• 看生活大爆炸学英语第三季第一集(1) 这就像个无法醒来的噩梦

    看生活大爆炸学英语第三季第一集 【剧情介绍】 三个大络腮胡一个小胡子终于从北极回来,络腮胡们认为北极考察如炼狱一般,而sheldon似乎很享受这个过程,而且告诉其生活大爆炸学英语第三季第一集 【剧情介绍】 三个大母亲他有望获得诺贝尔奖。Leonard想跟Penny打招呼,受到了Penny的“热烈”欢迎。 LEONARD: Oh,thank God we're home. HOWARD: I can't believe we spent three months in that frozen hell. RAJ: It was like a snowy nightmare from which there was no awakening. SHELDON: I don't know what Arctic expedition you guys were on, but I thought it was a hoot and a half. Oh,hi,Mom. No,I told you I'd call you when I got home. I'm not home yet. All right,I'm home. The Arctic expedition was a remarkable success. I'm all but certain there's a Nobel Prize in my future. Actually,I shouldn't say that. I'm entirely certain. No,Mother,I could not feel your church group praying for my safety. The fact that I'm home safe does not prove that it worked. The logic is post hoc ergo propter hoc. No,I'm not [w]sass[/w]ing you in Eskimo talk. LEONARD: I'm gonna go let Penny know we're back. SHELDON: Mother,I have to go. Yeah,love you. Bye. Hello,old friend. Daddy's home. PENNY: Leonard,you're back. LEONARD: Yeah. I just stopped by to say-- hmph! PENNY: Yeah. So,hi.  LEONARD: Hi. HOWARD: Damn it,I should have gone over and told her we were back. RAJ: Yeah,it was first-come,first-serve. 【口语讲解】 1Arctic expedition北极探险 2a hoot and a half相当有趣,hoot 毫不在乎;表示蔑视不满的叫喊 3I'm all but certain我几乎可以确定 4post hoc ergo propter hoc后此谬误,来自拉丁语“post hoe,ergo propter hoc”,意为在某事之后发生,所以是因为某事”,“在此之后,因而必然由此造成。”如果我们仅仅因为一件事发生在另一件事之前,就想当然地认为前者是后者的原因,那么,我们就犯下了后此谬误。 5first-come,first-serve先到先得 Due to the limited number of tickets available in the pre-sale, ticket purchase will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. 由于预售门票数量有限,我们采用先支付先得票的方式。

  • 看生活大爆炸学英语第三季第六集(2)要不是我拉伤大腿,我就追上她了

    看生活大爆炸学英语第六季第一集 【剧情介绍】 Leonard放风筝时心不在焉,担心是不是自己让Penny觉得难堪了,Sheldon教育他“你一堂堂男子汉斗风筝的时候居然担心这种无聊的事情.” 因为Howard被美女吸引而弃赛导致Raj输了比赛,Raj非常生气说 “你才73斤,哪来的肌肉!”(比Howard还重的小编表示压力很大) LEONARD: Why wouldn't Penny want her friends to meet me? SHELDON:Focus,Leonard,focus! The heat of battle is upon us. The dogs of war

  • 《生活大爆炸》将要完结了?

    在那之后会发生些别的什么事。”[/cn] [en]Molaro told us they do talk about how the show may end, but there is no set ending in mind.[/en][cn]Molaro告诉记者他们确实谈生活大爆炸》将要完结了?[/cn] [en]The Big Bang Theory won't go on forever.[/en] [cn]《生活大爆炸论过这部剧应该如何结束的问题,但是现在还没有一个定数。[/cn] [en]"My concern is that we do it right and we end this show in a way that is as befitting of these characters that we respect and love," he said. [/en][cn]他说,“我认为我们应该好好想想,以一个合适这些我们都喜爱并尊敬的角色们的方式来结束这部剧。”[/cn] [en]"As long as we can have the opportunity to end it in a way that serves them all properly, that's my concern—more than the number of seasons."[/en][cn]“我认为重要的是以一种能够适合所有角色的方式来结束这部剧,这对我来说比一共可以拍几季更加重要。”[/cn] [en]CBS recently became the home of Thursday night football games, putting The Big Bang Theory, which airs at 8 p.m., in a sort of [w]limbo[/w].[/en][cn]CBS最近经常播周四晚的足球赛,因此使晚上八点播出的《生活大爆炸》处于尴尬的境地。[/cn] [en]But CBS likely won't [w]sideline[/w] the highest-rated comedy on TV until November.[/en][cn]但是CBS应该不会在11月之前停播这部排名最靠前的喜剧。[/cn] [en]Look for The Big Bang Theory to probably premiere on a different night before moving back to its regular Thursday home.[/en][cn]所以他们想要在周四晚间时段空出来之前换一天播出《生活大爆炸》这部剧。[/cn]  

  • 《生活大爆炸》第十季到底结不结局?

    的合约到本季季末就结束了。CBS和华纳兄弟工作室自然是想让这部当前最热美剧继续咽下去,但是实际问题是这部剧制作费贵的惊人,而且制作费只会继续上涨。对于演员们来说,10年来只演一部剧可能会有些枯燥和无聊,虽然这部剧让他们赚了不少钱。对他们来说这部剧结束也许会给他们带来自由的喜悦感。那么《生活大爆炸》到底可以播多久呢?[/cn] [en]The good news for fans: Season 10 probably won't be the end.[/en][cn]好消息是:第十季应该不会是这部剧的最后一季。[/cn] [en]"We are very confident

  • 《生活大爆炸》被一次性预定3季(双语)

    [en]The Big Bang Theory has been [w=renew]renewed[/w] for an [w]additional[/w] three seasons, keeping the show on [w]air[/w] through its seventh season in 2013/14. [/en][cn]《生活大爆炸》已经获得三季


    美剧 生活大爆炸

  • 《生活大爆炸》续订至第12季

    [en]CBS is closing in on a two-season pickup for Warner Bros. Television’s “The Big Bang Theory,” primetime’s top-rated comedy series.[/en][cn] CBS一下续订两季华纳兄弟制作的《生活大爆炸》,史上电视剧收视率顶尖的剧集。[/cn] [en]The prospect of a two-season deal would extend “Big Bang’s” run through at least a 12th season, which would

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  • 《生活大爆炸》三主演:抱团求涨薪

    划在第八季中每集出演要求更高的薪水,《生活大爆炸》目前是CBS电视台最受欢迎的喜剧。[/cn] [en]Currently, the trio each earn about $350,000 per episode PLUS a [w]percentage[/w] of profits from the syndication of the show; a perk they obtained during their last negotiations.[/en][cn]三人组目前的薪水是每人一集35万美元,外加剧集被卖给地方电视台的收益中的一部分。这生活大爆炸》的三也是在他们经过上次的协商后,取得的最高薪酬。[/cn] [en]That's not enough for all the laughs they provide, however, since they're going to ask for half a million PER EPISODE.[/en][cn]但这似乎并不够支付他们在剧集中为观众带来的欢乐笑点,他们现在要求每集50万美元。[/cn] [en]“They know the critical position Big Bang holds on CBS’ prime-time schedule and the only thing preventing them getting what they want would be a spectacular ratings [w]demise[/w] this season. That isn’t about to happen anytime soon.”[/en][cn]“他们很了解《生活大爆炸》目前在CBS黄金时间段的重要地位,除非是这一季剧集的收视率出现了大幅下降,否则他们的加薪需求应该会被满足,不过暂时还不会。” [/cn] [en]This isn't the first time stars have banded together for a pay-raise. Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and Courteney Cox secured a $1 million per episode salary for their last season of Friends back in 2002.[/en][cn]这不是第一次主演们抱团求加薪了。2002年《老友记》最后一季,六人组詹妮弗·安妮丝顿、大卫·史威默、马修·派瑞、丽莎·库卓、麦特·勒布郎和柯特妮·考克斯薪水涨到了每集每人100万美元。[/cn] [en]With Big Bang Theory being nominated for eight Emmys, having 18.6 million viewers at the end of its sixth season, and earning a 6.2 rating in the 18-49 [w]demographic[/w], which gained the show the No.1 comedy title, we TOTALLY see this working out for the three.[/en][cn]《生活大爆炸》获得了八项艾美奖提名,第六季结束后时有1860万的观众,在18-49岁的观众群中的收视率高达6.2,这些数据都证明了其第一喜剧的头衔。鉴于此,我们有理由相信三人组的加薪需求会得到满足的。[/cn]

  • 《星球大战》演员客串《生活大爆炸》

    演过《星球大战》的演员将会客串这部CBS电视台的情景喜剧。[/cn] [en]"Big Bang" executive producers Bill Prady and Steve Molaro tell TVLine that James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher will guest-star as themselves in an upcoming episode, where they will cross paths with Sheldon (Jim Parsons).[/en][cn]《生活大爆炸》执行制片人Bill Prady和Steve Molaro透露,James Earl和Carrie Fisher将生活大爆炸会在接下来的《生活大爆炸》中本色出演生活中的自己,并和Sheldon发生一段故事。[/cn] [en]Interestingly enough, Fisher is also making an appearance on another TV comedy in the not-so-distant future: FX'Xs "Legit." She'll play a powerful Hollywood executive who crosses paths with leading man Jim Jefferies.[/en][cn]有趣的是,Fisher还会在另外一部即将播出的情景喜剧《做个好人》中出演。她将会在剧中扮演一个很有权力的好莱坞制片人,并和剧中的男主演Jefferies上演一段故事。[/cn]

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