• 英语口语考试常考话题整理

    英语口语的提高要依靠日常的经常练习,但是具体练习什么样的`话题就看个人的意愿了。下面是整理的一些英语口语考试试题,希望对大家有所帮助。 一、HOMEWORK Did you do homework when you were a child or kid ? Is it important for the children to do some homework? 二、READING what’s your favorite reading? what’s your relaxing method? Do you like reading books? Why? What kind

  • 雅思大小作文常见的话题有哪些

    Computers can translate all kinds of languages well so our children don't need to learn more languages in the future?(计算机本身已可翻译各种语言,在未来我们的孩子们将可不必学习多国语言?)   以上就是沪江小编为大家分享的雅思大小作文常见话题有哪些的相关内容,希望可以帮助到大家的备考。更多关于雅思写作的技巧,尽在沪江网,大家可以进行关注。

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  • 雅思写作大小作文常见话题积累

    准是极重要的,这是政府还是建筑商(者)之责任?)   5. Does modern technology make life more convenient, or was life better when technology was simpler?(现代科技发展带给我们的生活更高的方便性?还是以前的生活美好?)   6. In your opinion what factors contribute to a good movie?(你认为什么样的因素可造就一部好的电影? )   7. Does modern technology make life more convenient, or was life better when technology was simpler?(现代科技发展结果对我们来说是利或弊)   8. Does travel help to promote

  • 考研英语培训:作文重点话题词汇

      有人通过对历年考研真题进行分析发现,考研英语作文的主题主要有8类,而且一旦考到某一主题,很多主题词都是通用的。那么我们在准备作文的时候,也可以根据这些词汇分类进行复习。和沪江小编一起来看看这些的内容吧。   一、精神品质类(极重要)   team spirit:团队精神   teamwork:团队合作   strengthen mutual cooperation:增强相互合作   patience:耐心   prudence:谨慎   persistence/perseverance:恒心/毅力/坚持   give up halfway:半途而废   endeavor:努力



  • 常见雅思写作话题汇总

    要把精力都放到发展本国的科技研究还是发展人文教育。   3、政府用钱在艺术上或者是其他事情上。   4、政府财政支持在科话题类写作,本文为大家带来了常见雅思写作话题学上或者是在语言商业上。   5、你的国家城乡有大差距的原因与解决方法。   6、电影教给你其他国家的哪些概况   7、富国是不是需要帮助穷国。   8、你的国家与另外的地方有什么相似,怎么相似。   9、政府是否该为母亲工作提供帮助和资源。   10、国外工作一段时期对个人和国家有何影响。   以上是为大家带来的常见雅思写作话题汇总,期望考生们可以去认真阅读文章里的内容,若是还想要再了解有关这方面的信息,可以关注沪江网。

  • 英语六级必背作文及常见话题词汇(四):图表类作文

    图表类作文 在线阅读 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled National Readership on the Internet. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words. 【范文】 It is vividly depicted in the picture that national people’s Internet readership has changed

  • 英语四级必背作文及常见话题词汇(一):做好小事很重要

    放弃,只写会写会用能写对的表达) 优秀品质类话题词 悲观/乐观 pessimism

  • 英语六级必背作文及常见话题词汇(三):科技类

    作文取来鼓励创新。 科技类话题词汇 大数据big data 机器人robot 科学和工程science and engineering 全球第一rank first in the world 热门领域hot field 人造器官artificial organ 先锋pioneer 新的突破new breakthrough 新粒子new particle 虚拟现实virtual reality 研究所research institute 分享经济 sharing economy 共享汽车 shared car 共享单车 shared bike/ bicycle  扫码解锁单车 scan the QR code to unlock a bike 违规停车 illegal parking 停放点 parking lot/area 出境游 outbound trips/ oversea traveling 免税店 duty-free shop 海外购物 overseas shopping 移动支付 mobile payment 科技创新宝地

  • 初中英语作文热点话题万能句子学习

      初中英语的写作是很多学生头疼的地方,一方面自己的英语水平不够,另一方面写出的东西平淡简单得高分困难。如何让自己在面对中考英语的时候还能游刃有余呢?不妨来看看下面的初中英语作文万能句子,为你的作文增光添彩吧!   1、环保   1. It‘s our duty to protect our environment.   2. It is very important to take care of our environment   3. We should not throw litter onto the ground   4. We should not spit in a public place/ cut down the trees   5. We should plant more flowers and trees.   6. We must pick up some rubbish and throw it into a dustbin   7. If everyone makes contribution to protecting the environment, the world will become much more beautiful.   2、旅游   1. Last Sunday (Saturday), it was sunny (rainy, windy, foggy)   2. I got up very early (late)。 After breakfast I went to …with my friends by bike, bus,…   3. We enjoyed ourselves.   4. We forgot the time. We didn‘t come back until 5 o‘clock.   5. We all felt very tired, but we were happy.   6. I thought I would never forget this trip.   7. Last summer, my parents and I went to Beijing for our holidays.   8. We visited a lot of places of interest.   9. We had a good time there.   10. We bought a lot of things. The clothes here are good and cheap.   3、比赛   1. Last Sunday, Class One had a football match with Class Two.   2. All of us went to watch it.   3. The match was very exciting.   4. In fact, I have never seen such an exciting match before.   5. The score was 5-3. Our team scored three goals in the last fifteen minutes.   6. Class One won this match. Class Two lost.   7. Class One played well. They deserved to win.   8. Their PE teacher was very pleased with their performance.   4、健康   1. It is very important to keep healthy.   2. How can we keep healthy?   3. We can‘t go to sleep too late. We can‘t get up too late.   4. We should eat the food healthily.   5. We should do more exercise.   6. Last Tuesday I got a cold and had a pain in my head.   7. I didn‘t feel like eating anything.   今年的中考已经过去,明年的还会再来,只英语的写作是很多学生头疼的地方,一方面自己的英语要你是要面对这项考试的学生都要拿出自己最大的能力,积累更多的知识,不荒废宝贵的时间。我们都清楚时光一去不再来,人生也是如此,面对中考,沪江小编希望大家能够把自己所学的知识都运用到位。