Hint: Beth Lisa
"But there is no comparable alternative. I don't want to go back to living in some cave. You can commemorate me at my grave if anyone ever forces me to do that!" "Yeah, but his commitment and telling the truth are honorable! And I like his command of the English language: He speaks so well! I mean think of it! He's right; every thing we do is about surviving in the economic structure that has been forced on us. I bet if we combined all of the money traded here in one day we could cure cancer and do away with poverty!" Responded Lisa. Lisa., I never knew you! Said Beth with a frown as she sat down in her cubicle that was identical to that of every other person in the office.
可是我们没有类似的其他选择。我可不想回去住在某个洞里!要是有人硬逼我这样,你就到我的坟前纪念我吧。” “你说得对,但是他的全心投入和实话实说是值得尊敬的!我喜欢他的英语运用能力:他说得真棒!我是说,想想吧!他是对的,我们做的每件事都是在强加给我们的经济结构中求生存。我敢打赌,如果把这里一天的交易额合起来,我们就能治愈癌症和消灭贫困。”丽莎回答说。“丽莎,我太不了解你啦!”贝思皱着眉头说,她在小隔间坐了下来,办公室其他人的小隔间都跟她的一样。