A Tumblr artist called The Nameless Doll has taken some of Disney's best-known princesses and given them more realistic waists and accentuated curves with plus-sized makeovers.
在汤不热(全球最大的轻博客网站)上,一位名为“无名娃娃”(The Nameless Doll)的艺术家给迪斯尼动画中人们一些耳熟能详的公主们进行大一号的身材改造,给她们修饰了更为现实的腰身和夸大的曲线。

The result is a series of photos that are not only stunning, but also provide the body diversity that many believe Disney is in desperate need of.

Starting with Belle, the artist gives the bookish beauty a bigger bosom, a thicker waist and a rounder face for a picture-perfect plus-sized depiction.

'I wanted to make a plus-size princess and chose my all time favorite princess for the test,' the artist wrote. 'I wanted to make her even fuller, but my skills weren’t up to the task.'

Ana, one of the much-loved sisters from the film Frozen, was given an apple-shaped figure by the artist.

Anastasia is the last Disney beauty to be given the plus-sized transformation by the creative artist. For Anastasia's rethink, he combined the character's stunning features and red hair with the voluptuous figure of character Sophie, cousin of Dowager Empress Marie.