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    专八改错练习第十一篇: In department stores and closets all over the world,they are waiting. Their outward appearance seems ratherappealing since __1__ they come in a variety of styles, textures, and colors. And they are ultimately the biggest deception thatexists in the __2__ fashionable industry today. What are they? They arehigh heels __3__ --woman’s worst enemy ( whether she knows it or not). High heel __4__ shoes are the downfall of modern society. Fashion myths have led women to believe that they are more beautiful or sophisticating __5__ for wearing heels, but in reality, heels succeed on posing short as __6__ as well as long term hardships. Women should fight the high hell industry by refusing to use or purchase them in order to save the world of unnecessary physical and psychological suffering. __7__ For the sake of fairness, it must be noted that there is a positive side to high heels. First, heels are excellent for aerating lawns. Anyone who has ever worn heels on grass know what I am talking __8__ about. A simple trip around the yard on a pair of those babies __9__ eliminates all needs to call for a lawn care specialist, and provides __10__ the perfect-sized holes to give any lawn oxygen without all those messy chunks of dirt lying around. 参考答案(反白可见): 改为because或者for 当since表示原因时,它往往出现在句子的开头而非中间。 2.And改为But 从与上一段的关系看来,这里是转折而不是承接。 nable改为fashion fashionable是形容词表示“时尚的,时髦的”,而这里所指的是“时尚产业”,所以应该用它的名词形式。 前加上a或者woman改为women 可数名词单数形式前面必须加冠词,因此这里须加上a,或者将woman变成服侍形式表类指。 ticating改为sophisticated 改为in succeed 与介词in连用,后面加动词ing形式。如: We have already succeeded in working out ground rules with the Department ofDefense. 改为from save sb from doing sth 表示“避免某人做某事”。 改为knows 主语和谓语在形式上须一致,anyone在语义上表达的是单数含义。 改为in 英语表示穿戴往往用介词in。 改为need 尽管need前用了all来限定,但need所专八改错指的是“叫来草坪护理专家”这单一的含义,因此应该用单数,all在这里只是起到强调的作用 

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    专八改错练习第十二篇: Times Company is one newspaper firm that hasrecognized the need for change and done somethingabout it. In the newspaper industry, papers mustreflect the diversity of the communities for which they provide information.It must __1__ reflect that diversity with their news coverage

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    该用形容词critical来修饰,表示“批判性思维”。 4.^attributed--been attribute作动词时是及物动词,通常的搭配是 to attribute sth to sth,因此这里应使用被动语态,加上been。 y--economics economy表示一个国家的“经济”,而economics才表示“经济学”,因此这里应使用economics。 --while/but and表示顺接,而这里缺少的是一个表示对比的连词,因为历史系学生和经济系学生在人数上形成很大对比,所以应改and 为while或者but。 ting--comprising/constituting或者 consisting^--of consist的意思是“包括,由……组成”,一般要与介词of连用,而comprise或者constitute则表示“组成……”,而且不需要与of连用。 ed--declaring “almost 12 percent of undergraduates declared themselves history majors”和“economic andbusiness administration majors together consisting 8.7 percent of undergraduates"应是并列结构跟随介词with,所以这里应将declared变为declaring,与前专八改错面的分句保持形式上的一致。 ed--marketable 原句的意思是“经济学的文凭是有市场的,有销路的”,所以应该是marketable。 (high salaries)--/ garner后面不需加介词of,直接说garner sth即可。 

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    专八改错练习第八多了,多得无法处理。本句说:这些牛奶就被制成奶粉拿到该国去喂养那些营养不良的儿童。由此可见本句与上文是因果关系,不能用also来连接。 ly改为insane 此处表达“荒唐的经济关系”insane修饰的是relationship,而非economic,因此要用形容词代替。 10.把in改为into 词组get in 虽然也可以表达“ 进入,陷入”,但是in为副词,后面不能跟地点,所以应该改为into 

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    专八改错练习第二十三篇: It is difficult to think of a nation as an abstract collection of people living on a patch of territory. It is easier to think of as a person. This is why we sometimes call Great Britain__1__ "Britannia" and the United States "Columbia", and think of it as stately women. We also use

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    面的rate往往用于短语at a rate,此处的介词可以提前。 6.把facial改为face 票面价值应是:face value。 7.把Therefore改为However。 此处根据上下文来看,表达的是转折的含义,而不是因果关系。 8.把hard改为harder 这里存在一个隐含的比较,所以应专八改错该用hard的比较级形式。 9.删除more,或者把more改为much riskier本身已经是比较形式了,再加上more是多余的。把more改为much,表示一种程度也可以。 10.把we改为you 补充: 第二题将amount改为amounts也是正确的 第四题把hold改为holding也是正确的 a small amount of 和small amounts of 用法的区别 a large(great,good)amount of +不可数名词,谓语动词一般用单数;但(large,great,good)amounts of + 不可数名词,作主语时,谓语动词要用复数。 A large amount of damage <has been>done by the earth quake. Large amounts of money <were>spent on the bridge. 这就是为什么第二题也可以把amount改为amounts而第八题不用改amount的原因啦. 

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