This year's 47th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is announcing on Monday that Canadian singer Avril Lavigne is contributing two theme songs for this year's One Piece Film Z film.

For the first time in the anime franchise, this next film will have two theme songs of its own: "How You Remind Me" and "Bad Reputation." According to the magazine, Lavigne herself is a fan of One Piece, and One Piece manga creator Eiichiro Oda is similarly a fan of Lavigne's music. After an exchange of letters and music between the two sides, the arrangement for the two theme songs were made.
这是艾薇儿第一次为动漫电影献声,据悉,将有两首歌曲:《How You Remind Me》和《Bad Reputation》,据《少年JUMP》透露,艾薇儿是《海贼王》的粉丝,同时《海贼王》的作者尾田荣一郎也是艾薇儿的歌迷。在双方的书信和音乐往来后,确定了这两首主题曲。

One Piece Film Z will open in Japan on December 15. The film will feature "Z" (Zetto), the Straw Hat pirate crew's "strongest enemy yet" who was designed by Oda. Oda is serving as the executive producer of this film, as he did for the 10th feature film, 2009's One Piece Film Strong World.
《海贼王》最新剧场版《最强之敌Z》将于12月15日日本首映,这部剧场版将围绕“Z”- 草帽海盗团目前最强大的敌人展开,这个角色由荣一郎创作,此部剧场版荣一郎也将亲自参加制作,担当执行制片人这一职务,之前他还参与了第十部剧场版-2009年《强者世界》的制作。