• 【专四听力满分突破】联邦救助

    选材规范、标准演练;循序渐进、梯度提升;题量丰富、有效提高;技巧同步、一语中的;缩略速记,全面覆盖。 直接听写正文 The US federal assistance is defined as any federal program, service, and activity provided by the federal government that directly assists or benefits the American public in the areas of education, health, public safety, public welfare

  • 英语专四听力题型有什么高分技巧

    想方设法多答对试题,对于那些在考场上无法完全听懂对话内容的考生,以下这些常识和潜在规律就比较有用。其实,所谓的潜在规律就是那些由应试高手总结的、未必科学却很实用的答题方法。 (1) 符合生活常识和积极向上的选项可能是答案。 例4:What did the woman threaten to do? A) File a lawsuit against the man. C) Have the man’s apple tree cut down. B) Ask the man for compensation. D) Throw garbage into the man’s yard. 本题问的是女士威胁要去做什么。我们可以做出如下分析:B)“要求男士赔偿”,从常理上来说应该是合理的,但还称不上是威胁;C)“把男士的苹果树砍倒”和D)“往男士的院子里扔垃圾”往往是失去理智时才做出的事情,可以排除;而A)“将男士诉诸法院”的做法则较为合适,既符合常理,又能从一定程度上对当事人造成威慑,故A)最有可能是答案。 (2) 对于涉及对话全文的试题,概括性强的选项可能是答案。 例5:What lesson could be drawn from the accident? A) Accurate communication is of utmost importance. B) Pilots should be able to speak several foreign languages. C) Air controllers should keep a close watch on the weather. D) Cooperation between pilots and air controllers is essential. 本题问的是从这个事故中可以吸取什么教训。这涉及对对话全文的理解,所以我们就应该找概括性较强的选项。B)首先不符合常理,其次也属于细节问题,可以排除;空中交通管制员要密切关注天气情况,这属于职责范围之内,说法过于具体,所以可以排除;C)飞行员和空中交通管制员相互配合的重要性也专四听力的时候都会觉得很难,其实对于基础较好的同学相对来说不会很难,如果基础不太好,只要掌握正确的备考方法,想过四无可非议,因此也可排除D),故A)最有可能是答案。 英语专四备考前如果能掌握高分技巧,就能在考试过程中提高做题效率,以上就是专四听力三大高分技巧,希望可以给大家带来帮助。

  • 【专四听力满分突破】军事演习

    选材规范、标准演练;循序渐进、梯度提升;题量丰富、有效提高;技巧同步、一语中的;缩略速记,全面覆盖。 直接听写正文 If war is a political instrument, then it stands to reason that the simulation of war can also be used to influence nations. While militaries have long conducted practice exercises, modern war games with their focus on strategy

  • 【专四听力满分突破】肥胖症

    选材规范、标准演练;循序渐进、梯度提升;题量丰富、有效提高;技巧同步、一语中的;缩略速记,全面覆盖。 直接听写正文 At the other end of the malnutrition scale, obesity is one of today's most visible, yet most neglected, public health problems. Paradoxically, co-existing with under-nutrition, a global epidemic of overweight and obesity is taking over many

  • 【专四听力满分突破】决策制定

    选材规范、标准演练;循序渐进、梯度提升;题量丰富、有效提高;技巧同步、一语中的;缩略速记,全面覆盖。 直接听写正文 Human performance in terms of decision making has been the subject of active research from several perspectives. From a psychological perspective, it is necessary to examine individual decisions in the context of a set of needs

  • 【专四听力满分突破】打雷

    thunderstorm, it is advisable to avoid open fields, beaches and lakes and also 6.__________. The safest way is to 7.__________ or stay in the car. 填横线处的短句,一行一个短句。 thunder is caused due to collision of clouds much hotter than the surface of the sun an instant expansion of the air due to rapid heating and cooling of the air Thunder can be dangerous stay away from tall trees get inside your home 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【专四听力满分突破】电脑

    , but also to 7.__________. 填横线处的短句,一行一个短句。 in many fields all walks of life the most efficient and multifunctional instruments they have also become a window Ever since the computer came into being had no match for the latest electronic computers improve the quality of the software 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【专四听力满分突破】失业的原因和结果

    8.__________. 填横线处的短句,一行一个短句。 structural problems and inefficiencies minimum wage laws regulations like imposed lead to unemployment due to failure of the unemployed individuals people are forced to take up jobs aren't fit for become pessimisitic about resulting from mental stress 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【专四听力满分突破】数码相机

    选材规范、标准演练;循序渐进、梯度提升;题量丰富、有效提高;技巧同步、一语中的;缩略速记,全面覆盖。 According to a 1._______ definition, a digital camera is "a camera that produces digital 2._______ that can be stored in a computer, 3._______ on a screen and printed". Years ago people used to 4._______ two different 5._______ in order to take pictures and make videos. The creation og digital cameras was 6._______ mainly by two factors. First, need to 7._______ space. Second, make it more comfortable for people to do both things with higher 8._______ results. The multi-functionalism of digital cameras and the 9._______ of several devices in one make it a popular 10._______ for a modern man. For years a digital camera has been 11._______ for many families. However, the 12._______ of digital cameras and various prices nowadays make it possible for almost every 13._______ family to buy a digital camera. With increasingly 14._______ competiton, the digital camera 15._______ satisfy customers with lower prices but best quality standards. 填横线处的单词,一行一个。 standard images displayed possess devices motivated spare quality combination choice unaffordable variety single fierce manufacturers 根据标准定义,数码相机是一种能形成可被储存在电脑中的数码图象的相机。这种图象可显示在屏幕上,也可以被打印。过去人们常常要购置两种装置来完成摄像和制作影片的要求。发明数码相机背面的胶质的原因主要有两点。第一,为了释放空间。第二,使人类做以上两件事情时达到而更有质量的结果成为可能。数码相机的最大实用化和集多种装置于一身的构造使得现代人掀起购买它的热潮。很长一段时间里许多家庭负担不起一部数码相机。而如今,数码相机繁多的品种和不一的价钱每个家庭都有能力购买一部数码相机。随着数码相机竞争的不断激烈,制造厂家争相推出物美价廉的相机满足顾客的需求。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

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    选材规范、标准演练;循序渐进、梯度提升;题量丰富、有效提高;技巧同步、一语中的;缩略速记,全面覆盖。 直接听写正文 Online consultations refer to an exchange between government and citizens using the Internet. It consists in using electronic technologies to ask a group of people their opinions on one or more specific topics, allowing for exchanges between