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  • 《生活大爆炸》Howard演员三年抱俩

    [en]Big Bang baby on the way! Simon Helberg and wife Jocelyn Towne are expecting their second child together -- and it was plain to see the evidence on the red carpet at Saturday's Screen Actors Guild Awards in L.A., where the Big Bang Theory actor and his glowing wife, cradling a lovely baby bump in a draped silver gown, happily faced the cameras.[/en][cn]劲爆好消息来了!Simon Helberg和妻子Jocelyn Towne的第二个孩子要出世了——大家在周六的美国演员工会奖红地毯上可以看到,《生活大爆炸》男演员和他身着银灰色晚礼服的妻子,已经可以看出Jocelyn的肚子已经凸起。[/cn] [en]"Yes, my wife is [pregnant,] I can't take all the credit," Helberg, 33, confirmed to Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell before the ceremony.[/en][cn]“没错,我跟大家宣布,我老婆怀孕了,”33岁的Helberg在典礼开始前向媒体宣布。[/cn] [en]Married since 2007, Helberg and actress Towne welcomed daughter Adeline back in May 2012. And, indeed, Towne sported a baby bump at the 2012 SAGs months before Adeline's arrival.[/en][cn]他和妻子在2007年结婚,2012年的时候迎来了他们的第一个孩子,女儿Adeline。很巧的是,2012年Towne也是打着肚子出席了当年的2012年美国演员工会奖。[/cn]

  • 《生活大爆炸》季末剧透:莱纳德和佩妮能否继续在一起?

    传奇人物鲍勃·纽哈特也会在5月2日播出的大爆炸中扮演普腾教授——莱纳德和谢尔顿儿时的英雄。[/cn] [en]"I specified 'Big Bang' because of the writing and the live audience," Newhart told TV Guide, noting that the last scene "sets it up for me to return a couple more times next season."[/en] [cn]“我选择《生活大爆炸》是因为他的剧本和现场观众,”纽哈特告诉TV Line,并指出剧中最后一幕的设定也会让他在下季中有更多的出场。[/cn]

  • 《生活大爆炸》衍生剧:小Sheldon是他!

    [en]Sheldon, the in-development Big Bang Theory spin-off prequel about breakout character Sheldon Cooper's childhood in Texas, has found its young Sheldon as well as his mother Mary, according to The Hollywood Reporter.[/en][cn]据《好莱坞报道者》报道,《生活大爆炸》衍生剧中,扮演童年Sheldon Cooper的小演员和扮演Sheldon妈妈Marry的女演员都确定

  • 《生活大爆炸》第五季:技术宅男团遭遇老同学!


  • 看生活大爆炸学英语:我可不想把我的朋友介绍给霍华德

    看生活大爆炸学英语第三季第五集 【剧情介绍】 Leonard之前与Howard有一项协定,谁找到漂亮女朋友就得让他的女友给对方也介绍一个, Leonard旁敲侧击地跟Penny说了这回事,Penny实在不愿意把自己好友推向“深渊”,但在Leonard的请求下最终答应了. LEONARD: So,listen...Have you ever made a pact with someone? PENNY:You mean like a pinky swear? LEONARD: Okay,fine,like a pinky swear. PENNY:Well,in the first

  • 《生活大爆炸》可能要出衍生剧了!

    [en]We're finally going to find out what happened before the Big Bang.[/en][cn]我们终于要知道《生活大爆炸》之前会发生什么事了。[/cn] [en]According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Big Bang Theory creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and executive producer Steve Molaro are developing a spin-off prequel series that would focus on young Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons).[/en][cn]据《好莱坞报道者》报道,《生活大爆炸》制作人Chuck Lorre和Bill Prady和执行制片人Steve Molaro正在筹备《生活大爆炸》前传,讲述年轻Sheldon Cooper小时候的事。[/cn] [en]Lorre, Prady and Molaro told THR in 2013 that they couldn't imagine doing a spin-off, but apparently their minds have changed.[/en][cn]Lorre、Prady和Molaro在2013年接受《THR》采访时说,他们当时并没有做衍生剧的想法,不过看来他们现在已经换想法了。[/cn]

  • 《生活大爆炸》Raj入住Sheldon房间!

    惯了这里的生活。[/cn] [en]In the last episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Escape Hatch Identification," Raj (Kunal Nayyar) agreed to move into Sheldon's (Jim Parsons) old room in Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny's (Kaley Cuoco) to cut down on costs. In Thursday's new episode, "The Collaboration Fluctuation," we get to see what this new living arrangement looks like.[/en][cn]在《生活大爆炸》上一集《The Escape Hatch Identification》中,Raj同意搬入Leonard和Penny家Sheldon以前住的房间,这样Leonard和Penny就可以省下些花销了。在本周这一

  • 《生活大爆炸》The Big Bang Theory

    生活大爆炸斯基 编 剧:查克·洛尔,比尔·普拉迪 主 演:吉姆·帕森斯,约翰尼·盖尔克奇,凯莉·库柯,西蒙·黑尔贝格,昆瑙·纳亚尔 类 型:情景喜剧 预告片: 剧情简介: [en]The drama describes the story betwwen two 20-year-old's IQ of the California [wv]Institute[/wv] of Technology physics, Leonard(experimental physicist) and Sheldon([wv]theoretical[/wv] physicist) and their door—a beautiful girl Penny,a would be actor was working in a restaurant.[/en][cn]这部电视剧主要讲述了加州理工学院两个二十多岁的高智商物理学学生Leonard(实验物理学家)和Sheldon(理论物理学家)与他们的对门——一个想成为演员却在餐馆打工的漂亮女孩Penny之间发生的故事。[/cn] [en]The effect of the film's comedy is achieved

  • 破产姐妹主角客串《生活大爆炸》!竟还有感情戏?

    出演尼尔(Nell)。尼尔是一位最近才独立出来的院校老师,和拉杰有着千丝万缕的联系。戈金斯饰演尼尔的丈夫奥利尔(Oliver),精神高度紧张,追踪者拉杰,还和他正生活大爆炸面对刚。[/cn] [en]Big Bang Theory's current 11th season has found Raj as the odd-man out as all of his friends are married or engaged. New showrunner Steve Holland told THR at the start of this season that Raj's decision last season to give up his family's money and become his own man will bring the character more confidence. "The reason to do a journey like that is to have it affect and change the character a bit, and that change is going to affect his dating life as well," he said.[/en][cn]《生活大爆炸》已经拍摄了十一季,所有朋友都结婚恋爱后,拉杰显得被孤立了。新一季的制作人斯蒂芬·莫劳瑞告诉媒体THR,上一季结束时拉杰说不会再问家里要钱,会独立自主,在新一季开始后,他会因此自信不少。“这样做是为了让角色有些变化,这种变化也会影响他的婚恋状况。”[/cn] [en]Goggins is currently up for a Critics Choice Award for HBO's Vice Principals. He's next onscreen in Tomb Raider.Behrs spent six seasons on CBS and Warners' 2 Broke Girls.[/en][cn]戈金斯目前正以美国纽约有线电视网络媒体公司(HBO)的《副校长》(Vice Principals)争夺广播影评人协会奖(Critics Choice Award)。接下来他的作品《古墓丽影》(Tomb Raider)将会上映,比厄则参演了六季哥伦比亚公司和华纳兄弟的《破产姐妹》。[/cn] (翻译:阿忙)