• 【胡敏读故事背雅思单词】24 "男女同校"的获胜(2/2)

    条理清楚!可是我们的做法就是和现实发生了冲突!他们想要一所男女同校的大学!” “好吧,我承认失败了。”威尔士先生直叹气,“我们把这批收集到的调查表拿到图书馆去吧。啊,小心!刚才我们差点儿和那个骑自行车的撞了个正着。嗯,学生们也许以后会记住一些我们创造的新词。” “是啊,不过他们可能会记住并笑话我们。我们肯定会有翻天覆地的变化,威尔士先生,翻天覆地的变化!” 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【胡敏读故事背雅思单词】27 复杂的音乐作品(1/2)

    Hint: Maestro "This piece is filled with more complication than I could ever have conceived of composing." Said the composer to the newspaper journalist. "You see, the song is comprised of a variety of separate elements that are concealed within the song. I concede that they may be hard to detect in the beginning, but like a concave bowl, with everything gathered together in the middle that you can only understand when you come out. You understand in the end as they are compounded in such a manner so that they compliment each other in a beautiful and compulsory finale." "Yes, I have heard your explanation before, Maestro." Responded the journalist in a kind manner. "And we honor your reputation greatly. But others just cannot comprehend this piece of music that you have written! “这部作品比我能够想像的创作要复杂得多。”作曲家对报社记者说,“你看,这首歌由多种不同的元素组成,而且这些元素都隐藏在歌曲中。我承认,人们开始可能很难察觉,然而它们就像一只凹形的碗一样,所有的东西都集中在中间,你只有出来的时候才能了解。你最终会了解到所有东西混合在一起,相互映衬,构成一首优美而必须有的终曲。” “是的,大师,我以前听过你的解释。”记者友善地回答道,“我们很尊重您的名声。可是别人就是没法理解您写的这首曲子。” 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【胡敏读故事背雅思单词】23 考试之后(1/2)

    Hint: Mary Jack "Oh that was awesome! There was a moment of clarity when the cloud of confusion cleared and I could classify every part of the body in front of me. I thought I would have no clue about some parts, but your coaching was great and I'm sure my classifications were correct and I passed the test!" Said Mary as she clutched the coat she had just been given from the cloakroom. “I was so clumsy a week ago in the clinic. But today everything just clicked. And I know it's totally cliche to say this, but my eyes have really been opened because of you." "No problem." Replied Jack proudly. "You just had a classic case of pre-test worry. Working with clay dummies always helped me and I thought it might help you. “哦,真可怕。疑云散去后我的头脑出现了一阵清醒,我能对面前的身体的每个部位进行分类。我以为有些部位我会找不到线索,但是你的辅导太棒了,我敢保证我的分类正确且通过了考试!”玛丽边说边抓起从衣帽间递出的外套,“一个星期前,我在诊所里还笨手笨脚的,可今天一切都进展顺利。我知道这么说完全是陈词滥调,可你真的使我眼界大开。” “没问题,”杰克骄傲地答道,“你只不过是典型的考前恐慌而已。把黏土做成的假人当真人来准备考试对我很有帮助,所以我想对你也应该有所帮助。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【胡敏读故事背雅思单词】34 在新月下(2/2)

    in his pants, he had no idea that the deaths were about to start all over again, starting with his. 当地警察的证件也不再管用,人们叫来联邦调查局的人,到这时凶杀才停止发生。几个星期过去了,记者不再乐于报道这件曾经轰动一时的大事,人们也开始慢慢地打道回府。让大家引以为荣的是,晚间活动又开始活跃起来,生活似乎正在恢复正常。可是,上次谋杀发生之后只过去了一个月、又是一轮新月的时候,怪兽又爬出洞了。一个在公园散步的人弯腰抚平裤子上的皱痕,他不知道这时死亡又将降临,而且从他开始。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【胡敏读故事背雅思单词】64光彩照人的金发女郎(2/2)

    Hint: portrayal No one grasped this but her sister, the brunette. She governed every aspect of the blonde's life, including her global public relations campaign, the graphic portrayal of her life and even the glossary that her sister used when she spoke. It seemed to be a gloomy life for the brunette, but she was the glue that held her sister together.And the brunette felt no need to grab any attention for herself. She was grateful for her sister' s fame because she could be a part of it without it becoming hers. They were both doing exactly what they wanted to do and both were happy with who they had become. It was a match made in heaven. 无人理解这一点,除了她妹妹——一位黑发、浅黑皮肤的姑娘。这位妹妹管理她生活的各个方面——包括她的全球公关活动、对她生活的生动描绘,甚至她说话时使用的词汇。妹妹的这种生活似乎很郁闷,但她的形影不离恰好成了姐姐的精神支柱。而且妹妹也觉得没必要吸引别人注意自己。她很感激姐姐的名声,因为她也可以跟着小有名气,而又不必为名声所累。姐妹二人正好如愿以偿,俩人都很满意自己所扮演的角色。这对姐妹真是天生的一对! 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【胡敏读故事背雅思单词】02 资格鉴定危机(1/2)

    Hints: Dave Dave' s business acumen was sorely questioned when the first round of accreditation for his music school failed. His partners accused him of not accumulating a qualified staff, his accountant acquiesced that his bookkeeping was not orderly, and his wife said he wasn't as acquainted with the process as he should have been. Regardless of the accuracy of the complaints, Dave felt an acute pain; it was as if he was drinking acid. How could his friends all abandon him so quickly when troubles came? Dave knew that if he ever wanted to achieve anything else in his life after this, he would first have to overcome this emotional acupuncture, acknowledge his mistakes and move on. His first step Ms to adapt to the situation and keep his acquisitive partners from selling whet he had started to the highest bidder. 戴夫的音乐学校没能通过第一轮资格鉴定,他在商业方面的聪明才智因此大受质疑。合伙人指责他没能聚到一批合格的员工.会计默认他的账记得十分混乱,妻子则说该熟悉的东西他却不熟悉。无论这些抱怨是否准确.戴夫都感到万分痛苦,就仿佛喝酸东西一样。朋友们怎么能在有麻烦时那么快就抛弃他呢?戴夫明白只要他想在今后的人生道路上取得别的成就,就一定要先克服这种感情上的刺痛,承认错误然后继续前进。他采取的第一步是适应局面并阻止那些贪婪的合伙人把他创立的学校卖给出价最高的人。 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【胡敏读故事背雅思单词】05 疯狂的炼金术士(2/2)

    Hint: However, this proof did nothing to alleviate the concerns of his peers that he was truly insane. When the alchemist was alerted that the aliens were coming down from the mountains and alighting on the roofs of buildings his peers still did not believe what he alleged. When an alien finally walked into the conference room everything changed. In addition to being named chief ambassador to the aliens, the alchemist was allotted more honor than he had ever dreamed. All of his dreams had come true. The aliens unfortunately suddenly developed an allergy for human beings and started dying. The alchemist found that they were allergic to human hair, developed a cure, and saved the aliens. Now he was the hero of the galaxy! 然而,这一证据并没有减少同僚们的担心,他们认为他的确是疯了。当炼金术士注意到外星人正从山上下来并且降落在屋顶上时,同僚们还是不相信他的断言。最后一个外星人走进了会议室,一切才发生了改变。炼金术士不仅被任命为首席驻外星大使,而且还被给予了超出他梦想的殊荣。他所有的梦想都变成了现实。不幸的是,外星人突然开始对人类过敏起来并且开始死亡。炼金术士发现他们对人类的毛发过敏,于是研制了一种解药,拯救了外星人。现在他成了星系英雄! 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【胡敏读故事背雅思单词】07 动画电影开拍发布会(1/2)

    ago are on display at the local museum. Drawing apparatus from five years ago are collector's items with the status of antiques. And that device I used last week has already tripled in price! 欢迎参加第23届年度动画片纪念活动。我是今晚的主持人迪克·普罗克特。首先我想简单介绍一下最近的发展情况,我不会像去年那样给你们讲趣闻轶事,因为一些所谓的故事给我惹足了麻烦,但我们的重要发言人杰里·斯普兰纳先生会让你们

  • 【胡敏读故事背雅思单词】07 动画电影开拍发布会(2/2)

    将在南极洲开拍,它将继续使传统动画与电脑动画相结合。这部电影拍摄资金充足,将试验更新的技术,尽管故事仍然只是趣闻轶事,但大家都寄予了厚望。我们希望在票房收入上一举打败与它竞争的其他影片。 不管怎样,如果没有其他的事情要宣布,在他们赶我下台之前,我要介绍我们的重要发言人-----没有人会对他无动于衷的杰里·斯普兰纳先生! 这篇材料你能听出多少?点击这里做听写,提高外语水平>>

  • 【胡敏读故事背雅思单词】20 认父记(1/2)

    Hint: Mark