HBO's "The Pacific" got off to a fair start on Sunday evening, delivering 3.1 million viewers.


That's 22% higher than the debut of HBO's last miniseries, "John Adams," and "The Pacific" tally grew to 4 million with its encore airing.

这比HBO 上一部迷你剧《约翰·亚当斯》的首播高出了22%,加上重播的观众,《太平洋战争》有400万的收视。

Still, HBO has to be somewhat disappointed with this number. "The Pacific" is the biggest production in the network's history and this is only 69% higher than the time period norm.


The miniseries' predecessor, 2001's "Band of Brothers," debuted to 10 million viewers (Nielsen has since changed the way pay cable networks are calculated, however, and these are no longer apples-to-apples comparisons).


Even with its larger premiere number, "Brothers" was considered a slow-starter whose success was secured in heavy repeat viewing and DVD sales. "The Pacific" could easily gather steam too, especially with critics saying the second half of the production is superior to the first.



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