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    在各类英语考试中,写作是一项重点题型,但是很多人都不知道如何写出好的文章。尤其是在专四这种专业性的考试中,今天我们就为大家整理了英语专四写作模拟题,希望可以帮助到大家。 写作模拟题一 Recent surveys show that a lot of college students download papers from the Internet to save the trouble of doing the assignments. This kind of academic dishonesty does harm to the students. You are required

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      备考四级,除了提高自己的英语能力之外,还需要做多一些模拟题,这样在考试的时候才不会紧张,今天我们就为大家整理了大学英语四级模拟题,一起来看一下吧。   Notes to Test Ten   Part I Writing   The Power Shortage in the South of China   Great changes have been taken place in Chiespecially in the south,which,。,the   same time,not only leads to a boom in economy but also causes

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    要在翻译题中取得高分也不是大家想象中的那么简单。下面,就以2018年12月的大学英语四级模拟题帮助大家回顾一下翻译题的解题思路和答题方式,希望可以帮助同学们。   英语四级翻译传统文化模拟:功夫茶   原文:功夫茶(Gongfu tea)不是一种茶叶或茶的名字,而是一种冲泡的手艺。人们叫它功夫茶,足因为这种泡茶方式十分讲究:它的操作过程需要一定的技术,以及泡茶和品茶的知识和技能。功夫茶起源于宋朝,在广东的潮州府(今潮汕地区)一带最为盛行,后来在全国各地流行。功夫茶以浓度(concentration)高著称。制作功夫茶主要使用的茶叶足乌龙茶(Oolongtea),因为它能满足功夫茶色、香、味的要求。   参考译文:Gongfu tea   Gongfu tea is not one kind of tea or the name of tea,but a skill of making tea.People call it Gongfu tea for the reason of its exquisite process. The operational procedures require certain techniques, knowledge and skill of brewing and tasting tea. Gongfu tea originated in the Song Dynasty and prevailed mostly in Chaozhou Guangdong Province(Now: Chaoshan Area). It later became popular around the nation. Gongfu tea is famous for its high concentration. Oolong tea is mainly used in making the Gongfu tea because it can meet the requirements of color, flavor and taste of the Gongfu tea.   英语四级翻译传统文化模拟:筷子   原文:筷子(chopsticks)是中国古人发明的一种具有鲜明民族特色的进食工具(tableware),是反映中国饮食文化特色的重要组成部分。中国人使用筷子的历史可追溯到商代,距今已有三千多年。筷子可谓是中国国粹,既轻巧又灵活,在世界各国餐具中独树一帜,被西方人誉为“东方的文明”。凡是使用过筷子的人,不论中国人或是外国人,都英语四级翻译模拟题,准备参加大学英语四级考试的同学对于翻译题因其使用方便、物美价廉而赞叹不绝。   参考译文:The Chopsticks   Chopsticks, invented by ancient Chinese people, are a kind of tableware with distinct national features, being an important component that reflects the characteristics of Chinese diet culture.The history of using chopsticks in China dates back to the Shang Dynasty, more than3,000 years ago.Chopsticks, the quintessence of Chinese culture, whose lightness and flexibility develop a school of its own among various tableware all over the world, are praised as "Eastern Civilization" by the westerners.All those people who have ever used chopsticks, no matter Chinese or foreigners, marvel at their convenience, excellent quality and reasonable price.   以上就是关于大学英语四级翻译模拟题的相关例题,如果同学们需要更多其他关于英语学习方面的内容或者资料的,可以关注沪江网,或者联系我们的在线老师。

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    “越……越……”。后半句还原成正常语序应为the more I got excited,the more l would use up my oxygen。 17.[C]【译文】玩具制造商生产了一种小型的太空站,每一个细节都很精确。   【解析】形近词词义辨析题。mini.表示“微型的,小的”。minimal“最小的,极少的”;minimum“最小量的,最低的”:miniature“微型的,小型的”;minor“较小的,较少的”。玩具制造商生产出的太空站应是“微型的”,故选C。 18.[B]【译文】我想租一间舒适的,现代化的房,但尤其重要的是周围要比较安静。   【解析】短语含义辨析题。all

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    enchanted    D. enclosed 51.[D]【译文】虽然我很爱你,我并不打算跟你结婚。   【解析】考查as引导的让步状语从句。as引导让步状语从句,必须将从句的表语、状语置于as之前,故选D。   52.[C]【译文】今天早上要是我没有那么忙的话我就可以帮你搞卫生了。   【解析】考查虚拟语气。本句中,1 wish后面的谓语动词用过去完成时表示过去的愿望,因此本题选C,could have done表示“本可以做到却没有做”。   53.[C]【译文】在那个问题上,我宁愿你暂时不要做任何评论。   【解析】考查wouid rather的用法。I'd rather后接从句时要用虚拟语

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    “缓解,消除”;dismiss“解雇,开除”。由于小女孩害怕,所以应该是紧抓“我”的手不放松之义,故选A。 73.[B]【译文】鲍伯并不笨,但他在上学期的期末考试中成绩并不理想。     【解析】形容词词义辨析题。由but可知Bob虽然考得不好,但并不表示他“迟钝的,笨的”,故选8。gloomy “黑暗的。令人沮丧的”和tedious“乏味的,单调的”可首先排除。awkward更偏指做事“不灵活的,不灵巧的”;dull则指“(反应,理解方 面)迟钝的,呆笨的”,故8更符合。 74.[C]【译文】我的指导老师时常提醒我要利用一切机会来提高英语水平。   【解析】动词词义辨析及固定搭配。assure

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    判断B为正确选项。本题最具干扰性的是选项C,第1段倒数第3句提到以后邮递员将会消失,但这并不意味着人们不再写信和寄信,以后可能会有新的送信方式,因此选项C是不对的。 3.【C】 词义推断题。they所在的句子是第1段倒数第2句,本句中两个they的指代是一样的,因此,只要找到第一个they的指代就能找到答案了。根据本段倒数第3句中"Not only postmen but also clerks and secretaries will vanish"及倒数第2句中的"All the routine tasks they perform…"可推断, they是指上一句中的postmen,clerks 和secretaries。 4.【B】 推理判断题。本题考查列举处。在第2段,作者列举了律师、医生、教师将会受到的新技术的影响,第3句指出医生的电子竞争者会做出更快更准的诊断,从而确定选项B说法正确,而选项A和C与原文不符,选项D言过其实,且缺乏合理的原文依据。 5.【A】 观点态度题。作者举英语四级考试中,阅读所占据的分值比例和题量都是比较高的,所以也是大家备考的重点。今天我们为大家整理了英语出了大量实例暗示和告诫人们∶正因为人类技术的发展日新月异,许多职业的存在都将受到威胁,人们应该采取积极态度以应对这种变化。选项B显然与第1段最后一句相悖;选项C无合理的推 断依据;文中虽提到新技术会在多方面影响人类,但并不能由此推断机器会控制人类,所以选项D不对。 以上就是为大家整理的英语四级阅读模拟题带答案,希望能够对大家有所帮助。四级阅读题只要做的好,顺利通过四级的几率也会高很多。

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    四级考试不难,其实就是对基础知识的考察,所以词汇是非常重要的,今天我们为大家整理了英语四级词汇模拟题,一起来看一吧。 英语四级词汇模拟题一 1.The doctors _______ the medicines to the people in the flood area. A. distributed ook 2.Much of the news provided by this newspaper is _______, not foreign. A. domestic se

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    Within that exclusive group of literary characters who have survived through the centuries--from Hamlet to Huckleberry Finn--few can rival the cultural impact of Sherlock Holmes. Since his first public appearance 20 years ago, the gentleman with the curved pipe and a taste for cocaine, the master of deductive reasoning and elaborate disguise, has left his mark everywhere--in crime literature, film and television, cartoons and comic books. At Holmes' side, of course, was his trusted friend Dr. Watson. Looming even larger, however, was another doctor, one whose medical practice was so slow it allowed him plenty of time to pursue his literary ambition. His name: Arthur Conan Doyle. As the creator of these fictional icons, Conan Doyle has himself become something of a cult figure, the object of countless critical studies, biographies and fan clubs. Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh in 1859, in a respectable middle-class Catholic family. Still, it was far from an easy life. There was never enough money; they moved frequently in search of lower rents; and his father, a civil servant and illustrator was an alcoholic who had to be institutionalized. Yet the early letters he wrote to his mother are surprisingly optimistic, concerned mainly with food, clothes, allowances and schoolwork. At 14 came his first unforgettable visit to London, including Madame Tussaud's, where he was "delighted with the room of Horrors, and the images of the murderers." A superb student, Conan Doyle went on to medical school, where he was attracted by Dr. Joseph Bell, a professor with an uncanny ability to diagnose patients even before they opened their mouths. For a time he worked as Bell's outpatient clerk and would watch, amazed, at how the location of a callus could reveal a man's profession, or how a quick look at a skin rash told Bell that the patient had once lived in Bermuda. In 1886, Conan Doyle outlined his first novel, A Study in Scarlet, which he described as "a simple tale of mystery to make a little extra money." Its main character, initially called Sherringford Hope and later called Sherlock Holmes, was based largely on Bell. But Holmes' first appearance went almost unnoticed, and the struggling doctor devoted nearly all of his spare time to writing long historical novels in the style of Sir Walter Scott—novels that he was convinced would make his reputation. It wasn't to be. In 1888, Holmes reappeared in A Scandal in Bohemia, a short story in Strand Magazine. And this time, its hero took an immediate hit and Conan Doyle's life would never be the same. 1. The typical features of Sherlock Holmes were all EXCEPT   A. rational.   B. sociable.    C. intelligent.    D. cunning. 2. Which of the following is NOT true about Conan Doyle and his family?   A. He came from a middle-class family.    B. They led a hard life in Edinburgh.   C. His father was addicted to drinking.    D. His mother had received little education. 3. How did Conan Doyle feel about his first visit to London?   A. It was horrible.    B. It was pleasant.   C. It was awful.    D. It was memorable. 4. We can infer from the last paragraph that   A. the more calluses a person has, the more professional he would be.   B. writers often base their writing on personal experiences.   C. Conan Doyle has gone through a period of hardship on his way to success.   D. inspiration was very important for a person to create something. 5. Conan Doyle's short story "A Scandai in Bohemia" has proved to be __ at last.   A. successful    B. powerful    C. ridiculous    D. frustrating 【文章概要】 本文描述了柯南道尔的生平及创造福尔摩斯的过程。首段分析柯南道尔作品中福尔摩斯的特征;第2-3段介绍柯南道尔的生平及家庭背景;末段讲述了他的成名过程。 【答案解析】 1.[B]细节判断题。考查福尔摩斯的人物性格特征,定位到第l段。第1段描写福尔摩斯是一个总是拿着卷曲烟斗、嗜好古柯碱、善于推理和伪装的一个 人,因此A、C、D选项都是对福尔摩斯这一人物特征的描绘,而选项B (社交广的)并未在文中提及,本题是逆向选择题,因此选项B是答案。 2.[D]细节判断题。考查柯南道尔的家庭背景,定位到第3段。本段提到柯南道尔出生在一个中产阶级家庭但是生活很不容易,也对他的父亲进行了介绍。但是对于他的母亲文章只提到柯南道尔给其