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    放入洗衣机中。 11. [w]kilogram[/w]    n. 千克;公斤 One kilogram is a thousand [w=gram]grams[/w]。 一千克等于1000克。 12. [w]astronaut[/w]    n. 宇航员 a rocket manned by trained astronauts 载有受过训练的宇航员的火箭 13. good-looking    adj. (外貌)好看的 a good-looking woman 一个漂亮的女人 14. [w]slim[/w]    adj. 苗条的 I'm trying to get slim. 我想要瘦一些。 15. [w]reporter[/w]   n. 记者 a news reporter 一个新闻记者 16. [w]baker[/w]    n. 面包师 My brother is a baker. 我的哥哥是个面包师。 17. [w]singer[/w]    n. 歌手 He is a famous singer from New Zealand. 他是来自新西兰的著名歌手。 18. [w]agree[/w]    v. 同意 I asked for a pay rise and she agreed. 我请求加薪, 她就答应了。 19. (be) good at    擅长 be good at [w]mathematics[/w], languages, describing things 擅长数学﹑ 语言﹑ 叙事 20. [w]possibly[/w]    adv. 可能地 She was possibly the greatest writer of her generation. 她也许是她那时代最伟大的作家。 21. [w]grow[/w]    v. 长大;长高 How tall you've grown! 你都长这么高了! 22. [w]bakery[/w]    n. 面包房 There is a bakery in our [w]community[/w]. 我们小语区有一个面包房。 23. a lot    大量;许多 What a lot of presents! 多么多的礼物哇! 24. [w]report[/w]    n. 报告 law reports 案例报告 25. [w]poor[/w]    adj. 不擅长的,缺乏某物 (be) poor at 不擅长…… 26. [w]spacecraft[/w]    n. 航天器;宇宙飞船 a manmade spacecraft 人造航天器 27. come back    回来;返回 I'll come back and pick you up in half an hour. 半小时后我来接你。

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    语来就注定是个伟大的作家。 6. [w]ago[/w]    adv. 以前 例句:It happened a few minutes ago. 那是几分钟以前发生的事。 7. [w]country[/w]    n. 国家 例句:There will be rain in all parts of the country. 全国各地将有雨。 8. very much    很;非常 例句:She likes Beethoven very much. 她很喜欢贝多芬的作品。 9. [w]advice[/w]    n. 劝告;忠告 例句:If you take my advice you'll see a doctor. 如果你听我的话, 就去看病。 10. [w]king[/w]    n. 国王 短语:be made/crowned king 被立为/加冕为国王 11. [w

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  • 小学六年级第二学期英语质量六年级抽测试卷

    一、读一读,判断下列每组词画线部分读音是否相同,相同的画“T”,不同的画“F”。 ( )1. come some    ( ) 2. how now ( )3.use us            ( )4. say wait ( )5.live five           ( )6. gate sad ( )7.work walk       ( )8. boy join ( )9.book back       ( )10.what who 二、 选择填空,将答案序号写入题前括号内。 ( ) 1. l__ __ve 留下 ( A. ee B. ea ) ( ) 2. d__zzy 头昏眼花( A. i B. e ) ( ) 3. f__ __d 食物 (A. or B. oo) ( ) 4. c__ __toon动画 (A. ar B. ur ) ( ) 5. pl__ __ 戏剧 (A. oy B. ay ) ( ) 6. __ __eck检查 (A. ch B. sh ) ( ) 7. t__ __k谈话 (A. al B. aw ) ( )8. l__ss 较少 (A. a B. e ) ( )9. __ind 种,类 (A. k B. ck ) ( )10. m__self我自己 (A. i B. y ) 三、 选择正确的中文,将序号写入题前括号。 ( )1. straight  A 笔直地 B 奇怪的 ( )2. expensive  A 便宜的 B 昂贵的 ( )3. stomachache A 肚子疼 B 头疼 ( )4. favourite A 最喜欢的 B 厌烦的 ( )5. actress A 男演员 B 女演员 ( )6. airport A 飞机场 B 车站 ( )7. tired A 疲倦的 B 伤心的 ( )8. anywhere A 任何事物 B 任何地方 ( )9. crazy A 着迷的 B 懒惰的 ( )10. examine A 观察 B 检查 四、 写出下列单词的复数形式。 (在词尾加s 或es) 1. pencil __________ 2. bag ___________ 3. apple __________ 4. egg ___________ 5. school __________ 6. bank ___________ 7. bus __________ 8. watch __________ 五、 仿照例子,写出下列动词的适当形式。 例: takes take , goes go 1.works _________ 2. likes _____________ 3. plays __________ 4. does _____________ 例: read reading , write writing 5. go _________ 6.draw ___________ 7. run ________ 8.dance ____________ 例: surf surfed , do did 9. enjoy ___________ 10.look ___________ 11.go ____________ 12. have ____________ 六、 选择正确的译文,将序号写入题前括号。 ( )1.回电话 A. call back B. come back ( ) 2.试穿 A. try again B. try on ( ) 3.演出 A. put on B. get on ( )4.谈论 A. talk about B. how about ( )5.在周末 A. at weekends B. at night ( )6. shopping list A.购物单 B. 购物中心 ( )7.turn right A. 向左转 B. 向右转 ( )8.after school A. 放学后 B.下课后 ( )9.tomorrow morning A.今天上午 B明天上午 ( )10.do housework A. 做家务 B. 做作业 七、 选择填空。 ( )1. What’s the _______ with him? A. matter B. wrong C. cold ( ) 2. I feel dizzy, I’ve _______ a cold. A. got B. get C. have ( ) 3. ______ you take a message for me? A. Shall B .Do C. Could ( )4. Why don’t you come out______ me? A. to B. with C. about ( )5.What _____ you doing? A. is B. are C. am ( )6.My father ______ a doctor. A. am B. is C. are ( )7. Mary ________ a panda now. A. is drawing B. draw C. draws ( )8. My mother _________ in a hospital. A. working B. work C. works ( )9. I ________ TV yesterday evening. A. watched B. watch C. watching ( )10._________ is this notebook? A. How much B. How many 八、 选择正确的答语,将答案写在括号里。 ( )1. How are you? A I’m fine. B I’m twelve. ( )2. Where is she from? A She’s from China. B She’s a student. ( )3. What does he do? A He’s a worker. B She’s a nurse. ( )4. What colour is the shirt? A It’s red. B It’s new. ( ) 5. What time is it now? A It’s ten yuan . B It’s ten o’clock. 九、选择正确的句子,将序号写入题前括号。 ( ) 1.今天是星期几? A. What day is today? B. What’s the date today? ( )2. 今天天气怎么样? A. What is it like? B. What’s the weather like? ( )3.你能帮助我吗? A. Can you help me? B. Can I help you? ( )4.(打电话用语) 请

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    在校唱诗班唱歌。 4. [w]noticeboard[/w]     n. 布告栏 例句:I've put the list of players up on the noticeboard. 我把队员名单贴在布告栏上了。 5. [w]parent[/w]             n. 父或母 例句:May I introduce you to my parents? 我把你介绍给我的父母行吗? 6. [w]arrive[/w]              v. 到达 例句:They will arrive in New York at noon. 他们将於中午到达纽约。 7. [w]first[/w]                 adv. 首先 例句:Susan came into the room first. 苏珊第一个来到屋子里。 8. [w]classroom[/w]        n. 教室 短语:a second-floor classroom 一间二楼教室 9. [w]next[/w]                adv. 紧接着;随后 例句:Who's next on the list? 名单上的下语一个是谁? 10. [w]project[/w]          n. 习作项目 例句:The class are doing a project on the Roman occupation of Britain. 这个班在进行一项关於古罗马人占领不列颠的研究。 11. [w]craft[/w]              n. 工艺 短语:the potter's craft 陶器业 12. [w]club[/w]               n. 俱乐部 短语:the club bar 俱乐部酒吧间 13. [w]finally[/w]             adv 最后 例句: We must settle this matter finally. 我们必须彻底解决这一问题。 14. [w]ground[/w]          n. 地;地面 例句:He slipped off the ladder and fell to the ground. 他从梯子上滑了下来摔在地上。 15. [w]invitation[/w]        n. 请柬 例句:I gladly accepted their invitation to open the fete. 我愉快地接受了他们的邀请,为义卖会主持开幕式。 16. [w]yesterday[/w]      adv. 昨天 I can remember it as if it were yesterday. 我对此事记忆犹新,恍如昨日一般。

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    选择一个与句子划线部分意思相同或相近的 最佳答案(5') 21. Rose plays basketball very well. A. is playing B. is good at C. like to plays D. doesn’t like 22. Joan is wearing a new coat. A. in B. puts on C. putting on D. wear 23. Is Kate English? A. a English girl B. an English man C. an English girl D. a English boy 24. Let him look at your picture. A. sees B. have a look at C. look D. watch 25. It’s twelve to twelve. Let’s have lunch. A. 12:12 B. 12:48 C. 12:58 D 11:48 二、语法、习语(20小题,计20分)从A、B、C、D中选出能填入空白处的最佳答案。 26. I _____ a girl. My name _____ Li Fang. Lucy and Lily ____ my American friends. A. am, is, are B. is, is, are C. are, is, are D. is, am, are 27. ---- _____ is that over there? ---- It’s Ann. A. Who B. Whose C. What D. How 28. The twins are ______. A. woman doctors B. woman doctor C. women doctor D. women doctors 29. The students of Class Two want to ______ a flower to their English teacher. A. put B. watch C. forget D. take 30. There’s some ______ on the ______ trees. A. orange, orange B. oranges, oranges C. oranges, orange D. orange, oranges 31. Can you play_____ football? I like to play ______ football very much. A. /, / B. the, / C. /, the D. a, the 32. Miss Gao goes to work ______ bike. A. on his B. on her C. in his D. in her 33. ---- Can you see a small house on the hill? ---- _________ A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I can’t. C. No, I am not. D. Sorry, I can’t. 34. ---- Excuse me. Where’s the washroom? ---- _______. A. Yes, it’s here. B. This way, please. C. Here you are. D. You’re welcome. 35. Can you _____ my dog, please? A. look after B. look like C. look up D. look the same 36. ---- Is it a dog _____ a cat? ---- It’s not a dog _____ a cat. It’s a bird. A. or, and B. and, or C. or, or D. and, and 37. ---- ____ is that ball? I can’t see it. ---- It’s ____ the door. A. What, on B. Which, under C. Where, behind D. How, in 38. ______ everyone in the room? A. Is B. Has C. Are there D. There are 39. ---- Hi, Li Hua! _______ ? ---- It's thirteen. A. How are you B. How do you do C. What's fifteen minus two D. How old are you 40. __________! Is this your cup? A. Sorry B. Excuse me C. Hello D. Yes 41. I can sing the song _____ Japanese. A. at B. with C. in D. on 42. I can't find my bag. Can you help ______? A. I B. me C. my D. mine 43. He can speak some English, but not ______. A. many B. much C. a little D. lot 44. I ____ he is right. A. look B. see C. help D. think 45. David and Joy are good friends. _____ like English. A. All of them B. They two C. All of them D. All of the two 三、 完形填空(10分)通读下

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  • 小学英语牛津(试用本)六年级下六年级 Unit3

    [en]READING: Qu Yuan and the Dragon Boat Festival[/en]  [cn]屈原和端午节[/cn] [en]Qu Yuan was born about two thousand ago in China. He loved his [w]country[/w] very much. His job was to give advice to the king. The king always took his advice. However, the king died and the new king did not listen to him.[/en] [cn]屈原出生于大约2000年前的中国。他热爱他的祖国。他所做的就是进谏皇帝。皇帝也常常采纳他的建议。然后,老皇帝逝世后,新皇帝并不常听他的。[/cn] [en]Later, the new king lost a [w]battle[/w] because he did not take Qu Yuan's advice. The country was [w]in danger[/w]. Qu Yuan was very sad. He jumped into a river and died. It was the fifth day of the fifth [w]lunar[/w] month of that year. [/en] [cn]后来,由于新皇没有采纳屈原的建议导致一场战争的失败,国家处于危亡的境界。屈原很沮丧。他跳河而死。那一天,是阴历五月的第五天。[/cn] [en]Today, people eat [w=rice dumpling]rice dumplings[/w] and have [w]dragon[/w] boat races to remember him on that day every year.[/en] [cn]现如今,人们每年都会在那一天通过吃粽子以及举行龙舟比赛来纪念他。[/cn] ASK AND ANSWER [en]In pairs,talk about what you would like to eat, like this:[/en] [en] S1: Would you like some ________? S2: Yes, please. I like rice dumplings/[w=moon cake]moon cakes[/w]/[w=biscuit]biscuits[/w]/dumplings/[w]pudding[/w].      No, thanks. I don't like ________.      I'd rather have a piece of  bread.                           a              biscuit(s).                           some        [w=sandwich]sandwich[/w](es).                                          noodle(s).[/en] [cn]生1: 你们想吃________吗? 生2: 好的,我喜欢吃饺子/月饼/饼干/饺子/布丁。         不,我不喜欢________。         我更想要一块饼干。                    一些三明治。                         面条。[/cn]        

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    家有几口人?[/cn] [en]Make a birthday card for one of your family members or relatives.[/en][cn]为你的一位家庭成员或亲戚制作一张生日卡片。[/cn] Language focus: [en]1. These are my family and relatives. [/en][cn]这些是我的家人和亲戚。[/cn] [en]This is my grandfather.[/en][cn]这是我的祖父。[/cn] 注意指示代词this和these表示近指;单数人和物用this,复数人和物用these;指示代词that和those表示远指,单数人和物用that,复数人和物用those。 [en]2. Happy birthday! [/en][cn]生日快乐![/cn] 这时表示祝贺他人生日快乐时的常用语。如要表示针对特定某人的祝福,可以说:Happy birthday to Alice!其他常见的祝福还有:Happy Mothers’ Day! Happy Teachers’ Day! [en]3. Alice has got a lot of presents and birthday cards from her family and relatives.[/en][cn]Alice从她的家人和亲戚那儿收

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