• 职场礼节美语25 电话留言不能随便用


  • 职场礼节美语18 茶水间的礼貌

    the [w]refrigerator[/w] clean -- put your name on your food and throw away any unwanted food; make a new pot of coffee when you drink the last cup. Throw away the trash, and clean the counter. C:Thank you, Mary.  想知道踏入职场后要注意的问题?来听听新东方的职业素养网络课程吧>>

  • 职场礼节美语22 做个好客人

    样儿都尝点,哪个合胃口就多吃点儿。你放心,不好吃我也不会告诉他们的。还有Amy, can I take my dog Freckles? A:绝对不行. Unless they invite Freckles, ask your neighbors if they could look after him. C:那我到他们家能看电视吗? A:They may ask if you want to watch television and if you have any favorite shows. 不过,要是没人问你,那他们看什么,你就应该跟着看什么。 C:他们睡觉以后我能看吗? A:I hate to disappoint you, but if your hosts go to bed, you should retire to your room. C:我要是不困呢? A:Take something to read. It's much more [w]courteous[/w] to read quietly in your room than to stay up with the televising blaring. C:Amy, 我还有什么地方需要注意吗? A:Don't forget when the visit is over to send a [w]handwritten[/w] thank you note? C:一定要手写吗?我能不能写个e-mail,表示感谢呢? A:绝对不行。E-mail is too [w]impersonal[/w]. C:可我没有像样的卡片和信封呀。 A:Then buy some and take it with you along with a pen and some stamps. You can write the note before you leave their house and mail it on your way back home. C: 我还以为这个周末可以好好放松一下呢。看来我得随时注意,做个好客人,可别闹什么笑话。 A:没错。还有就是要enjoy yourself. 想知道踏入职场后要注意的问题?来听听新东方的职业素养网络课程吧>>

  • 职场礼节美语59商务宴会如何点菜?

    又是为什么呢? A:That keeps the pace of the dinner even and avoids the [w]awkwardness[/w] of one person eating a course by herself. C:如果没有别人点汤的话,那个客户自己吃的时候一定会觉得很尴尬。 A:At an informal dinner, some people have soup while others may select a different appetizer to have at the same time. Everyone should have an equal number of courses. C:那作为请客的主人,在饭桌上能做些什么呢? A:Simple. The host can say, "Why don't we all have an appetizer?" Or he could ask, "Would anyone like something to start with?" C:这样一来,你就能知道自己是不是唯一想点头台的人了。 A:Right. If no one else has a [w]starter[/w] course, then you don't either. C:你真应该给昨天那个客人好好上一课。

  • 职场礼节美语71 西方婚礼习俗

    好了礼物,婚礼那天一块儿带去。 A:Oops. Bad idea. C:为什么?我想看着他们打开礼物时高兴的样子。 A:Chen Hao, they will not open presents during the wedding ceremony or reception. C:干嘛不拆礼物? A:It is not part of the American tradition and it only [w=complicate]complicates[/w] things. C:我不太明白。 A:When the bride and groom have left the event, a family member or friend has to gather any gifts that were brought to the wedding and be responsible for keeping them for the [w=newly-wed]newly-weds[/w] until they return from their honeymoon. C:那不是很麻烦吗? A:It could be a lot to manage. C:我知道了,所以最好是事先买好礼物寄过去。 A:You got it!

  • 职场礼节美语16 喝汤是件麻烦事

    面的汤滴在桌布上或衣服上。 C:Mary,let's each order a soup and try it out. I'm hungry, I want a [w]clam[/w] [w]chowder[/w]. M:Clam chowder with sea food and meat. It's too filling. 我不饿,要个清汤就行了。 (Soup arrives and they start to eat. Sounds of [w=slurp]slurping[/w]) M:陈豪,你吃得好香呀! It sounds as if you're enjoying your soup.. C:It's delicious! 味道真好。 M:But I'm sorry to say that slurping is considered bad manners in Western [w]etiquette[/w]. C:听说过西方人喝汤不能有声音。这汤也太烫了。我吹吹再吃。 M:不要吹。 If your soup is too hot, [w]stir[/w] it slightly or simply wait. C:又不能出声,又不能吹。那我就用勺搅动搅动,等它凉一点。 M:陈豪,你注意到没有,我喝的是清汤。我在勺的边上往里喝。而你的clam chowder 里面有肉,土豆等,没法从边上往里放。 C:That's right。我的杂烩里好多东西,没

  • 职场礼节美语99 绿色环保 一

    ]conscientious[/w] at home. We recycle and reuse, but when we get to the office, we sometimes become very wasteful. Dana建议公司取消瓶装水,不用纸杯子,得到大家的认可。 Henry指出,工作场所节能需要改变思维,change our mindset。

  • 职场礼节美语04 握手是一种礼貌

    给你。他这样作是很有礼貌,也很体谅别人,绝对不是要侮辱你。He's not insulting you。 陈:我可有点担心,开会的时候一直在想是不是老板对我不高兴而不跟我握手。 M:I'm sorry, I should have explained。我应该告诉你有的时候是不能握手

  • 职场礼节美语19 打电话的注意事项

    you need to identify yourself. 你可以说:"Hi honey...", or "Hi sweetheart..." C:你开什么玩笑呀! I don't even have a girlfriend. 我连女朋友还没有呐! M:Yes, I WAS kidding. 因为在商业场合是不可能,也不允许这样说的。 C:Mary, 请你把我们谈到的电话礼节总结一下吧! M:It's simple: always identify yourself when you call someone; step away when someone is on the phone; be aware that business phone calls should be formal and are different from private calls. C:Thank you Mary! 想知道踏入职场后要注意的问题?来听听新东方的职业素养网络课程吧>>

  • 职场礼节美语92 同事亲人的葬礼 二

    夫人的名义,给他们的慈善机构捐款。"make a contribution to their favorite charity in Mrs. Henderson's name." G: In China, people give the family white [w=envelope]envelopes[/w] with cash in them. But I'm assuming they don't do that here. J: No, that probably wouldn't be appropriate. The tradition used to be that you sent flowers when a person passed away. Recently though, many people have begun to believe that spending money on flowers is a waste. Some families now prefer that friends plant a tree or make a donation to a charity group instead. G: That's quite a meaningful gesture. George说,在中国,人们会给死者家属包个白包。Jeff说,西方不兴这个。西方以前的习俗是送花,但是后来,有人觉得花钱买花太浪费,所以很多家庭更