A school in China has given up traditional martial arts exercises to let pupils stage mass performances of Michael Jackson dance routines.
中国的一家小学现在不做操了,改让学生们集体跳Michael Jackson的舞。

More than 700 students assemble in the playgrounds at Duping primary school in Chongqing, south west China every day for the body-popping performances.

Their favourite robotic routine - from the video of his hit Dangerous - is believed to have been inspired by internet footage of prisoners in the Philippines performing Jacko's Thriller dance.

Headmaster Wan Lu, 36, explained: "We used to practice tai chi but the students said they wanted to do something more modern.

"This is fun and it is also very good exercise for them. They have other routines but this one is their favourite."
“跳舞挺有意思的,也是很好的锻炼方法。他们还是有其他的课外操, 但是他们最喜欢的是这个。”