taking Russia by storm

The restaurant craze of taking design inspiration from toilets has now spread from Asia to Europe. The toilet-themed restaurant is taking Russia by storm.

Crazy Toilet Cafe, a new eatery in Moscow recently opened its doors to invite diners to sit on seats resembling toilets while being served food in crockery created to look like small bath tubs and urinals.


sit on toilet bowls

Customers clink their toilet cups as they sit on toilet bowls at the new restaurant with cisterns adorning the walls.

Cups designed in the likeness of urinals

Cups designed in the likeness of urinals are seen on a counter at Crazy Toilet Cafe in central Moscow.

drinking tea at Crazy Toilet Cafe

Tempting? A woman drinks tea at Crazy Toilet Cafe in central Moscow, Russia.

prevent diners from pushing the theme too far

None of the toilets in the restaurant are usable to prevent diners from pushing the theme too far.

table decorations resembling a bed pan urinal

The bathroom theme even extends to table decorations with flower vases resembling a bed pan urinal.

toilet mug with tiny poop-like shapes

The restaurant's colourful interior continues the lavatorial aesthetic as it's furnished with multi-coloured tiles on the counters and cisterns adorning the walls. Even the flower table decorations are presented in bed pans.