• 英语四级必背作文及常见话题词汇(二):英语学习

    学习与精神品质类举例素材 话题:On English Learning 内容要求(提纲): 1. 英语很重要 2. 学习英语中的困难 3. 如何学好英语 【参考范文】 In the contemporary world, a host of English learners may have a variety of difficulties or troubles in learning. For instance, a large number of students find it difficult to memorize new words. Frequently, it is also difficult for them to understand rules of English grammar. In addition, though some are good at reading or writing, they fail to express themselves freely in oral English.  However, based on a survey, a majority of international organizations or firms acknowledge that they prefer recruiting employees who can speak English fluently. Thus, it is of great significance for youngsters to learn English well and English learning has gained great popularity. As a matter of fact, fluent English can arouse our passion for foreign cultures and bring us better job opportunities. Then, how to get a good command of this language? I am convinced that practice makes perfect. Only practice can help me to master grammatical knowledge and remember new words. And it is also through practice that I can speak and write fluently, and there is no other way. I deem that if I try my utmost to practice English every day, the future of my English learning will be promising and hopeful. (204 words) ▼参考译文 在当今世界,很多英语学习者可能在学习中有诸多困难或麻烦。例如,很多学生发现很难背会生词。他们也经常很难理解语法规则。此外,尽管一些学生擅长读写,但未能使用口语流利表达自我。 然而,根据一项调查,绝大多数国际组织或公司承认他们更偏爱招聘英语流利的员工。因此,年轻人学好英语很重要,英语学习受到普遍欢迎。事实上,流利的英语能够唤起我们对外国文化的热情,并给我们带来更好的工作机会。 那么,如何学好这门语言?我相信熟能生巧。只有练习实践能有助于掌握语法规则同时背会单词。也正是通过实践我能在说和写方面变得流利,别无他法。如果我全力去每天练习,未来我的英语学习将充满希望。 学习相关的话题词汇 珍惜时间 cherish time 辍学 dropping out of school/college 熟能生巧 practice makes perfect 读书的快乐 the pleasure of reading 应试教育 test-oriented education 面试 interview 助学贷款 student loan 正确择业 choose the right career 自律 self-discipline 无目标的 aimless

  • 六级英语经济类写作话题

      英语六级考试改革后,英语六级作文考试题目就越来越倾向于经济、文化、教育类话题。下面是关于经济类话题内容整理,大家可以作为学习的参考。   ◆1. 英语六级写作常考话题经济类:电子商务 electronic commerce   造句练习:在数字时代,电子商务在经济领域扮演着越来越重要的作用。   参考答案:In digital era, electronic commerce plays an increasing role in the field of economy.   ◆2. 英语六级写作常考话题经济类:投资 investment   造句练习:按照国际惯例,在一个国家教育投资

  • 2019年6月英语四级作文模板:环境类话题

    距离2019年6月英语四六级考试不到一个月啦,你准备好了嘛?你熟悉相关写作题材常用的句型和搭配嘛?今天小编为大家整英语理了环境类四级写作模板,希望对你有所帮助!  英语四级作文万能模板:环境类话题   温室效应   This is not an easy task, so nations should work together to prevent this global disaster, at the same time ordinary citizens should do their part.   这项工作任重道远,所以各个国家要联合起来共同组织这场全球性的灾难,同时每个公民也要尽自己的一份努力。   人口爆炸   Campaigns should be launched to raise the awareness of family planning, safeguarding the environment and slowing the population growth.   我们应该开展各种活动增强人们对于计划生育,保护环境和控制人口增长方面的意识。   地球环境   1. It is time for us to take measures as it is each citizen’s responsibility to save our mother earth.   是需要采取措施的时候了,因为保护地球母亲是每个公民的职责。   2. There is only one earth which we can live in. we can’t afford to lose it. The environmental protection is safeguarding of our own life.   我们所居住的地球只有一个,我们无法失去她。保护环境就是守护我们自己的生命。   3. Only in this way can we pursue comprehensive , balanced and   sustainable development and make a harmonious society come true.   只有这样我们才能实现全面协调可持续发展,构建和谐社会。   4. As is well known to all, the conservation-minded society is advocated through China, let’s practice what one preaches.   资源浪费   In conclusion, we should limit the overuse of the natural resources and protect our living environment in order to maintain the balance of environment.   总而言之,我们需要限制自然资源的过度使用,保护我们的生存环境,以便维持生态环境的平衡。   全球变暖   it is only by united efforts of everyone dwelling on the earth that our planet can be redeemed , so can our lives.   只有每一个居住在地球上的人携手合作,才有希望拯救我们的地球,拯救我们自己。   Only in this way, can we create a stronger, healthier and more beautiful world.   只有通过这种方式我们才能创造一个更加强大健康和魅力的社会。 以上就是今天的学习内容啦,大家在平时复习的时候可以多运用模板练习,熟悉其中的写作句型和套路。小编祝大家考出理想的成绩~  

  • 雅思口语话题搜集原则

      雅思口语话题如何积累,很多同学喜欢在网上搜集这些话题,但是一定要记得雅思口语话题搜集原则,不能够随便没有目的的搜集。本文为大家介绍雅思口语话题搜集原则,供大家参考!   在网络搜索的过程中,需切记三个原则:   第一、搜索的关键词要具体不要抽象。如果搜索describe a park,就不如搜索一个具体的公园Disneyland得到的信息多;   第二、得到了文字信息之后,一定要在资料的基础上进行改编。因为得到的资料是书面语,我们要将它修改成口语稿才能使用;   第三、一定要反复对着镜子练习自己的说话方式,把这些句子熟练掌握,内语话题如何积累,很多同学喜欢在网上搜集这些话题,但是一定要记得雅思口语话题化为自己的观点,并能把它自然地说出来,而不是“背”出来,如果考官发现是在背诵而不是叙述,肯定会给你一个很低的分数。   以上就是为大家介绍的雅思口语话题搜集原则。其实,最新雅思口语话题的收集不是非常难的工作,需要学生在生活和语言沟通当中能够注意细节性的问题,只要是一些经历和可以引用的内容都可以成为雅思口语考试话题的储备资料。最后祝大家都能考出理想的雅思成绩。

  • 商务英语作文范文

      商务英语是非常注重实用性的,大家在提高自己的听说能力之外,还要注重写作,定期的练习和复习是必不可少的。今天我们就为大家整英语是非常注重实用性的,大家在提高自己的听说能力之外,还要注重写作,定期的练习和复习是必不可少的。今天我们就为大家整理了商务英语作文范文,希望能够对大家有所帮助。   商务英语作文范文篇一   DISPUTED BALANCENOTICE   Date: _   To: _   We are in receipt ofyour statement dated _, 19_,indicating an account balance of $_.   We dispute saidbalance for the reason[s] checked.   ____ Goods billed forhave not been received.   ____ Prices are inexcess of agreed amount.   ____ Prior paymentmade in the amount of $_ on _, 19_.   ____ Goods wereunordered.   ____ Goods weredefective as per prior notice.   ____ Goods areavailable for return as per our right of return and credit.   ____ Other [Describe]_   Please adjust ouraccount.   Very truly,   商务英语作文范文篇二   GUARANTEE   FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby guarantee absolutely and unconditionallyprompt payment of the within Note and agree to pay all cost of collection,legal expenses and attorneys' fees, incurred or paid by the holder of the within Note in the collectionand/or enforcement of said Note and the enforcement of this Guaranty.   No renewal orextension of said Note, no release orsurrender of any security for said Note or this Guaranty,no release of any person primarily or secondarily liable on saidNote(including any maker, endorser or guarantor),no delay inthe enforcement of payment of said Note or this Guaranty and no delay oromission in exercising any right or power under said Note on this Guarantyshall affect the liability of any of the undersinged hereunder. The undersignedexpressly waives presentment, protest,demand, notice of dishonor ordefault, notice of acceptanceof this Guaranty and notice of any kind with respect to said Note or this Guarantyor the performance of the obligation under said Note or Guaranty.   商务英语作文范文篇三   Dear   I have written to youseveral times over the past three months requesting an explanation on why youhave failed to bring your account with us current.   By ignoring theserequests, you are damaging theexcellent credit record you had previously maintained with our company. In addition, you are incurringadditional expense to yourself and to us.   Unless I hear from youwithin ten days, I will have no otherchoice but to turn your account over for collection. I am sorry that we musttake such drastic action but I am afraid you leave us no alternative. Youcan preserve your credit rating by remitting your check today for the amountstated above.   以上就是为大家整理的商务英语作文范文,写作是商务英语考试和工作中都会常用到的,提高写作能力也是很有必要的,除了这些范文,大家在平时也要多多的看一些补充的范文。

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  • 提高英语作文的技巧介绍

    常见的单词或者是词组都会写错,那么恐怕在英语写作这块就很难获得高分。   语法   语法是我们英语作文遣词造句的基础,主谓宾,主系表,各种从句,虚拟语气,大家应该有所了解,如果能够在写作中熟练的运用语法,想必你的作文会出彩许多。   当然,如果你并不能确定某种语法,比如某个从句怎么用之类的,那么就用简单的句子代替吧。   逻辑明确   我们大多数人的英文写作毕竟不能像写中文作文一样运用自如,所以小编建议大家在写作的时候还是按照事情发展的顺序来写,这样自己写起来容易,老师改卷的时候也能比较清晰的知道你想表达什么。考试的时候切忌突然有个想法,来个倒叙或者插叙,很容易把老师弄晕。   作文模板   很多专家或者培训机构都为大家总英语四级的时候,很多人都觉得作文结了一些英语写作模板,虽然可能有点千篇一律,但是至少不会出错。建议大家可以学习几个比较好的作文模板,熟练的掌握他们一定能在写作时有所发挥,至少会比较有条理。   积累   英语作文的提高其实和大家平时的积累息息相关。在平时多背一些经典词句段落,可能在写作的时候不太能够想起来,但是确实是积累了语感,对写作也是很有帮助的。   以上就是为大家整理的怎样提高英语作文的相关内容,希望能够对大家有所帮助。目前提高作文的方法有很多,大家可以多看一些,多了解一些,在备考的过程中尝试一下,说不定就能够找到适合自己的方法。

  • 英语作文常用的传统文化高频词汇

    文中传统文化高频词汇。 “二十四节气”始于立春,终于大寒。 首先,节气的英文叫做“solar term"。solar意为“太阳的”,term表示“期间,期限”。二十四节气之中,立春为第一个节气(1st solar term),大寒为第24个节气(24th solar term)。 立春 1st solar term:Feb. 3, 4, or 5 立春 the Beginning of Spring 2nd solar term:Feb. 18, 19 or 20 雨水 Rain Water 3rd solar term:Mar. 5, 6, or 7 惊蛰 the Waking of Insects 4th solar term:Mar. 20, 21 or 22 春分 the Spring Equinox 5th solar term:Apr. 4, 5 or 6 清明 Pure Brightness 6th solar term:Apr. 19, 20 or 21 谷雨 Grain Rain 立夏 7th solar term:May 5, 6 or 7 立夏 the Beginning of Summer 8th solar term:May 20, 21 or 22 小满 Lesser Fullness of Grain 9th solar term:Jun. 5, 6 or 7 芒种 Grain in Beard 10th solar term:Jun. 21 or 22 夏至 the Summer Solstice 11th solar term:Jul. 6, 7 or 8 小暑 Lesser Heat 12th solar term:Jul. 22, 23 or 24 大暑 Greater Heat 立秋 13th solar term:Aug. 7, 8 or 9 立秋 the Beginning of Autumn 14th solar term:Aug. 22, 23 or 24 处暑 the End of Heat 15th solar term:Sep. 7, 8 or 9 白露 White Dew 16th solar term:Sep. 22, 23 or 24 秋分 the Autumn Equinox 17th solar term:Oct. 8 or 9 寒露 Cold Dew 18th solar term:Oct. 23 or 24 霜降 Frost's Descent 立冬 19th solar term:Nov. 7 or 8 立冬 the Beginning of Winter 20th solar term:Nov. 22 or 23 小雪 Lesser Snow 21th solar term:Dec. 6, 7 or 8 大雪 Greater Snow 22th solar term:Dec. 21, 22 or 23 冬至 the Winter Solstice 23th solar term:Jan. 5, 6 or 7 小寒 Lesser Cold 24th solar term:Jan. 20 or 21 大寒 Greater Cold 传统文化是近几年英语写作必考话题之一,给大家总英语作文的时候大家经常会为了凑字数而写得更多,其实作文结了63个中国传统文化高频词汇,赶快背起来哦! 节日名称 春节:Chinese New Year's Day / Chinese Lunar New Year / the Spring Festival 除夕:New Year's Eve 正月:lunar January 初一:the beginning of New Year 元宵节:the Lantern Festival 春龙节:the Dragon-head-raising Festival (龙抬头) 寒食节:the Cold Food Festival 清明节:Tomb Sweeping Day 端午节:the Dragon Boat Festival (龙舟节) 七夕节:the Magpie Festival / Double Seventh Day (中国情人节) 中元节:the Hungry Ghost Festival 中秋节:the Mid-Autumn Festival 重阳节:the Double Ninth Festival 腊八节:the Laba Festival 泼水节:the Water-Splashing Day 相关节日活动 剪纸:paper cutting 书法:calligraphy 对联:couplets 红双喜:double happiness 红包(压岁钱):red envelope 压岁钱:lucky money 传统饮食 小吃摊:Snack Bar / Snack Stand 元宵:sweet rice dumpling 火锅:hot pot 春卷:spring roll(s) 莲藕:lotus(荷花/荷叶)root 北京烤鸭:Beijing roast duck 馄饨:wonton 花卷:steamed twisted(扭曲的) rolls 羊肉泡馍:pita bread soaked (浸)in lamb soup 冰糖葫芦:a stick of sugar-coated haws 八宝饭:eight-treasure rice pudding(布丁/甜食) 粉丝:glass noodles 豆腐脑:jellied (煮成胶冻状的)bean curd(凝乳) 东坡肉:Dongpo Pork 咸水鸭:boiled salted duck 鸭血粉丝汤:duck blood and silk noodles soup 四大发明 火药:gunpowder 指南针:compass 造纸术:Papermaking 印刷术:Printing Technique 大家清晰了吗?写英语作文的时候如果在合适的地方运用合适的语句词汇,那将是锦上添花,反之就是画蛇添足,甚至是扣分的地方。所以我们在记忆这些词汇的时候还要知道它们的用法,希望大家都能够在英语考试中考出好成绩。