• 看生活大爆炸学英语第一季第六集(2)我们不能退缩

    看生活大爆炸学英语第一季第六集 【剧情介绍】 Sheldon和Leonard在Penny的party上暗地里取笑Penny的前男友块头大智商不高. SHELDON:What do you suppose he's doing here?Besides [w=disrupt]disrupting[/w] the local gravity field. LEONARD: If he were any bigger, he'd have moons [w=orbit]orbiting[/w] him. SHELDON:Oh, snap. LEONARD: Ha-ha. SHELDON:So I

  • 《生活大爆炸》第十季到底结不结局?

    的合约到本季季末就结束了。CBS和华纳兄弟工作室自然是想让这部当前最热美剧继续咽下去,但是实际问题是这部剧制作费贵的惊人,而且制作费只会继续上涨。对于演员们来说,10年来只演一部剧可能会有些枯燥和无聊,虽然这部剧让他们赚了不少钱。对他们来说这部剧结束也许会给他们带来自由的喜悦感。那么《生活大爆炸》到底可以播多久呢?[/cn] [en]The good news for fans: Season 10 probably won't be the end.[/en][cn]好消息是:第十季应该不会是这部剧的最后一季。[/cn] [en]"We are very confident

  • 《生活大爆炸》续订至第12季

    [en]CBS is closing in on a two-season pickup for Warner Bros. Television’s “The Big Bang Theory,” primetime’s top-rated comedy series.[/en][cn] CBS一下续订两季华纳兄弟制作的《生活大爆炸》,史上电视剧收视率顶尖的剧集。[/cn] [en]The prospect of a two-season deal would extend “Big Bang’s” run through at least a 12th season, which would

  • 看生活大爆炸学英语第三季第六集(2)要不是我拉伤大腿,我就追上她了

    看生活大爆炸学英语第六季第一集 【剧情介绍】 Leonard放风筝时心不在焉,担心是不是自己让Penny觉得难堪了,Sheldon教育他“你一堂堂男子汉斗风筝的时候居然担心这种无聊的事情.” 因为Howard被美女吸引而弃赛导致Raj输了比赛,Raj非常生气说 “你才73斤,哪来的肌肉!”(比Howard还重的小编表示压力很大) LEONARD: Why wouldn't Penny want her friends to meet me? SHELDON:Focus,Leonard,focus! The heat of battle is upon us. The dogs of war

  • 看生活大爆炸学英语第二季第六集(2):再也不吃泰国菜了


  • 《星球大战》演员客串《生活大爆炸》

    演过《星球大战》的演员将会客串这部CBS电视台的情景喜剧。[/cn] [en]"Big Bang" executive producers Bill Prady and Steve Molaro tell TVLine that James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher will guest-star as themselves in an upcoming episode, where they will cross paths with Sheldon (Jim Parsons).[/en][cn]《生活大爆炸》执行制片人Bill Prady和Steve Molaro透露,James Earl和Carrie Fisher将生活大爆炸会在接下来的《生活大爆炸》中本色出演生活中的自己,并和Sheldon发生一段故事。[/cn] [en]Interestingly enough, Fisher is also making an appearance on another TV comedy in the not-so-distant future: FX'Xs "Legit." She'll play a powerful Hollywood executive who crosses paths with leading man Jim Jefferies.[/en][cn]有趣的是,Fisher还会在另外一部即将播出的情景喜剧《做个好人》中出演。她将会在剧中扮演一个很有权力的好莱坞制片人,并和剧中的男主演Jefferies上演一段故事。[/cn]

  • 《生活大爆炸》被一次性预定3季(双语)

    [en]The Big Bang Theory has been [w=renew]renewed[/w] for an [w]additional[/w] three seasons, keeping the show on [w]air[/w] through its seventh season in 2013/14. [/en][cn]《生活大爆炸


    美剧 生活大爆炸

  • 看生活大爆炸学英语第二季第六集(1) 我滴个神啊

    看生活大爆炸学英语第二季第六集 【剧情介绍】 这一集出现了Sheldon的仰慕者Ramona , 为了让Sheldon有更多时间投入到工作上去, Ramona严格管教其衣食住行, 甚至帮Sheldon剪脚指甲,难怪Penny大呼Holy crap on a cracker. LEONARD: So... how'd it go with Ramona last night? SHELDON:Oh, great. She's smart, insightful and she has a very unique way of, you know, revering me. PAMONA:Here's your spinach mushroom omelet. SHELDON: Thank you. Did anyone touch it? PAMONA: Gloves were worn by everyone involved. I was vigilant. SHELDON: Ramona pointed out that I've been wasting 20 minutes a day standing on cafeteria lines. PAMONA: Time which would be better spent tackling the great physics problems of our day. SHELDON: You don't tackle the big issues, Ramona. You fence with them. PAMONA: En garde. Riposte. LEONARD: Touche. LESLIE: Morning. LEONARD: Hi, Leslie. LESLIE: So, Sheldon, I see you're organizing your papers for the Smithsonian Museum of Dumbassery. PAMONA: There won't be any room until they get rid of the permanent Leslie Winkle exhibit. SHELDON: Oh, good one. LESLIE: I see you got a grad student to fight your battles for you. I'll let you keep your lunch money today. PAMONA: Okay, Dr. Cooper is on the verge of a breakthrough. If you're going to stay, you'll have to be respectful and quiet. LEONARD: Wait for me. PAMONA: So have you worked out the neutrino issue? SHELDON: Well,to paraphrase Mozart, all the subatomic particles are there. I just have to put them in the right order. PAMONA: You're so witty. SHELDON: Aren't I? PENNY:Hey, guys, this package came for... PAMONA: Dr. Cooper is working. SHELDON: Yes, I'm close to a breakthrough. Ooh, it tickles! PAMONA: Sorry. PENNY: Holy crap on a cracker. 【口语讲解】 1. fence with搪塞,回避,周旋 2. Touche.一语中的,一针见血 3. on the verge of接近于,濒临于 This swift, beautiful animal is on the verge of extinction.但这种敏捷而美丽的动物正濒临灭绝。 4. came for为某种目的而来取;向…冲来;对…进行袭击 With a word she can get what she came for. 只需要一个字眼她就能获得自己的所需。 5. holy crap 在美国几乎很多人都会说, 这个不代表骂人的意思, 只表示我很惊讶, 很不能想象的意思. 

  • 生活大爆炸21日播第九季 盘点幕后轶闻10则

    [en]The Big Bang Theory, CBS’s high-rated sitcom, will kick off its ninth season on September 21. In the meantime, geek out with these facts about the long-running [w]cerebral[/w] comedy.[/en][cn]《生活大爆炸

  • CBS已解决《生活大爆炸》续订两季的细节问题

    [en]CBS has finalized its deal with Warner Bros. Television for two more seasons of “The Big Bang Theory,” making the Eye’s tentpole comedy one of primetime’s long-running sitcoms, with at least 12 seasons.[/en][cn] CBS终于与华纳电视确定了热门喜剧《生活大爆炸》续订两季的待遇问题,《生活大爆炸》至少会播出十二季,使得该主力喜剧成为从开播以来最长的喜剧之一。[/cn] [en