Part Ⅳ Translation (30 minutes)
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese to
English. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2.


In Chinese culture, red usually symbols luckiness, longevity and happiness, therefore, red can be seen everywhere in Spring festival and other celebrating occasions. When people give money as gift to families or closed friends, they often put money in red envelopes. The other reason why red is so popular in China is that it is,at times, connected with Chinese revolution and the Communist party. Whereas, red does not always mean luckiness and happiness because in the past names of the dead were often written in red, therefore, it is an offensive behavior when people write Chinese names in red ink.

此次题目考的是我们非常熟悉的中国传统文化,相对来说是比较简单的,无论从词汇和句子结构来说,对同学们不会造成太大障碍。比如,“人们把现金作为礼物送给家人...”中,把...作为...,这是一个经典常用的表达即use A as B,还有很多象类似的regard A as B, view A as B,等等。
此外,在翻译时,要考虑到英文的行文特点及语法结构,比如,英语多避免重复,所以,在翻译时会用到一些代替,比如,it, that, those,these等。同时,会用到从句,此时,注意连词的用法,选对连词,避免出现逻辑问题。