Some experts believe this recently discovered 1887 melainotype showing six men drinking around a table may include a rare sighting of painter Vincent van Gogh. 

Van Gogh famously recorded himself in numerous self-portraits, but was known to abhor photography and supposedly never sat for a photo as an adult; only two rare photos of the artist as a child are known to exist, taken when he was 13 and 19.

The image first came to the attention of French photo expert Serge Plantureux when two individuals acquired the photo at an estate sale and thought they recognized a few of the faces, among them, artists Paul Gauguin and Emile Bernard—a significant discovery in and of itself.

易词解词(BY 摩西)

expert adj. 熟练的;内行的;老练的,n. 专家;行家;能手。这个单词与experience什么关系呢?如果说experience的词根per-是做试验或者说尝试的话,那expert的词根pert-就可简单看做“做过了试验”或者“完成了试验”,因此已经“known out of experience”,因此已经熟练或老练了,因此成为了专家能手。

abhor vt. 痛恨;憎恶。拉丁前缀ab-,abs-表off,away,与希腊前缀apo-和日耳曼词源单词off同源。词根hor-表惊恐,害怕,本意是(因害怕)头发竖立。想象一下,看见令人头皮发炸的事物后我们的本能是什么?赶紧掉头就跑对吧?这样的场景就是abhor的画面了。

Analyzing the photographic process, the photographer pinpointed that a bearded figure who appears amongst the gathering of stoic men might be Van Gogh.

The photo went to auction just this weekend and was expected to fetch between $136,000 to $170,000, though a final sale price hasn’t been made public. Still, some experts aren’t convinced. The photo expert for the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam feels it can’t be the artist “because it simply does not look like him,” and also mentions the artist’s desire to never be photographed. Others note that Van Gogh didn’t mention the gathering in his meticulously written letters from the time period.