If your relationship is rocky and it’s coming up to Christmas, beware: someone might be about to give you some bad news. A designer who uses hard data to come up with interesting graphics and images has found which points in the year are the most popular for splitting up with partners.

David McCandless pulled information from 10,000 Facebook status updates which used the phrases ‘break up’ or ‘broken up’ and plotted them on a graph. He discovered that there were definite peaks and troughs with a huge number of relationship ending in the two weeks of the aptly-titled Spring Break, a major holiday in the U.S. college calendar which falls in early March.
调查者David McCandless 从脸谱网上1万份个人更新数据中提炼出“分手”或“结束关系”词汇后发现,一年中的“放寒假”(也就是3月份上旬)是分手的第一次高峰期。

Other popular times of the year to break the news are over the summer and the two weeks leadingup to Christmas itself. Romantics will perhaps be heartened to note that Christmas Day itself is the day when the fewest relationships end.

Monday is the most popular day for updating your Facebook status with news of a failed relationship, perhaps after a particularly bad weekend. Valentines Day also sees a spike in the number of love affairs that come to a sudden end.