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    看生活大爆炸学英语第一季第六集 【剧情介绍】 Sheldon, Leonard, Howard和Raj玩彩弹游戏兵败而归, 大家都在讨论失败原因. RAJ: Okay, if no one else will say it, I will.We really suck at [w]paintball[/w]. HOWARD: That was absolutely [w=humiliate]humiliating[/w]. LEONARD: Oh, come on. Some battles you win, some battles you lose. HOWARD: Yes

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    看生活大爆炸学英语第二季第十九集 【剧情介绍】 Leonard楼上搬来一新邻居Alicia, Leonard他们都殷勤地帮她搬家, 让Penny有些不看生活大爆炸学英语开心,而且Alicia也是演员,还出演过一些广告和肥皂剧,这让Penny更郁闷了. ALICIA: The guys have been helping me set up my sound system. I've never had such good-looking technical support. HOWARD: Oh,pish-posh. I don't know,it means shucks. "Shucks" means shucks. Let one go once in a while. LEONARD: Hey,uh,Penny,you want to hear something awesome? PENNY: Yeah. LEONARD: Alicia is an actress,just like you. PENNY: That is so awesome. ALICIA: Well,trying to be,but it's so hard. PENNY: Yeah,I know,tell me about it. ALICIA: I've been out here three months, and all I've gotten is a couple of national commercials and this [w]recur[/w]ring thing on a soap. PENNY: That's why I work at the Cheesecake Factory. I'm holding out for the right part. LEONARD: Alicia,what do you want as your default setting for DVDs,5. 1 Dolby or DTS? ALICIA: Whatever you think is best,cutie. LEONARD: Well,DTS has more low end,so... Okay. PENNY: Uh,hey,guys,guys,you will really appreciate this. I read the best science joke on the Internet.Alicia,you won't get it,but it's right up their alley.Anyway,so,this physicist goes into an ice cream [w]parlor[/w] every week and orders an ice cream sundae for himself, and then offers one to the empty [w]stool[/w] sitting next to him. This goes on for a while until the owner finally asks him what he's doing. The man says,"Well,I'm a physicist,"and [w]quantum mechanics[/w]...teaches us "that it is possible for the matter above this stool"to spontaneously turn into a beautiful woman who might accept my offer and fall in love with me." The owner then says,"Well,lots of single,"beautiful women come in here ever day. "Why don't you buy an ice cream for one of them,and they might fall in love with you?" And the physicist says,"Yeah,but what are the odds of that happening?" HOWARD: It's a little insulting,don't you think? PENNY: How would I know? I'm not even sure I get it. 【口语讲解】 1sound system音响系统,印象设备 2tell me about it可不是吗,就是啊,口语中常出现 3hold out for坚持而不肯托妥协,为坚持住 4default setting默认设置 5 right up one’s alley很适合某人的兴趣或才能 6what are the odds of...的几率有多大

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    看生活大爆炸学英语第一季第九集 【剧情介绍】 Sheldon和Leonard在主题会议上吵起来,看看两个物理学怪才吵架是怎样的? SHELDON: Dr. Sheldon Cooper here. I am the lead author of this particular paper. Thank you. And you, sir, you have completely skipped over the part where I was walking through the park and I saw these children on a merry-go-round

  • 看生活大爆炸学英语第一季第九集(3) 你还真是难伺候

    看生活大爆炸学英语第一季第九集 【剧情介绍】 Howard 把Sheldon和Leonard在主题会议上吵架打架的视频传到网上去,竟然被加精顶置.最后出现两个中国人的对话,小编很是好奇,两个中国人的普通话怎么说的那么怪.不知道大家是否有同样想法. SHELDON: You could have offered me a ride home. LEONARD: You're lucky I didn't run you over. SHELDON: I don't understand what you're unhappy about. You begged me to come, I

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    看生活大爆炸学英语第一季第七集 【剧情介绍】 Penny有家不能回,于是和Leonard他们一起打游戏,并且打看生活大爆炸学英语赢了Sheldon,Sheldon不敢相信,觉得Penny作弊了. PENNY: Why? SHELDON: Why? Oh, Penny, Penny, Penny. PENNY: What, what, what? SHELDON: This is a complex battle [w]simulation[/w] with a [w]steep[/w] learning curve. There are [w]myriad[/w] weapons, vehicles and strategies to master not to mention an extremely[w] intricate[/w] back-story. PENNY: Cool! Whose head did I just blow off? SHELDON: Mine. PENNY: Okay, I got this. Lock and load, boys. LEONARD: It's the only way we can play teams. SHELDON: But whoever's her partner will be [w=hamstring]hamstrung[/w] by her lack of experience, not to mention-- PENNY: Ha-ha! There goes your head again. SHELDON: Okay, it's not good sportsmanship to shoot somebody who's just re-spawned. You need to give them a chance to-- Now, come on. Raj, Raj, she's got me cornered. Cover me. PENNY: Cover this, suckers. LEONARD: Penny, you are on fire. PENNY: Yeah, and so is Sheldon. SHELDON: Okay, that's it. I don't know how, but she is cheating. No one can be that attractive and this skilled at a video game. PENNY: Wait, Sheldon, come back. You forgot something. SHELDON: What? PENNY: This plasma grenade. Ha! Look, it's raining you. SHELDON: You laugh now, you just wait until you need tech support. PENNY: Gosh. He's kind of a sore loser, isn't he? LEONARD: Well, to be fair, he's also a rather unpleasant winner. 【口语讲解】 1. Lock and load装弹,准备射击,战斗中常用语. 2. sportsmanship运动员精神,运动道德 Good coaches provide athletes with positive experiences in sports participation and help nurture sportsmanship.优秀的教练能使运动员在参与过程中得到正确体验,培养良好的体育精神。 3. re-spawned. spawn是产卵的意思,而这里re-spawned是指电子游戏中的再生. 4. cornered被困得走投无路的vt. 把…逼入绝境(corner的过去式)大家应该还记得新概念三第一课<> Puma will not attack a human being unless it is cornered.     5. on fire除了着火;起火外还表示在兴头上, 很在状态.     6. It's raining you这个画面肯定很血腥,下的不是雨,是Sheldon, 囧.     7. sore loser 输不起的人,Sheldon就是典型,当然当了天才这么久, 赢了无数次,被打败心情肯定不好,但是他也太外露      了o(∩_∩)o, 这也是他可爱的地方吧.     8. to be fair放在句首表示公正地说,说句公道话.

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     看生活大爆炸学英语第一季第二集(2) 【剧情介绍】 Sheldon潜入Penny家打扫卫生, Leonard讽刺地说这种行为是不正确的。 SHELDON:  Sarcasm? LEONARD: you think? SHELDON:  Granted, my methods may have been somewhat unorthodox but the end result will be a measurable enhancement to Penny's quality of life. LEONARD: You've convinced me, maybe we should

  • 看生活大爆炸学英语第一季第二集(1) 你疯了吗

     看生活大爆炸学英语第一季第二集(1) 【剧情介绍】 Sheldon发现Penny的家乱七八糟后,晚上竟然跑到Penny家帮她打扫起来,Leonard发现后,Sheldon还一副义正言辞的样子… Leonard:Are you insane? You can't just break into a woman's apartment in the middle of the night and clean. Sheldon:I had no choice. I couldn't sleep knowing that just outside my bedroom was our living

  • 看生活大爆炸学英语第二季第十四集(5)你是真英雄啊!

    看生活大爆炸学英语第二季第十四集 【剧情介绍】 不知是否是因为Leonard 要债的那段插曲,Penny男朋友Kurt突然良心发现还钱了,Leonard 以为Penny会因此深受感动感谢他,哪知他又一次把Penny “拱手让人”, 还被Sheldon戏称为真正的英雄, 有才哥小谢还自创首歌,有木有音乐家天分? PENNY: Nice hat. LEONARD: It's kind of a fashionable look these days. PENNY: Maybe if you're working on a[w]tuna[/w] boat. SHELDON: Hello,Penny. PENNY: Sheldon,here is your money. Thank you very much. It helped a lot. SHELDON: Sarcasm? PENNY: No. SHELDON: Darn. I can't seem to get the hang of that. LEONARD: Hey,I know it's none of my business,but where did the money come from? PENNY: Well,I cut back my expenses like you said and picked up a few more hours at the restaurant, but the biggest thing was,out of the blue,Kurt shows up and gives me the money he owes me. LEONARD: Really? Did he say why? PENNY: Yes,he said he was feeling guilty and wanted to do what was right. LEONARD: That's it? Did he give any reason as to why he came to this moral [w]epiphany[/w]? PENNY: Nope. I just think he's really changed. We're having dinner tomorrow night,and I get to wear my new beret. Bye,guys. LEONARD: Bye. SHELDON: Well done,Leonard. The true hero doesn't seek [w]adulation[/w]. He fights for right and justice simply because it's his nature. LEONARD: Penny's hooking up with her jerk of an ex-boyfriend and I have indelible ink on my forehead! SHELDON: That's your badge of honor-- your warrior's wound,if you will. I was wrong.Minstrels will write songs about you. LEONARD: Great. SHELDON: There once was a brave lad named Leonard with a -fi fiddle dee-dee. He faced a fearsome giant while Raj just wanted to pee. 【口语讲解】 1get the hang of得知……的窍门;熟悉某物的用法;理解某事,摸清概况;鉴赏 2out of the blue突然地,意看生活大爆炸学英语外地 3indelible ink防水墨水,消不去的墨水 4badge of honor荣誉勋章 5if you will假如你喜欢的话;如果你愿意那样说的话