Do you know that you are a brand that needs some investment? Sure enough, most of us associate the term ‘branding’ with the corporate world, overlooking the potential it has to change our individual lives. There is more to branding than just companies selling products. Every human being is a brand in themselves.

The personal brand experience is your opportunity to learn more about yourself so you can identify your unique skills, strengths, and talents.

The digital footprint is a very important contribution to a personal brand. Digital footprint is what you do online. If you or someone comments or posts about you online, it will become your digital footprint. An AVG study suggests that children under the age of 2 already have a digital footprint. In the increasingly digital world of today, the question is no longer if you should have a personal brand, but if you cultivate and nurture it to build something meaningful.

If you want to establish a personal brand, here are a few things you need to do:

1. Think of yourself as a brand
1. 要有个人品牌的意识

Point out the topics that interest you and can grow into passions. Once you realize the field in which you can be an expert, you will find yourself paying more attention to it.

Pro tip - do not try to become someone you are not. Be true to yourself. Only then, can you grow and develop a strategy to reach out and help people with your knowledge.

2. Speak to people
2. 在他人面前发表演讲

If you wish to build your brand, seek opportunities to speak at places where you can offer your expertise. You can record your own webinars as well. You should be speaking on a regular basis. It will develop your communication skills, teach you how to interact with an audience and make you more confident about what you aspire to do. Getting tips from influential speakers is good, but don’t imitate anyone.

It is inevitable that some people will criticize you and your judgement. Take any criticism cautiously but don’t get disheartened. You should have a story that can connect you with people.

3. Buy your own domain
3. 购买个人域名

Buying your own dot com is not just a necessity for your personal brand, it can also put your name on top of the search engines. Your own domain is like online real estate. If you want to have a say, you need to have a place on the internet.

Your website doesn’t have to be very complex. It can have a few pages, along with your updated resume and a brief bio about what you do.