Unreleased Michael Jackson Photos to Be Auctioned

A set of unseen Michael Jackson pictures is reportedly set to be sold at auction later this year, and miraculously, Joe Jackson doesn't even have a hand in it!


French photographer Arno Bani had the opportunity to photograph Michael some time back, and now ready to begin auctioning off the unpublished shots.

这组由法国摄影师Arno Bani在MJ生前拍摄的肖像照之前从未公布过,现已决定进行拍卖。

In December 2010, the unreleased Michael Jackson pictures will go up for sale. The set is reportedly comprised of 12 unique photos such as the one above.


The auction is being held by Pierre Bergé & Associés, which will release the catalog in October. The entertainment icon passed away a year ago tomorrow.


We have no clue what the auction will bring in, but also up for sale are contact boards of the photo session along with pics personally selected by Jackson.