• 2020年9月英语六级作文练习:垃圾六级分类

    距离2020年9月四六级考试越来越近啦,各位小伙伴要开始备考四六级啦。今天小编为大家带来英语六级作文练习,一起来看看吧~ 2020年9月英语四级写作练习 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the importance of garbage classification.  参考范文: With the development of the Internet and the popularization of computers, a majority of Chinese people may have witnessed the explosion of live-stream shopping. Shopping online has become a commonplace in our life. And live-stream shopping makes our life more convenient. Firstly, it enables consumers to have a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the products and service information. The traditional e-commerce model is mainly based on pictures, which is too abstract to meet consumers’ demand of knowing more information about products. Secondly, consumers can communicate directly with anchors (sellers) and ask questions online through the live platform. It not only greatly improves the shopping experience but gives the consumers a more detailed understanding and familiarity with the products. Thirdly, consumers have more and more personalized demand for products, and live-stream shopping meets people’s needs. The essence of live broadcasting is to stimulate users’ purchase desire quickly and make changes at any time according to the consumer’s demand. In conclusion, the biggest advantage of live-stream shopping is that consumers could be personally on the shopping scene. At the same time, live-stream platform is a “double-edged sword”. Consumers should also sharpen their eyes and shop rationally. 以上就是今天分享的内容啦,大家在备考写作时可以摘抄范文中的好词好句,多进行巩固记忆,这样在考试中才会更六级考试越来越近啦,各位小伙伴要开始备考四六级啦。今天小编为大家带来英语六级灵活地运用你学到的词汇哦。祝大家9月考六级试顺利!

  • 2020年9月大学英语六级翻译练习六级题:端午节

    译为on the fifthday of the fifth lunar month。   2.与…并称为:可以翻英语六级译为 known as...together with...。   3.端午节的来源有多种说法:不要一看见“有”字,就仅想到there are... “有” 也可以指“存在”,翻译时要注意合理的选词及句式的多变。“说法”也可翻译为theories。   4.粽子:可译为rice dumpling,也可直接添加拼音标注。   5.法定节假日:应译为public holiday。为了精确起见,中国的法定节日可加上地域限制in mainlandChina。 以上就是今天为大家分享的内容啦,各位小伙伴要加油六级翻译目前考察的方向多偏向于社会经济、文化等方面,日常复习中我们也要提前储备一些常考话题材料。下面小编为大家整理了英语六级翻译练习题库,希望对大家的备考有帮助,一起来练习一下吧。  英语六级哦!

  • 2019年6月大学英语六级翻译练习六级题:毕业生过剩

    大学英语六级翻译目前考察的方向多偏向于社会经济、文化等方面,日常复习中我们也要提前储备一些常考话题材料。下面小编为大家整理了英语六级翻译练习题库,希望对大家的备考有帮助。 英语六级翻译练习题:毕业生过剩 2008全球经济衰退导致中国的新毕业生的就业市场显著下降。 2009年毕业的学生将加入到2008年毕业仍在找工作的300万学生 之中。毕业生过剩(glut)也可以归因于大学入学率的提高和教育机构 的增加。虽然大学的学生人数增加了,但是他们的质量并没有明显 地提高。在大多数情况下,毕业生无法在2008年找到合适的就业机 会是因为他们没有行业所需的技能。 参考译文 The 2008 global

  • 英语六级翻译如何六级训练

    改变原文表达语序.不会影明对原文内容的理解.   例:即使在我们关掉床头灯甜甜地进入梦乡时,电仍然为我们工作:开动电冰箱,把水加热或使室内空调机继续运转。   Even when we tum off the bedside lamp and are fast asleep, electricity is working for us, driving our refrigerators,heating our water,or keeping our rooms air-conditioned.   在句子中.句子前半部分是一个让步状语从句,后半句的"开动","加热","使……运转"都是"电在为我们工作"的具体内容。因而在译文中,译者将这三个并行动作处理成了V-ing形式。   补充说明working的内容。译文按照原句的语序完全传达了原文的意思.采用顺序法翻译,达到了“精确,通顺”的目的   六、逆序法   逆序法根据目标语使用者表达习惯与目标语读者的认知能力,按原文语序反向翻译.以便更好地传达原文的内容。   例:他经常做礼拜的时候.总坐在固定的座位上.可是那天他们发现他不

  • 2019年5月英语六级口语考试真题:垃圾六级分类

    今天小编为大家带来2019年5月英语六级口试真题及参考答案,希望对你有所帮助,一起来看看吧~ 本场六级口语考试的讨论话题是垃圾分类,非常贴近生活的话题。六级口语考试的话题皆来源于生活,所以平日生活中多留些心眼,多观察,多练习,多积累,上考场的时候自然能够游刃有余。下面是一篇范文,供各位考生参考。 A:To make our life better, garbage classification is an issue that should be attached with great importance. B: Yes, you are right. Only if our living

  • 2019年5月英语六级口语考试真题:imported六级 goods

    今天小编为大家带来2019年5月英语六级口试真题及参考答案,希望对你有所帮助,一起来看看吧~ 大学英语六级口语考试分三个部分,第一部分是自我介绍和问答,第二部分是陈述和讨论,第三部分是问答。本场口语考试陈述和讨论的主题为“imported goods”。随着全球化的发展,各国进出口交换越来越多。以下展示一篇以“imported goods”为题的讨论,供考生参考。 Candidate A: Do you know any imported goods? Candidate B: Of course, the iphone is my most familiar import.

  • 2019年5月英语六级口语考试真题:改变工作市场六级&人工智能

    大学英语六级口语考试分三个部分,第一部分是自我介绍和问答,第二部分是陈述和讨论,第三部分是问答。本场口语考试陈述和讨论的主题为“changing job markets & AI”。随着人工智能技术的发展,有许多人类的工作被人工智能替代。以下展示一篇以“changing job markets & AI”为题的讨论,供考生参考。 Candidate A: Do you know anything about AI? Candidate B: Yes, of course! Examples of AI are everywhere in our life. We use GPS

  • 2019年6月大学英语六级翻译练习题:设计产业六级的趋势

    大学英语六级翻译目前考察的方向多偏向于社会经济、文化等方面,日常复习中我们也要提前储备一些常考话题材料。下面小编为大家整英语六级理了英语六级翻译练习题库,希望对大家的备考有帮助。 英语六级翻译练习题:设计产业的趋势 中国公司想创造世界品牌,外国公司想增加在中国的销量,这些都正改变着中国的设计产业。中国制造商意识到,若他们想在本国市场脱颖而出,在外国市场崭露头角,就必须设计更好的产品。索尼这样的外国公司也开始明白,从前海外公司常把随便什么地方设计的产品拿到中国来卖,而现在,中国消费者变得更加挑剔,他们不再那样容易满足了。 参考译文:The Trend of Design Industry

  • 2019年5月英语六级口语考试真题:关于六级饮品

    2019年5月大学英语六级口语考试话题之一为饮品,这其实是一个常见的话题,下面小编将和同学们分享一些关于饮品的相关表达。希望同学们在平时的学习过程中也要学会积累相关表达。 首先,我们先英语六级口语来看几个关于饮料相关的表达。 酒精饮品:alcoholic drink 苏打水:soda water 纯净水 :purified water 喝太多酒肯定对身体不好,那么我们就可以说Excessive drinking can seriously affect our health. 然后,我们再来看一下关于苏打水的相关内容。 When it comes to the soda water, I don’t think it’s strange to most of us. However, do you know its concrete advantages and disadvantages. Let me tell you about it.For one thing, soda water has a large content of trace elements which are beneficial for our health. There is no denying that soda water can protect our skin to some extent. For another thing, drinking too much soda water will produce a negative influence on our heath. What’s more, it is likely to cause obesity that many people are not willing to face. 最后,我们来讨论一下水的重要性。 Water is the source of life. It means there is no life without water. Firstly, drinking water is an excellent natural remedy for colds and coughs. Secondly, drinking water is a great way to strengthen immunity. 以上是小编为广大考生们提供和分享的资料,同学们要在理解的基础上进行记忆,同时还可以根据老师提供的资料的基础上进行适当延伸和扩展,这样也可以使表达更具六级针对性。

  • 2019年5月英语六级口语考试真题:借生活费是明智六级的吗

    life better”, we should be alert to sliding into the opposite situation---bankruptcy. B: Quite right, we need to regulate our consumption behavior and stay away from debt as far as possible. 以上就是小编为各位考生带来的六级口语考试第六场双人讨论部分的参考范本,希望能够对各位考生有所帮助。最后,祝各位同学都可以取得六级口试两人讨论部分的考试话题之一是“Whether it is wise to borrow money to cover living expenses”。你每月的生活费够花吗,有没有从信用卡、支付宝里借钱消费呀?这个话题蛮贴近生活,应该有很多话可以聊。下面给出了一个对话范本,供大家参考。 A: Do you use any credit card in daily life? B: Though I own one credit card issued by China Construction Bank, I rarely use it. A: Why is that? B: Because I don’t think it is wise to borrow money to cover living expenses. You pay things you need by credit card, you borrow money from the bank. And that is not borrowed to you without any condition. You use the money from the bank, you need to pay back the money more than you borrow. And if you fail to repay the debt on time, your individual credit would be damaged and that would exert bad impact on your social life. A: I agree with you. We should stay aware of premature consumption and excessive consumption. Although various advertisers are advocating the idea of “consumption makes life better”, we should be alert to sliding into the opposite situation---bankruptcy. B: Quite right, we need to regulate our consumption behavior and stay away from debt as far as possible. 以上就是小编为各位考生带来的六级令人满意的成绩。