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  • 约法三章的英文怎么说

    约法三章的英文: [Literal Meaning] agree/law/three/chapter to make a law with three chapters [解释] 订立一些规则让大家都来遵守。 [Explanation] to make a few rules to be observed by all concerned [例子] 我们的俱乐部刚建立有必要约法三章,大家都遵守。 [Example] Because our club is just established, we need to make a few regulations that everyone should comply with. [英文等价词] hard-and-fast rule 到沪江小D查看约法三章的英文翻译>>翻译推荐: 约定的英文怎么说>> 约旦人的英文怎么说>> 愿意做某事的英文怎么说>> 愿意做的英文怎么说>> 愿意的英文>>

  • 【剑桥商务英语高级】常用词汇短语总结(第三章)

    第一章链接 第二章上链接 第二章下链接 新编剑桥商务英语高级第三版第三章     3.1 P26 1. send/draft an email make/receive a call issue/put out a press release launch/run a campaign give/make a presentation hold/attend/chair/organize/participate in/convene/call a meeting/seminar Miss/Attend/Run/Chair/Cancel/Put back/Postpone/Bring forward /Arrange/Set up/fix a meeting produce/publish a report put up/display a notice circulate/send out a memo post/put information on the internet   2. counter-productive 适得其反的 3. depersonalize 使……失去个性 modern communication channels have depersonalized a lot of customer contact commoditize the service rationalize it and make it cheaper to deliver 4. embrace new technology 5. it is not suited to customers’ expectations 适合 6. we’ll see a return to more face to face communication 7. the company’s gratitude and appreciation 8. brand identity 品牌标识 9. vacant posts for a trainee 空闲的实习生岗位   10. A reply to a letter/phone call/email A request for information/a meeting/a pay rise A reminder to do something A proposal for action/a new product An announcement regarding/about something An apology for a mistake/for being late A demand for payment   11. Urge/convince/persuade sb to do Promise/threaten/undertake/agree/offer/refuse to do Admit/deny doing Criticize/praise/blame sb for doing Accuse sb of doing Deter/discourage/dissuade sb from doing Suggest/propose/recommend doing/that sb should do   P30 12. customer charter 客户宪章 13. keep your details confidential 保密 14. offer you the best rates for sth: if you find sth better we’ll refund the difference退差价 15. give you impartial(fair/equal)advice on   Listen 3.1P136 适用于口语的部分 16. sb be due to come at 预期到达 17. I’ll look into it straightaway 调查 I’ll come straight back to you =I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 18. he has offered to work late to fit in the job 适应工作 19. would that be convenient/acceptable for you…? 20. I quite understand(completely/quite 表程度深) 21. in that case I’ll reschedule him for another day 改期 22. I’ll see what I can do 看着办 23. please just bear with me for a moment 请忍耐一会/等一 24. divert设定电话转移 What I can do is to divert any calls coming into your office number on to your mobile phone until your line is repaired.   P31 25. handle calls sensitively 26. order a fish tank(水槽) from a mail order company heater 加热器 air pump 充气机 iron 熨斗   27. receive unsolicited calls not asked for and often not wanted 未经要求的,自发的 • unsolicited calls未获邀请的造访 • unsolicited advice主动提出的建议 28. track the order 跟踪订单 29. promotion company推广公司 30. cut off the electricity   3.2 P32 Email [formal] Please find attached our proposal. I would be grateful if you could check it and send us confirmation of your acceptance. [neutral] Attached is our proposal. Please check it and confirm that you are happy with it. [casual] Pls check the attached proposal and confirm. Sample 关于签订合约的信 Dear Mr Harris, Further to our telephone conversation earlier, please find attached a draft contract. Please read it carefully and if you are in agreement with the terms, I would be grateful if you could sign it and return it to me. Strictly speaking, the deadline for the special offer we discussed is tomorrow. However, we would be happy to keep it open for you until the end of the week. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. Yours sincerely Laura Cox 31. keep your details on file=hang on to your details 存档 32. send us an up-to-date list of your fees 33. look for=have any demand for 34. draft contract合同草案 35. If you are ok with the terms=in agreement with 36. receptionist/doorman 接待员 37. Cross-sell(different products/services to one customer)   38. Annual general meeting: AGM,a shareholders’ meeting to discuss an important issue such as a proposed merger. 39. extraordinary general meeting EGM, A shareholders’ meeting to discuss an important issue such as a proposed merger. 40. Make of—to deal with, handle (I know not what to make of him.)     以上内容手打总结,如有遗漏请见谅,希望有帮助哈,有添加的内容请章链接 第二章上链接 第二章下链接 新编剑桥商务英语高级第三版第三章留言哦~ [cn]以上为本期的主要内容。对于相关内容有疑问或意见的请留言哦~[/cn] 声明:本文系沪江英语原创内容,转载请注明出处。本文仅代表作者个人观点,仅供参考。如有不妥之处,欢迎指正。

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  • 【经典名著阅读】《红字》第十三章(下)

    再有任何使“情欲”梦想投入其紧紧拥抱之处,在海丝特的胸膛中也不再有任何能够使“慈爱”落枕之处了。作为一个女性本来不可或缺的某些秉性,在她身上已三章不复存在。当女人遭遇井经受了一场非同一般的苛刻的惩罚时,她那女性的品格通常会遭受这种命运并经历这种严峻的变化。如果她只有柔情,她就会死掉。如果她侥幸活下去,她的柔情要么从她身上给排挤出去,要么在她心中给深深碾碎,永远不再表露出来。这两种情况在外人看来没什么不同,而后者或许更符合实际。她既然曾经是女人,虽然一时不再是女人,但只消有魔法点化一下,完全可以随时重新变成女人的。我们将要看到海丝特·白兰以后会不会受到这种点化,再变成女人。[/cn] [en

  • 【经典名著阅读】《红字》第二十三章(下)

    迟了!”牧师畏惧而坚定地对着他的目光,回答说。“你的权力如今已三章 红字不象以前了!有了上帝的帮助,我现在要逃脱你的羁绊了!”他又一次向戴红字的女人伸出了手。[/cn

  • 【经典名著阅读】《红字》第二十三章(上)

    三章 红字

  • 雅思阅读文章顺序是如何安排的

    了解的文章先做,毕竟这样的文章背景知识和专有名词对于考生来说是相对熟悉的,做起题来就会容易一些。   从雅思阅读题型角度来看:   在雅思阅读考试中,如果考生对于三篇文章背景知识的掌握程度差不多的话,就可以在浏览完三篇文章所涉及到的所有题型之后,就可以选择一篇从题型上自己比较拿手的文章先做。   雅思阅读题型主要有八种,即list of headings,complete the sentences,answer short questions,picture filling,summary,multiple choices,matching,true or false or not given。不同题型的难易也会不同,比如list of headings也三篇文章,每篇文章就是标题对应题,这类题型无需定位,但需要对文章大体的内容有一定理解,难度系数两颗星; matching因果配对无出题规律,定位也比较复杂,难度系数三颗星;true or false or not given定位相对简单,但是往往在判断时容易失误,难度系数两颗星。   总而言之,考生要根据自己对不同题材和题型的掌握程度来决定雅思阅读文章先做哪一篇,也就是要合理安排做题顺序,这样才会高效完成任务。另外,考生在打好基础之后在平时最好能够按照实际的阅读考试时间来做题,检测一下自己是否能够在规定时间内做完所有题目,并找出不足之处加以改进。希望考生们取得满意的雅思成绩。

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