Niall Horan and Katy Perry have put an end to their persistent flirting by publicly declaring their intention to marry after hooking up in Japan, but John Mayer needn’t be alarmed – it was just for laughs.
英国偶像天团One Direction成员尼尔-霍拉尼和水果姐凯蒂-佩里终于结束了旷日持久的调情,两人在东京汇合后就公开宣布要“结婚”了。但是水果姐的正牌男友约翰-梅耶尔却不用担心,因为这是两人开的一个玩笑。

The Irish heartthrob is currently in Tokyo with his One Direction band-mates ahead of the final two shows on their 100-date Take Me Home World tour.
尼尔这位来自爱尔兰的万人迷正在东京和其他One Direction成员们一起准备世界巡回演唱会。

With Katy also in town to promote new album Prism, the pair wasted no time in catching up – and Niall later confirmed that she’d accepted the marriage proposal he sent her via Twitter.

The 20-year-old originally posted the offer after watching her perform current single Roar on The X Factor, and he got his answer during their reunion on Friday. 'she said yes! It’s happening! Haha,’ he announced after posting an Instagram selfie with the singer, who strikes a seductive pose by draping herself across his shoulder.
20岁的尼尔是在看了水果姐在X Factor上表演新单《Roar》之后用推特向她求婚的。在周五得到了水果姐的回答。“她同意了!咱们要结婚了!哈哈”,尼尔宣布说。此前,他还在Instagram上发布了一张和水果姐的自拍照。照片中两人一片暧昧,他把水果姐拽到自己的肩头合影。

Niall also posted a second shot in which he and Katy are joined by Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. Sporting a tight leopard print mini-dress, Katy cups Niall’s face in one hand while he leans in for a sneaky peck on the cheek.
尼尔后来又发布了一张照片。这张照片是水果姐和所有One Direction的成员的大合影。身着豹纹紧身短裙的水果姐一手托住尼尔的脸,而尼尔也配合地前倾亲吻水果姐的脸颊。