This September, school is back in session — even though the class of 2012 has moved on. (Well, mostly.)

Fox just released a new trailer for Glee‘s fourth season — and while it’s only a scant 31 seconds long, it holds plenty of hints for what’s in store for McKinley’s finest. A newly transported Rachel is doing her best to succeed at NYADA, despite snide comments from mean dance teacher Cassandra July (Kate Hudson); Sue has apparently given birth, or is at least holding someone else’s baby; and Brittany is being Brittany, mistaking a New Directions member for… well, we won’t ruin the joke. For all this, plus a snippet of Darren Criss’s rendition of “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons, watch the full clip for yourself:


沪江娱乐:面临诸多新变化的FOX热门音乐剧《欢乐合唱团》(Glee)第四季今天曝光了首支预告片,其中我们看到了Sue老师抱上了自己的孩子,新人Alex Newell首次来到新方向合唱团的情境,以及女主角丽亚・米雪儿饰演的Rachel和客串“舞蹈老师”凯特・哈德森的对手戏,短短30秒,信息含量相当大。《欢乐合唱团》第四季将于9月13日回归,敬请期待。