With around the clock attention for Blue Ivy, Beyonce isn’t taking ANY chances with her daughter’s welfare!

Beyonce wants nothing but the best for her little girl — including a total of six nannies! The 30-year-old has two nannies on call at all times to assure Blue Ivy Carter “has the best of care,” a friend of the singer told In Touch. “Her diaper is changed almost every hour.”

That’s not the only lavish treatment Blue Ivy is receiving. Proud papa Jay-Z ”bought her diamond earrings and a platinum bracelet,” reveals the friend. Blue’s parents even bought her a $600 thousand gold rocking horse!

Beyonce and Jay-Z are putting all other celebrity parents to shame with these first class luxuries for their little princess.

沪江娱乐快讯:“天王”“天后”的女儿当然也要受到“天后级”的待遇!真正的天之骄女Blue Ivy从一出生就享受这样高贵的待遇!第一次当父母的Jay-Z与碧昂丝迫不及待将最好的东西都给自己的宝贝女儿!甚至连带小孩的保姆也要请6个!一个喂奶、一个换尿布、一个逗乐、一个……对于这个宝贝女儿,碧昂丝容不得一点闪失,6个保姆齐上阵,360度全方位全天候照顾。好莱坞巨星阵仗果然大!