Included in the article is the fact that there have been almost 9 million views of each episode through channel airings, HBO Go, and On Demand service. HBO官方表示,《权力的游戏》第一季DVD自3月6号发行以来,首周狂销35万套,这一销量成绩远超过HBO电视网历史上其它诸如《黑道家族》(The Sopranos)、《欲望都市》(Sex and the City)和《真爱如血》(True Blood)等著名剧集。 伴随着《冰与火之歌:权力的游戏》第二季的预告片同样刷新了HBO单一剧集预告片的纪录,该剧第二季必将有更多的观众注入,势必会创造更高的收视率。 《冰与火之歌:权力的游戏》将于当地时间4月1号回归,敬请期待。 

  • 《冰与火之歌:权力的游戏》唯美小提琴版片头曲

    面的是“日落国度”维斯特洛(Westeros),面积约等于南美洲;位于东冰与火之歌:权力的游戏》片头曲小提琴版 《冰与火之歌:权力的游戏》片头曲大提琴版 《冰与火之歌:权力的游戏面的是一块面积、形状近似于亚欧大陆的陆地。故事的主线便发生在维斯特洛大陆上。从国王劳勃·拜拉席恩前往北地拜访他的好友:临冬城主暨北境守护艾德·史塔克开始,渐渐展示了这片国度的全貌。单纯的国王,耿直的首相,各怀鬼胎的大臣,拥兵自重的四方诸侯,全国仅靠着一根细弦维系着表面的和平,而当弦断之时,国家再度陷入无尽的战乱之中。而更让人惊悚的、那些远古的传说和早已灭绝的生物,正重新回到这片土地。[/cn]

  • 《冰与火之歌(权力的游戏)》第二季预告片华丽呈现

    .[/cn] [en] with fire and blood.[/en][cn] 血流成河 在所不惜.[/cn] [en] Anyone can be killed.[/en][cn] 挡我者 死![/cn] [en] I understand the way this game is played.[/en][cn] 这权力游戏的规则 我懂.[/cn]

  • 《权力的游戏》第四季预定 将于2014年播出

    乔治·马汀的《冰与火之歌:权力的游戏》的第三本。[/cn] [en]The first episode of Season 3 premiered on Sunday, garnering both high traditional viewership and a massive [w]illicit[/w] audience. Now, fans of the TV series are guaranteed an adaptation of the full Storm of Swords tome, while [w=adherent]adherents[/w] to Martin's

  • 《权力的游戏》第二季正式版完整预告片发布

    for the show's second season via HBO Go.[/en][cn]为了等待HBO大戏《冰与火之歌:权力的游戏》(第二季)4月1日正式开播,你已经如饥似渴了么?你很幸运。上周五(2月24日)HBO午夜有线电视通过网络发布的节目中,公布了第二季正式官方预告。[/cn] [en]We know what's missing -- Sean Bean, since his [w]character[/w] Eddard Stark was killed off in the Season 1 finale. But, rest [w=assure]assured[/w

  • 权力的游戏第三季最终集预告:冰雨的风暴

    their grip on the Iron Throne? Will Daenerys Targaryen be [w]conqueror[/w] or [w]liberator[/w]? 沪江娱乐:《权力的游戏》的粉丝们还在努力从“血色婚礼”的惨剧中慢慢恢复,本季最终集的预告出来抚慰一下粉丝们受伤的心。在上一集《卡斯特梅的雨季》中,我们看到了北境之王罗柏·史塔克、他怀孕的妻子塔丽莎和母亲凯特琳·史塔克被兰尼斯特家族残忍屠杀了。史塔克一族会被灭族么?恶毒的乔佛里会有怎样的下场?龙女这条线要怎么发展?

  • 《权力的游戏》最大boss已经出现


  • 权力的游戏小说又要拖稿?凛冬之风还写不写?

    到我写完。“[/cn] [en]Not much is known about how The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring will conclude, with speculation raging over how much they will have in common with the Game of Thrones TV show - which ended last month.[/en][cn]关于《凛冬之风》和《春之梦》将

  • 英国女王探班《权力的游戏》 拒坐铁王座

    还是在与演员们会面时高兴的拿着铁王座的小复制品。这些演员包括饰演琼恩·雪诺的基特·哈灵顿、饰演瑟曦·兰尼斯特的琳娜·海蒂以及饰演珊莎·史塔克的索菲·特纳。[/cn] [en]Maisie Williams, the 17-year-old star who plays the [w]spirited[/w] Arya Stark, was the first of the actors to chat to the [w]monarch[/w]. 'She kept commenting on how uncomfortable the throne looked, that was funny,' she said.[/en][cn]饰演艾莉亚·史塔克的17岁影星麦茜·威廉姆斯是演员中第一个与女王谈话的。她说:“她(女王)一直在说那个王座看起来有多么不舒服,真

  • 只要有钱就能被写入《冰与火之歌》

    [en]Is your dream to meet a horrible end in an "A Song of Ice and Fire" novel? If you have $20,000 to donate to a good cause, that dream is within reach.[/en][cn]在《冰与火之歌》小说中被写成悲惨死去是不是你的梦想?如果你愿意捐出2万美元做善事,你的梦想就能实现。[/cn] [en]To raise money for the Santa Fe charity The Food Depot and the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, Martin is offering some very tempting items for purchase.[/en][cn]为了给圣达菲慈善机构的粮食仓库项目和野生狼群庇护所项目筹款,Martin拿出了非常诱人的条件。[/cn] [en]For $20,000 a piece, Martin will write one male and one female fan into a forthcoming "A Song of Ice and Fire" novel. The fan will get to choose their character's occupation, and Martin promises "you will certainly meet a [w]grisly[/w] death." As fans know, Martin is the master of those.[/en][cn]捐款2万美元的话,Martin将冰与火之歌会把一个男性角色和一个女性角色分别写到即将出版的《权力的游戏》小说中。粉丝可以自由选择他们角色的职业,而Martin保证“绝对会把你这个角色写得死得很惨。”熟悉他的人都知道,Martin大叔最擅长就是这个了。[/cn]