• 不定式to在什么情况下可以省略?

    相关阅读:当动词遇上不定式……                不带to的不定式 前不定式……                不带to的不定式 前文中,我们已经学习,动词不定式分为“带to 不定式”和“不带to 不定式”。然而,“带to 不定式”在某些情况下,也要省略to这一符号。本篇我们来具体探讨一下to的省略问题。 1. 当and或or连接两个并列不定式时,第二个to常省。   I plan to call him and discuss this question.   我计划给他打电话,讨论一下这个问题。   My friend in China asked me to telephone or write to her in my free time.   我中国的朋友让我有空给她打电话或写信。 2. 当两个并列to有对比意义,第二个to不能省。   I haven’t decided to stay at home or to travel to Beijing this holiday.   我还没决定假期是待在家里还是去北京旅行。   To be, or not to be, that is the question.   生存还是毁灭,这是一个值得思考的问题。(《哈姆雷特》) 3. 当两个to之间无并列连词,to不可省。   I came here not to help you, but to fright you.   我来这不是为了帮你,而是为了吓唬你。 4. 当三个或以上带to不定式构成排比,所有to不可省。   Read not to contradict or confute; nor to believe and take for granted; not to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider.   读书时不可存心诘难作者,不可尽信书上所言,亦不可只为寻章摘句,而应推敲细思。(《论读书》)   因此,关于不定式,我们除了要分清带to不定式和不带to不定式,还要掌握带to不定式在哪些情况下要省略to这一符号,做到具体情况具体分析。

  • 初中英语接不定式与动名词的动词

    要把知识弄懂弄通。语法知识是比较常见的,初中英语中也是常常要考察的。下面是接不定式与动名词的动词,你全都掌握了吗?   既可接不定式也可接动名词,但含义完全不同的8个动词   1. remember to do sth. 记住要做某事(未做)   remember doing sth. 记得做过某事(已做)   Remember to close the door,please.   记着关门.   I remember closing the door.   我记得关了门了.   2. forget to do sth. 忘记去做某事(未做)   forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事(已做)   The light in the office is stil on. He forgot to turn it off.   办公室的灯还在亮着,他忘记关了.   He forgot turning the light off.   他忘记他已经关了灯了.   3. regret to do sth. 遗憾要做某事(未做)   regret doing sth. 后悔/抱歉做过某事(已做)   I regret to tell you that you can't pass the examination.   我很遗憾地通知你你不能通过这次考试.   I regret disturbing yo so long.   我很抱歉打扰了你那么久.   4. try to do sth. 努力做某事   try doing sth. 尝试做某事   He tries to get the apple above the shelf. But he fails to reach it. After a while, Brown comes in and try showing his ability.   他努力去够架子上的苹果,但是没能够到。过了一会儿,布朗近来尝试表现他的能力。   5. mean to do sth. 计划做某事   mean doing sth. 意味着做某事   I meant to go, but my father would not allow me to.   我想去,但是我父亲不肯让我去。   Doing that means wasting time.   那样做意味着浪费时间。   6. can’t help to do sth. 不能帮助做某事   can’t help doing sth. 情不自禁做某事   I can't help to do such stupid thing.   我不能帮着做这样愚蠢的事。   The movie is so funny. I can't help laughing!   这部电影如此搞笑。我情不自禁地笑了。   7. go on to do sth. 继续做另一件事   go on doing sth. 继续做同一件事   He went on doing his homework in his room after supper.   晚饭后他继续在自己的房间里做家庭作业。   After finishing his homework,he went on to read the text.   写完家庭作业后,他又继续读课文。   8. stop to do sth. 停下来去做另一件事   stop doing sth. 停下正在做的事情   The two girls stopped talking when they saw me.   那两个女孩一见到我就停止了讲话。   The two girls stopped to talk to me when they saw me.   这两个女孩一看到我就停下来和我讲话。   希望上语面的内容能够帮助大家的学习,初中阶段所学的知识点虽然多,切不可马虎,因为这可是关系到未来考试的。在学习的时候就要注意积累与练习,大家对于初中英语还有哪些疑问吗?欢迎来沪江网交流学习,一起迎接考试吧!



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  • 接不定式作宾补的常用动词搭配

    接不定式作宾补的36个常用动词 advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人做某事 allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 ask sb. to do sth.请(叫)某人做某事 bear sb. to do sth.忍受某人做某事 beg sb. to do sth. 请求某人做某事 cause sb. to do sth. 导致某人做某事 command sb. to do sth. 命令某人做某事 drive sb. to do sth .驱使某人做某事 elect sb. to do sth. 选举某人做某事 encourage sb. to do sth.



  • 语法 | 宾语从句及其用法概要

    宾语是动作、行为的对象,是动作的承受者。宾语由名词、代词、不定式或相当于名词的词、短语来担任。当然,也可以由一个句子来充当,称之为宾语从句。下面,小编就来为大家整体介绍一下宾语从句,一起来看看吧!   一.不同词类作宾语 1. 名词作宾语 She is playing the piano now. 2. 代词作宾语   We all like him.      She doesn't know me.   3. 数词作宾语   Give me four. 4.  the+形容词/v-ed/v-ing结构作宾语。   1) The young should respect the old



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  • 英语六级翻译专项练习:不定式(一)

    常有ask, consider, decide, discover, explain, forget, guess, know, learn, observe, remember, see, tell, understand, wonder等 6) warned me just now not to water flowers at noon 考点:不定式作宾语补语 7) invited him to give us a lecture on modern art 考点:同上 (能带不定式结构作宾语补语的动词有advise, allow, ask, beg, cause, challenge, command, compel, enable, determine, encourage, expect, feel, find, force, get, hate, have, hear, help, inform invite, let, like, make, mean, need, notice, notify, oblige, order, permit, persuade, remind, request, require, see, send, teach, tell, tempt, trouble, urge, want, warn, watch, wish等。注:划线的动词后面的不定式不带to) 8) to be the chairman of students’ union in so large a university 考点:动词 + it + 形容词/名词 + 不定式。it是形式宾语,不定式是真正宾语 9) to apply what we have learned in class to practice 考点:不定式作定语 不定式常不定式 不定式的全称是“动词不定式”,是一种非限定动词,由不定式符号to+动词原形构成。不定式用作以下名词/代词的定语:ability, ambition, anything, attempt, capability, chance, curiosity, desire, decision, determination, effort, failure,intention,need, nothing, opportunity, place, plan, promise, reason, right, something, tendency, time, way, wish等 10) ruined our plan to show the film in the open air 考点:同上 更多节目请进入2010年12月CET6备考小组

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  • 英语六级翻译专项练习:不定式(二)

    这么多时间). 16) I happened _______________(在他冲进来的时候站在门口). 17) She doesn’t like _______________(被当作客人). 18) If you want to save money, you’d better _______________(到不定式 不定式的全称是“动词不定式”,是一种非限定动词,由不定式符号to+动词原形构成。不定式校园书店买旧书). 19) We did nothing _______________(除了整天打桥牌). 20) We were made _______________(进屋之前在垫子上擦擦脚). 参考答案 11) the decision to build a nuclear power station in the suburbs 考点:同上 12) American woman to explore the outer space 考点:由only, last, next,序数词或形容词最高级修饰的名词常用不定式作定语 13) only to drop it on their own feet 考点:不定式作结果状语 14) to meet a high school classmate in the mountain village 考点:不定式作原因状语 15) to have taken up so much of your time 考点:1. 不定式作原因状语;2. 不定式的完成时 16) to be standing in the doorway when he rushed in 考点:不定式的进行式 17) to be treated as a guest 考点:不定式的被动形式 18) go to the campus bookstore to buy used books 考点:不带to的不定式 19) but play bridge the whole day 考点:同上 20) to wipe our feet on the mat before going into the room 考点:当动词see, make, hear等用于被动语态时,不定式要保留to 更多节目请进入2010年12月CET6备考小组

  • 动词不定式的英文怎么说

    不是一本词典,而是一本语法书。 Bad grammar tends irk teachers. 语法不好常使老师生气。 That is not properly speaking a dictionary but a grammar book. 严格地说,那不定式的英文: [Grammar] infinitive参考例句: The verb"let"is construed with an infinitive omitting the"to" 动词let习惯上与不带to的动词不定式连用。 an infinitive form of the verb 动词的不定式不是一本字典,而是一本语法书。 The rules of grammar that you learned in school are not universal. 那些你在学校里得到的语法规则并不是放之四海而皆准的东西.infinitive是什么意思: n. 不定词 a. 不定词的 infinite baffle 无限反射板 The attempt leads to an infinite regress. 这种作法会导致无穷倒退。 Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains. 天才出自勤奋。 Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains. 天才是一种吃苦耐劳的无限能力。 Incense can attune the finite to the Infinite. 薰香可以使有限调谐至无限。 到沪江小D查看动词不定式的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 动词的英文怎么说>> 动车组的英文怎么说>> 动车的英文怎么说>> 动产用英语怎么说>> 懂事早的孩子的英文怎么说>>