• 《神探夏洛克》第四季将如观众所愿

    常有信心接下来发生在Sherlock和John身上的故事将会是观众们所期待的的。[/cn] [en]Shooting for the special will begin January 2015, with Season 4 shooting later in the year. There is no premiere date yet available for either. [/en][cn]《神探夏洛克》第四季特别集将神探夏洛克会在2015年1月开始拍摄,而另外3集将会在2015年稍后拍摄。不过目前还没有确定具体的播出日期。[/cn]

  • 《神探夏洛克》第四季回归时间不定

    [en]Sherlock is a wonderfully brilliant series but its most impressive feat is that it constantly leaves fans wanting more.[/en][cn]《神探夏洛克》是部很赞的剧,但是每年只出3集的安排让观众们一直处于欲求不满的状态。[/cn] [en]Although fans will have to wait a while longer for Season 4, the Sherlock gods have smiled down upon us and will present a Victorian-era special hopefully later this year. At this time, PBS, which airs the series in the U.S., has not set a premiere date because the BBC has not yet set theirs. To that point, the network advertised the new special to reporters at the Television Critics Association fall previews on Saturday as "coming soon...ish."[/en][cn]虽然《神探夏洛克》第四季让我们等待的时间比之前三季要长,不过剧组还是发了发慈悲,决神探夏洛克定在今年晚些时候播出一集维多利亚特辑,让粉丝们以解相思之苦。这次,在美国买下《神探夏洛克》播出权的电视台PBS也没有办法确定这集特别集的开播时间,因为BBC电视台自己都还没有定好确定的开播时间。因此,在电视评论家协会上的秋季开播预告中,PBS只能预告说:“《神探夏洛克》即将回归...嘘。”[/cn] [en]"I think we are all working to be as nimble as we can with this one," the producer said. "We are in very close touch with the BBC, and we are working very hard to not frustrate the fans..."[/en][cn]制片人说:“我们都在把我们的灵感倾注在这部剧中,我们和BBC电视台有着很好的沟通,我们在很努力的创作,希望可以不要让粉丝们失望...”[/cn]

  • 《神探夏洛克》可能不会有第四季

    [en]"Sherlock" Season 4 is a long way away. But, according to star Benedict Cumberbatch, there's a chance there might not even be a Season 4.[/en][cn]《神探夏洛克》第四季回归还早着呢。不过Benedict Cumberbatch的意思,有可能第四季的计划会泡汤。[/cn] [en]"I genuinely don't know," Cumberbatch says of new "Sherlock" episodes in an interview with the Adelaide Advertiser (re-quoted by the Radio Times). "That's not me trying to be mysterious. None of us know if there will be a fourth, fifth or sixth series."[/en][cn]在接受Adelaide Advertiser采访时,Cumberbatch说:“我不是想卖关子,不过我是真的不知道会不会有第四季、甚至第五第六季,其他人也都不知道。”[/cn] [en]Does that mean that Cumberbatch and the rest of the "Sherlock" stars could be done for good? While it isn't likely, the actor does point out that he's pretty much everywhere all the time these days. [/en][cn]这是不是意味着Cumberbatch和其他《神探夏洛克》演员会不演了呢?似乎不是这样,这位演员表示,最近他的消息真的被传到到处都是。[/cn] [en]"I'd hate to think anyone is sick of the sight of me, although I wouldn't blame them," Cumberbatch adds. "I've overexposed myself! Actually that sounds a bit dirty ... I'm proud of every single project. I can genuinely say that it is varied enough, as a slate, to not fear too much overexposure. I just hope the public agree because they are seeing a lot of me."[/en][cn]“我不想去哪都有人会注意到我,当然我不怪大家,”Cumberbatch说。“我觉得我最近曝光得太神探夏洛克》第四季过了!虽然这么说不太好...我对自己参加的每个项目都很自豪。不过我真心的说,最近的过度曝光让我有些害怕了。我觉得大家应该都承认,因为大家最近真的是到处都能看到我的各种消息。”[/cn]

  • 神探夏洛克第四季:2016回归 莫娘复活?

    神探夏洛克》第四季戏份不多,我们又加入了茉莉的角色。” [/cn] [en]Moffat suggested that Molly will be a part of the fourth season, saying that "every time we bring a woman into Sherlock, it works hugely well."[/en][cn]莫法特表示茉莉还会继续出演第四季,他还说:“每次我们为

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  • 《神探夏洛克》第四季发布新剧照

    片中Benedict Cumberbatch和一只猎犬在一起。看完剧照后我们就更加期待了。[/cn] [en]Plus, we now have so many questions: What’s Sherlock telling the dog to do? How involved will the dog be in season 4? Is Watson jealous? The master detective apparently had a dog named Toby in the books. Is this Toby? [/en][cn]现在我们有非常多问题:Sherlock在让这只狗干嘛?第四季怎么会出来了一条狗?花生不会吃醋吗?在原著中Sherlock的确有条名叫Toby的狗,这只狗就是Toby么?[/cn] [en]The image comes on the heels of Cumberbatch receiving an Emmy nomination for Sherlock: The Abominable Bride. Season 4 will be released in 2017. Don’t make us beg for more, Sherlock.[/en][cn]这张照片是在Cumberbatch凭借《神探夏洛克:可恶的新娘》被提名的消息之后发出的。第四季将神探夏洛克》第四季会在2017年回归。拜托《神探夏洛克》剧组不要让我们再等了![/cn] 声明:本双语文章的中文翻译系沪江英语原创内容,转载请注明出处。中文翻译仅代表译者个人观点,仅供参考。如有不妥之处,欢迎指正。

  • 神探夏洛克第四季回归 良心剧组穿帮的N个细节

    a shark suit and swimming in the aquarium during the final scene. [/en][cn]一些观众不禁推测:莫里亚蒂可能已经回来了,甚至开玩笑说其实水族馆一幕里莫娘穿了个鲨鱼装在后面游着呢。(英语君也是着实佩服歪果仁的脑洞了...)[/cn] [en]One viewer tweeted: 'Sherlock was good...but I'm still not over the fact we have no Moriarty...yet??'[/en][cn]还有一些观众发推特说:“夏洛克是不错...但是我还是无法接受莫娘没有回归的事实...真的还没吗???”[/cn] 《神探夏洛克》第四季剩下的两集《撒谎的侦探》和《最后的问题》将分别在1月8日和1月15日播出。敬请期待吧~ 声明:本双语文章的中文翻译系沪江英语原创内容,转载请注明出处。中文翻译仅代表译者个人观点,仅供参考。如有不妥之处,欢迎指正。

  • 《神探夏洛克》第四季有望圣诞就回归

    看了昨晚播出的《神探夏洛克》第三季最后一集,该剧集留给了观众一个悬念。[/cn] [en]The series began with the New Year's Day special after a two year wait, and was criticised in some quarters for failing to answer questions about how the world's most famous detective [w=fake]faked[/w] his own death in the final episode of the previous series.[/en][cn]沉寂两年之久后,《神探夏洛克》第三季以新年特辑开场。一些人指责这一季没有解释清楚上季最后一集中那个谜团——即夏洛克这位全世界最著名的侦探是如何假死的。[/cn] [en]Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have already admitted sketching out ideas for a fourth and fifth series, with the current story arc leaving the door open for new episodes.[/en][cn]该剧的联合制片人史蒂芬·莫法特和马克·加蒂斯已经承认正在策划第四季和第五季的剧情,现在的故事情节将神探夏洛克》第三季成为新剧集的伏笔。 [/cn] [en]All that is believed to be required for a Sherlock Christmas Day special to be confirmed is confirmation that its stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman can agree to start filming in spring.[/en][cn]现在,如果该剧的两位主演——本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇和马丁·弗里曼同意在今年春季投入拍摄,《神探夏洛克》圣诞节特辑的播出计划就可以敲定了。[/cn]

  • 神探夏洛克要拍第五季?

    出了为什么第五季不会如影迷们所愿的原因。[/cn] [en]Here’s a quick rundown of what we know so far:[/en][cn]以下是我们目前所知的情况:[/cn] [en]While Benedict Cumberbatch has expressed interest in returning to Sherlock, he’s warned fans not to hold their breath. The Doctor Strange star already has a rather busy schedule ahead of him, with film and TV roles extending well past 2019.[/en][cn]虽然Benedict Cumberbatch表示有兴趣回到Sherlock,但他告诉影迷们不要报太大期望。奇异博士的档期相当繁忙,电影和电视的安排已经排到下一年。[/cn] [en]Martin Freeman, who plays Doctor Watson, has made it clear how difficult it’s been to live up to fan expectations, and has also explained that working on the show has lost some of its appeal.[/en][cn]扮演华生医生的马丁·弗里曼已经明确表示,实现粉丝的期望是非常困难的,并且还解释说,在这里工作已经失去了吸引力。[/cn] [en]Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis, meanwhile, haven’t ruled anything out, though they were quick to note that are both busy working on other projects – namely, a Dracula series.[/en][cn]与此同时,史蒂文·莫法特和马克·加蒂斯并没有排除任何其它可能性,尽管他们很快就注意到其他演员都在忙于其他工作 - 也

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