Sony Pictures announced today that the game adaptation of the animated film “angry bird” (Angry Birds) will advance to the May 20, 2016 release, to avoid the same schedule with other large confrontation.

It is reported that the film originally planned July 1, 2016 release, but DreamWorks hit “blowing dreams giant” and Warner’s “Tarzan.” In order to avoid a few lost harms , Sony chose to “Angry Birds” was released more than a month in advance.

“Angry Birds ” movie of the same name based on the popular mobile game creation , by Clay and Feijia Er Katie Riley ( who produced ” Frozen “, ” food heaven “), directed by Adams , who screenplay “The Simpsons a “movie authored Jon Chaturvedi.

Movie called strong voice cast , Jason Sudaiqisi (“We’re the Millers”) will be the protagonist of the film, a violent temper bird – “Red” audibles. Josh Gad , following the “Frozen,” the first time ” playing” the animated character , played by Scud ” Chuck ” In the film, there are charming “little devil” Peter Dinklage ( ” power game “,” X -Men : reversal future ” ) will play the most legendary ” Invincible Eagle . ” In addition , Danny McBride Snyder ( ” Armageddon “, ” physical education teacher Laughter ” ) plays the unstable elements ” bomb .” Bill Harder ( ” heaven food” ) is added to the Pig camp , Maya Rudolph ( ” Bridesmaids ” ) will be played by ” Matilda .”