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    _______ (have) a nice jacket . 5 . Can you _______ (make ) a paper plane for me ?  小学六年级英语试题(小升初)参考答案 一、her  countries  closing  third  Chinese  my paper  swum  photos  mice  mangoes  made 二、ADCAB CABCB ADCAA 三、1.Do like 2.pens yours 3.Don't please 4.time do 四、1.Please don't read in the sun. 2.Have

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    听力 一、选择你所听到的单词,将字母代号填入括号内 ( ) 1. A. got B. not C. hot ( ) 2. A. same B. name C. game ( ) 3. A. but B. bat C. bit ( ) 4. A. shirt B. short C. skirt ( ) 5. A. bird B. bed C. bad ( ) 6. A. match B. much C. watch ( ) 7. A. code B. card C. cat 二、听句子,选择你所听到的单词,将字母代号填入括号内 ( ) 1. A. pupil B. people C. paper ( ) 2. A. son B. sun C. some ( ) 3. A. tree B. sweet C. street ( ) 4. A. right B. write C. white ( ) 5. A. coat B. can’t C. count ( ) 6. A. cake B. take C. make ( ) 7. A. thank B. think C. thin 三、根据听到的内容选择恰当的应答句,将字母代号填入括号内 ( ) 1. A. That’s all right. B. Yes, I can. C. Thank you. ( ) 2. A. Yes, I have. B. O.K. Here you are. C. Yes, I can. ( ) 3. A. Yes, there is. B. Yes, it is. C. Yes, they are. ( ) 4. A. It’s in Shanghai. B. Sorry, I don’t know. C. No, I can’t. ( ) 5. A. No thanks. B. All right. C. You’re welcome. ( ) 6. A. There are two. B. Yes, there are. C. I have two. ( ) 7. A. From Shanghai. B. In Class One. C. In the classroom. 四、根据听到的内容与问题选择正确的答句,将字母代号填入括号内 ( ) 1. A. Some apples. B. Some oranges. C. Some books. ( ) 2. A. Three. B. Two. C. Five. ( ) 3. A. No. B. Yes. C. Two. ( ) 4. A. One. B. Six. C. Two. ( ) 5. A. Room 504. B. Room 405. C. Room 540. ( ) 6. A. He’s from Britain. B. No, he isn’t. C. Yes, he is. ( ) 7. A. 62543087. B. 62543078. C. 62453078. 五、听短文,判断正误(用T表示正确,F表示错误) ( ) 1. Mary’s desk is clean. ( ) 2. There is not a chair beside her desk. ( ) 3. There are some Chinese books on the desk. ( ) 4. There are two pencils in the pencil box. ( ) 5. There is a bag on the chair. 六、听对话,填入所缺的单词 A: Hello, Liz. B: Hello, Mary. This is my , Lily. We’re . A: How do you do, Lily? C: How do you do? A: Liz, is Lily in your ? B: No. We are in the same . But we are not classmates. A: Who’s that over there? C: She’s my teacher. She’s from . She speak very good English. 笔试 一、找出一个划线部分发音与其他三个不同的单词 ( ) 1. A. clock B. fox C. home D. dog ( ) 2. A. excuse B. blue C. pupil D. use ( ) 3. A. cake B. have C. name D. day ( ) 4. A. she B. speak C. lesson D. three ( ) 5. A. nice B. give C. time D. my ( ) 6. A. zoo B. look C. good D. cook 二、根据所给的中文,完成下列句子 1. is my friend, Jack.(穿红衣服的男孩) 2. Where’s ? It’s on the first floor.(你的办公室) 3. Can I help you? Yes. I want a .(生日卡) 4. I have many sweets. Let me them .(分发) 5. Can you ? Yes, I can.(打乒乓) 6. What’s in the ? Some bananas.(果盆) 三、选择合适的词填空(可重

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    看见几辆汽车时,问: A. How much is the car? B. How many cars can you see? C. I can see five cars. ( )4. 当你想知道别人是否喜欢那辆绿色汽车时,问: A. Do you like the green car? B. What is the car like? C. I'm looking for a green car. ( )5. 当你想知道别人会不会骑马时,问: A. Can you make a bike? B. Can you ride a bike? C. Can you ride a horse? ( )6. 当你想要一杯茶时,说: A. I'd like a cup of tea. B. Would you like a glass of tea? C. May I have a bottle of tea? ( )7. 当你想知道新电视机的颜色时,问: A. Where is the new TV? B. What's a TV? C. What colour is the new TV? ( )8. 当你想知道别人是否有钢琴时,问: A. Have you got a dictionary? B. Have you got a piano? C. May I use your piano? ( )9. 当你要

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    本单元的很多单词都是和生病有关的,如头疼、胃疼、牙疼,等等。小编可是希望这些都离童鞋们远远的,新的一年里,大吉大利,无病无痛。但是,词汇仍然是英语学习的基础,生活类词汇更是基础的基础。大家加油哦! Unit 4 1. [w]indoor[/w]    adj. 室内的 短语:indoor games, [w]photography[/w], activities 室内游戏﹑ 摄影﹑ 活动 2. [w]outdoor[/w]    adj. 室外的 短语:outdoor activities, clothing, sports 户外活动/户外穿的衣服/户外运动 3. [w]really[/w]    adv. 真正地;的确 例句:What do you really think about it? 你对那件事究竟是怎样想的? 4. [w]forget[/w]    v. 忘记 例句:I've forgotten her name. 我把她的名字忘了。 5. [w]puzzle[/w]    n. 智力游戏;拼图 例句:Their reason for doing it is still a puzzle to me. 他们为什么要做此事我仍莫名其妙。 6. [w]playground[/w]    n. 操场 例句:Children are running happily in the playground. 孩子们快乐地在操场上奔跑着。 7. [w]piano[/w]    n. 钢琴 短语:play a [w]tune[/w] on the piano 用钢琴弹一个曲子 8. [w]model[/w]    n. 模型 短语:a model of the proposed new airport 拟建的新机场模型 9. [w]health[/w]    n. 身体(或精神)状况;健康 短语:be in/enjoy the best of health 身体非常好 10. [w]problem[/w]    n. 问题;难题;困难 例句:We've got a problem with the car, it won't start! 我们的汽车出故障了--发动不起来! 11. [w]headache[/w]    n. 头痛 例句:I had a really bad headache , and couldn't go to work. 我的头真的很疼,我无法工年作了。 12. [w]stomachache[/w]    n. 胃痛 例句:I had a really bad stomachache after eating the seafood. 吃过海鲜后,我的胃很疼。 13. [w]toothache[/w]    n. 牙痛 例句:I had terrible toothache all last night. 昨晚我牙疼得厉害。 14. [w]cold[/w]    n. 感冒 短语:a bad, heavy, slight cold 严重﹑ 重﹑ 轻感冒 15. [w]fever[/w]    n. 发烧 例句:[w=aspirin]Aspirin[/w] can reduce fever. 阿司匹林可以退烧。 16. [w]sore[/w]    adj. (发炎)疼痛的 例句:My leg is still very sore. 我的腿还是很疼。 17. [w]throat[/w]    n. 咽喉;喉咙 例句:A fish bone has [w]stuck[/w] in my throat. 一根鱼刺卡在我嗓子里了。 18. [w]once[/w]    adv. 一次 例句:I've only been there once. 我只去过那里一次。 19. [w]practise[/w]    v. 练习 例句:I need to practise my Italian before my business trip. 我出差以前需要练习一下意大利语。 20. [w]housework[/w]    n. 家务劳动 例句:I spent all morning doing the housework. 整个早上我都在做家务。

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    句话,将其标号填入括号内。 1. ( )当你想知道对方是否喜欢学英语,问: A. What do you like best ? B. Do you like English ? C. I like English very much 2. ( )当你想知道小云的爸爸是干

  • 小学六年级英语单元测试六年级题(3)

    、用所给的词语组成句子。 1. is a bed this ? 2. are these red shoe . 3. would like what you ? 4. to nice you meet . 5. in the cabbage is the sink . 六. 阅读短文判断正误,对的写Y错的写N Bob come from England. He is eleven. He likes to play basketball.His father Mr brown works in a big shop in Shijiazhuang. Bob has a brother.His

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    3.I reading a story book. 4.He name is Jack. 5. Don't is late next time. 六、根据问句写答语。(10分) Ann: Hello. What's your name? You:__________ Ann: My name is Ann. How are you? You:_________ Ann: I'm fine. I am nun England. Where are you from? You:___________ Ann: That's interesting. Is your city big

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    学校。 9. south-west    adv. 西南 例句:The plane flew southwest toward Egypt. 飞机从西南方向飞往埃及。 10. [w]exhibition[/w]    n. 展览会 例句:Have you seen the Picasso exhibition? ie exhibition of paintings by Picasso. 你参观过毕加索的画展吗? 11. [w]capital[/w]    n. 首都 例句:London, Paris and Rome are capital cities. 伦敦﹑ 巴黎﹑ 罗马都是国都。 12. [w]kilometer[/w]    n. 千米;公里 短语:distance to beach 2 kilometers 距海滨2公里 13. [w]information[/w]    n. 信息 例句:For further information please write to... 欲知详情, 请写信致…… 14. [w]palace[/w]    n. 宫殿;豪华住宅 例句:The palace spokesman has just issued a statement. 王宫发言人刚宣布了一项声明。 15. [w]tourist[/w]    n. 游客;观光者 例句:London is full of tourists in the summer. 在夏季伦敦有很多游客。 16. [w]million[/w]    num. 百万 例句:She made her first million dollars before she was thirty. 她